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Random events have now been removed from the game.

Random events were originally placed in RuneScape to stop cheaters - people gaining xp without being at the keyboard. Randoms can occur at any time and any place - while you are doing anything! All you have to do is respond to them. Both members and non-members alike can get all the random events listed, EXCEPT where specifically indicated.

In this guide, you'll find all the different random events that can occur while you're playing. We tell you what they do, and what you should do when one happens to you. When you finish, you are returned to where you were picked up, and if your inventory is full, your reward will be under your feet.

Jagex has announced that if you fail a random, you will be randomly teleported to a safe location but your Home teleport will be disabled for a while. You may also have your stats slightly reduced (but not life points nor Defence). Jagex also stated that players who continue to fail puzzle randoms will be treated the same as failing (above), rather than being stuck forever. Players who succeed at randoms should get them less often!

The Rewards from random events have been changed - in most cases, players can now choose their own reward!

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Random Events

Random events are no longer skill or activity related - they can happen anywhere and any time. They are there to make sure you are awake and at the keyboard. Here is an index to this section:

Beekeeper What it does:

The Bee Keeper kidnaps you and asks you to help him with his hive (used to be a flax-picking random.)

What you should do:

Click on each piece of the hive on the left and drag it to the proper level on the ladder, following the example. From top to bottom: rounded top, plain, hole, and legs. Click BUILD when done. The random event gift will include a special additional option: you may choose to receive some flax as your reward.

Random BeehiveInterface

Mysterious Old Man
The Maze

Sometimes, the Mysterious Old Man will teleport you to a maze. Complete the maze (get to the centre) as fast as possible, and you will receive a valuable reward - possibly hundreds of runes, arrows and ores. There are also some chests inside the maze which you can search, but it slows you down. If you have a full inventory, the chest will send the items found within to your bank. The longer you take to complete the maze, the less your reward will be. Your run energy will be 100% the entire time you are in the maze. The Mysterious Old Man has a right-click bank deposit feature for your convenience. He also follows you through the maze. The reward structure of this event has not changed - there are no choices.

Maze Random

The MOM teleports you to a mime artist, and you have to imitate his actions. Choose the correct action four times to win. The reward choices include an emote animation (glass wall, glass box, lean or climb rope), or a costume point. Costume points from this event can be spent to purchase Mime clothing (Mask, top, legs, gloves and boots).

Random Events Mime Special mime items New emote animations
  Mr. Mordaut
"Hey, ..., surprise exam!"
Mr. Mordaut

The MOM teleports you to the classroom of dragon professor Mr. Mordaut, where you will take an exam. You must answer three out of six questions correctly to be teleported back where you were and receive a reward. The exams are related to skills, such as fishing or combat. One type of question is to identify what is next in a pattern. Examples include: pick, ore, hammer - metal bar. Armour, bar, ore - pickaxe. Tinderbox, logs, candle - lantern. Item groups can be seen as range, mage, combat, mining, fish, food, etc. The other type of question shows 15 items laid out like cards, and asks you to select three related to the hint text. Melee, fishing, mystical (magic), jewellery, thirst (drinks), covering your face (masks), and "me hearties" (pirates) are a few of the hints. Click the "thumbs up" symbol after you've selected three.

When you've finished the test, you are told to leave by a specific door - the others won't open. If you get four questions wrong, you will be teleported to a random location. If you got three questions right, you'll receive a random gift box reward. The choice under "XP item" will be a book of knowledge, which you can spend on any skill. The xp will equal 15 times your level in that skill. (If your selected skill is level 41, you would get 615 xp.)

what comes next? find 3 matches


This time the MOM challenges you for a little game. It's called pinball, but human pinball would be more correct. You have to tag 10 poles. You must tag the pole with rings around it. If you tag a wrong pole, or try to leave (between the trolls who serve as flippers) before you're finished, your score will be set to 0, forcing you to start all over again. Walk south past the trolls to exit when you have scored 10, finishing the game.

It\'s pinball, baby!

Cap'n Arnav
"Ah, hello there, laddie!"
Random Arnav What it does:

Formerly a farming random, pirate Cap'n Arnav will now whisk you away to his private island where he buried his treasure. He will ask you to help him get the lid off the treasure chest by solving the combination lock puzzle. Mysteriously, his island includes a bank deposit, if you need it.

What you should do:

If you ignore him, he'll mug you and teleport you to a remote location. If you decide to help him, you'll get a puzzle screen like the one below. To solve the puzzle, all you have to do is match the centre row of pictures with the correct word shown on either side, using the up and down arrows like a slot machine to make "three in a row". When you're done, click the "unlock" button. You get five tries to unlock it. When you solve it, leave his island via the exit portal.

Random ArnavInterface

The "Certers"
"Hey there, I need your help..."
This is Miles What it does:

Ever notice that you can withdraw multiple items from your bank as notes? In RuneScape Classic, "notes" were called "certificates" or "certs", and they were obtained from three brothers: Niles, Miles and Giles. Since retiring from the "certing" business, Niles, Miles and Giles have been amusing themselves giving simple tests to passing players. One of them will kidnap you to their posh office.

What you should do:

Talk to him and answer the multiple-choice question he asks you. All you have to do is identify the spinning object and select the correct answer from the choices you're given. If you fail the test or ignore him, he'll try to convert items from your inventory into banknotes, then teleport you away! Notice - there is a Bank Deposit Box in the office, so you can bank before you exit through the portal! See below for a sample test:

Is that a Bowl?

"Evil" Bob
"You're my slave now..."
Evil Bob Random

Not to be confused with "Bob the Jagex Cat", this feline's name tells you everything you need to know about him. Friendly, he isn't, evil, he is! Evil Bob likes to drag unsuspecting travellers away to a warped plane of reality called "ScapeRune" to serve as his slaves. Everything in "ScapeRune" is backwards.


Talk to Evil Bob's slaves and you'll see a picture of a certain statue on the shore. Grab a net spawn and fish near that exact statue. You will fish up a cooked fish, which you will have to uncook on a nearby pot. Then use the fish with Evil Bob, and he will fall asleep. Now's your chance to escape! Run to the portal, and you'll be teleported back to where you were. Notice - there is a Bank Deposit Box on the island if you need to make room for the net and/or fish.

Cat statueCat statueCat statueCat statue
  Prison Pete
Prison Pete

Prison Pete needs your help to escape the clutches of Evil Bob. Pull the lever, and pay close attention to the ears and body of the desired balloon animal (a dog, goat, cat or sheep). Pop the matching balloon animal to get a key to unlock a door. If your inventory is full, you can't get a key - you'll need to drop an item temporarily to make space. If you pop the wrong balloon animal, an extra lock is added to the gate, with a maximum of three locks. Give each key to Pete, and when all three doors are unlocked he will remind you to pick up any items. Walk out the prison doors and you'll return you to where you were. An alternative method to leaving this random is to wait 15 minutes. However, this is not recommended, and you do not get a reward if you do so.

Find that balloonFind that balloon
Find that balloonFind that balloon

Freaky Forester
Freaky Forestor What it does:

This strange man may teleport you to a remote forest clearing to kill the pheasant of his choice. He will say how many tail feathers the bird must have.

What you should do:

Find a pheasant with the proper number of tail feathers and kill it. Pick up the carcass and bring it to him. (If you have to drop an item to make space in your pack, you will be reminded later to pick it up.) Costume points from this event can be spent to purchase a "lederhosen" top, shorts, or hat. If you ignore him or kill the wrong birds, you'll be teleported to a distant place. Notice - there is a Bank Deposit Box on the island if you need to make room for the pheasant.

Kiss the Frog Prince! What it does:

A frog herald comes to you while you're minding your own business, and teleports you to a hidden cave, the Land of the Frogs. He asks you to speak to the frog prince or princess, and warns you not to speak to the other frogs.

What you should do:

Speak to the crown-wearing frog prince/princess, who requests a kiss to break the curse. The reward from this event offers a costume point in addition to others. Costume points from this event can be spent to purchase a frog mask or a prince/princess outfit (images found below).

If you ignore the request, or speak to the wrong frogs 3 times, you will be turned into a frog and teleported to a nearby cave. Find the Frog Prince/Princess and apologise to him/her. You'll be teleported to a random location, with no reward.

Frog Costumes
Frog Mask

Grab the evil twin
claw game control What it does:

Molly appears and she says she's having some problems with her evil twin. She's managed to lock the evil twin somewhere, but evil as the twin is, she's taken 4 innocent civilians with her! Your job is to pick out the evil twin.

What you should do:

Before starting, take a good hard look at Molly's hairstyle, hair colour, shirt and legwear. Use the claw to catch the evil twin. Move it until the red marker is right on the correct girl (the one that looks like Molly), then hit grab. You have just 2 tries though -- if you fail you will be teleported.

Choose your skill

"Come, I need your help..."
Gravedigger What it does:

Leo the Gravedigger will teleport you to his cemetery where a cook, crafter, farmer, miner, and woodcutter are buried. He asks you to put the coffins into the correct graves (by matching the occupation with the grave).

What you should do:

Check the coffins and headstones, then put each coffin in the grave with the matching symbol. Leo's mausoleum serves as a Bank Deposit Box. Key:

  • chef's hat = cake + kebab
  • plant pot = bowl + pot
  • watering can = seed dibber + secateurs
  • pickaxe = ores + apron
  • hatchet = logs + knife

Once you have correctly buried all 5 coffins speak to Leo. You may choose to spend your reward to unlock an emote (zombie walk or zombie dance), or on a costume point. Costume points from this event can be spent to purchase a zombie shirt, trousers, boots, gloves and mask (see image below).

Zombie Clothes Open coffin

Lost and Found Office
"There has been a fault in the teleportation matrix..."
What it does:

Public transportation isn't always perfect. Even the RuneScape Teleportation Matrix suffers from the occasional glitch. Formerly a teleport event, now at any time you may suddenly find yourself stuck in some abyssal hole with four levers.

What you should do:

Determine which of the nearby levers is the odd one out, then pull it. The odd one may be up while the other three are down, or painted while the others are bare, etc. If you choose incorrectly, you will be teleported to a random location.

Random Abyss

Quiz Master
"This is your lucky day..."
Quiz Master What it does:

The enthusiastic host of the greatest quiz show in RuneScape, "Odd One Out", may invite you to compete for some valuable prizes. You'll be shown three items and asked to choose which one doesn't belong.

What you should do:

Choose the item that doesn't belong. Get four questions in a row right, and you win!

Odd One Out Quiz

Sandwich Lady
"Sandwiches, ..."
Sandwich Lady What it does:

She appears and kidnaps you to her sandwich shop. There, she offers you a specific treat from her tray.

What you should do:

Pick only the treat she says and you can use it as food. Pick wrong and she will teleport you away. If you are unsure of the item names, click the 'key' in the top left corner of her tray. There is a Bank Deposit Box in her shop, if you want to bank before exiting through the portal!

Sandwich Selection

Pillory What it does:

While you are playing, a guard might appear and send you to the pillory. A local tramp will throw rotten tomatoes at you, and other players can as well!

What you should do:

After you are thrown in the cell you will see a puzzle like the one shown below. You just match the key shape up to each lock. If you pick the wrong key shape, an extra lock is added, with a maximum of five locks. When you finish the puzzle you will be transported back to where you were.

Pillory Puzzle

Sergeant Damien
"Drop and give me 100 pushups, Private!"
Random Sergeantdamien What it does:

Sergeant Damien, the drill demon, appears and requests that you complete a drill in order to be trained for his army.

What you should do:

Follow his orders. He will command you to do push ups, do sit ups, do star jumps (jumping jacks), or jog in place. Move to the mat with the corresponding sign board to complete the task. Costume points from this event can be spent to purchase a camouflage top, bottoms, or helmet.

Random Sergeantdamientext
Random Sergeantdamienicon

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Casual Encounters

These former random events will not interrupt your gaming experience, but may be spotted across RuneScape in various locations.

Bob, the Jagex Cat (members only)
"Hi, my name is Bob."
Bob the Cat What it does:

Bob the Jagex Cat has become the unofficial "pet" of Runescape. He was never a random event in the traditional sense, although encountering him was pretty random. He wanders all over the member world, and if you're lucky enough to spot him, you can brag to all you meet that you've seen him.

What you should do:

If you're wearing your Amulet of Catspeak, go ahead and speak to him. He'll tell you some jokes, and maybe even hint that he's really a famous RuneScape God. If you're not wearing your amulet, Bob will simply ignore you.

Cap'n Hand
"My mistake, milord/milady, I was thinking yer to be..."
Cap\'n Hand What it does:

He was just a lonely sailor looking for company, but he was a bit confused. Maybe he was away at sea a little too long? Cap'n Hand now resides in the Port Sarim jail.

What you should do:

Previously, you would speak to him and receive a reward. People who gave him a few moments of attention may have gotten gp, an uncut gem, a food item, or sometimes even a half key. If a player ignored him, he'd attack with his crossbow. Now, he can only be spoken to through the jail bars.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
"Excuse me, can you please help me?"
Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde What it does:

Formerly a forgetful scientist always bothering people for herbs to make his potions, Dr. Jekyll can now occasionally be found hurrying to the Varrock apothecary to keep away the dreaded Mr. Hyde.

What you should do:

Formerly, you would have talked to him quickly, and not worry if you didn't have what he asked for. He would give you a potion depending on the herb you gave him. If you ignored him, he'd transform into the fearsome Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde attacked using melee. His combat level depended on your combat level, so it varied from 14 - 159. Mr. Hyde will no longer attack you.

Drunken Dwarf
"Hello der..."
Drunken Dwarf What it does:

The drunken dwarf, similar to the old man, used to appear anywhere and give you a beer and a kebab. He now wanders Runescape, where you can talk to him for fun (he might even give you a kebab and beer!)

What you should do:

Formerly, you could talk to him straight away and receive a kebab and a beer. If you ignored him, he would attack you weakly with badly aimed rocks. You could not attack him back.

Postie Pete (members only)
"Must be heading off!"
Postie Pete What it does:

Pete is the official "postman" of Runescape, and was never a random event. As well as taking care of the Postbag every month he also wanders all over the members world delivering mail to various NPCs. If you're lucky enough to spot him, you can brag to all you meet that you've seen him.

What you should do:

If you aren't busy, speak to him - you may be interested in what he has to say. Although he's a bit crazy, he can even speak wyvern!

Rick Turpentine - Highwayman
"You there! Stand and Deliver!"
Rick Turpentine What it does:

Rick Turpentine, the notorious highwayman, wished to atone for his life of crime by giving out free valuables. The Highwayman now resides in the Port Sarim jail despite his efforts.

What you should do:

Previously you just spoke to him and accepted what he offered. If you ignored his generous offer, he'd get angry and attack you. The loot he gave varied from a few gp or a kebab or other food item, to a half key or a gem. Rick Turpentine will no longer attack you.

Security Guard
"Stop right there!"
Security Guard What it did:

The Security Guard reminded you to set your recovery questions so that you could get your character back should something happen, such as forgetting a password, or being hacked and having your account and/or password stolen. He still wanders around Runescape but is no longer a random.

What you would do:

If you spoke to him and listened to what he had to tell you about security, you’d be rewarded. He was known to give out coins, food items like kebabs, half keys, gems, and other various items. Formerly, you could attack him, but it wasn't worth it – he was hard to kill, and he didn't drop anything if you did manage to kill him. He will now give a Security Book to anyone who talks to him.

"Leave this place mortal!"
Shade What it does:

Shades, formerly randoms that attacked you while burying bones, now reside in the Death level of the Stronghold of Security. Formerly the shade's level depended on yours, but it is now Level 83.

What you should do:

If killed, shades may drop a top and or bottom black shade robe.

Strange Plant (members only)
Strange Plant What it does:

Formerly, a strange plant might start growing next to you. It would be fully grown in about a minute or so. Strange plants now spawn randomly near Brimhaven, and strange fruit can be plucked from them.

What you should do:

When it was fully grown, you had to pick the plant to get a strange fruit. If didn't pick the fruit, the plant would attack you and poison you, for 20 damage per hit. When eaten, strange fruit replenishes 30% of your energy and removes poison like an anti-poison potion.

Swarm of Bees
Swarm of Bees What it did:

This former random would attack you, hitting ticklish 1's and 2's. It can now be found atop Karamja volcano, where it may follow you but do no harm.

What you would do:

You couldn't attack and kill them, so you had to run away until they stopped chasing you - pest repellent and bug sprays didn't work.

Evil Chicken
Cluuuuuck! What it did:

If you came under attack from this uniquely malignant fowl, you had to be prepared for a tough fight. A particularly deadly random, it attacked with magic. It can sometimes be found at chicken farms around Runescape, trying unsuccessfully to raise an evil army.

What you would do:

Players could stay and fight it and pick up the feathers, meat, bones, and egg it drops, or just run away. The chicken's combat level depended on the victim's combat level, varying from 14 - 159.

"Greetings Master/Mistress..."
Genie What it does:

Formerly, he appeared and gave you a magic lamp. You can still summon him by choosing the "XP item: lamp" for your random event reward.

What you would do:

Answer him to receive your lamp. (Note: you can't bank or trade the lamp.) When you rub the magic lamp, you will see an options screen like the one below to choose the skill in which to receive free xp. You would receive xp equal to 10 times that skill level. Formerly, if you didn't answer him, he would scatter your inventory across the floor, or teleport you somewhere else.

Choose your skill

River Troll
"Fishies be mine, leave dem fishies!"
"You killed da Sea Troll Queen - you die now!"
What it does:

The River Troll, formerly a fishing random event, now makes its home in the Enchanted Valley (Fairy Ring BKQ). Try to fish in the fishing spot and it will appear and attack you. Its combat level is not displayed - formerly it varied from 14 - 159, depending on your combat level.

What you should do:

Just run away until it stops chasing you, unless you want to kill it. It formerly dropped bait, raw fish, oysters or junk.

Random RiverTroll

Rock Golem
"Rargh, Flee human!"
"Gerroff da Rock!"
What it does:

The Rock Golem, formerly a mining random event, now makes its home in the Enchanted Valley (Fairy Ring BKQ). Prospect or try to mine the rock in the south-east corner of the valley, and it will appear and attack you. Its combat level is not displayed, and it attacks with a ranged attack. Formerly its combat level varied from 14 - 159, depending on your own combat level. Its primary attack was melee, combined with the occasional range-based attack of rock throwing. Now it only uses this ranged attack.

What you should do:

You can run away for 3 or 4 seconds until it stops chasing you - unless you want to kill it. It formerly dropped ores, stouts or pickaxes.

Random RockGolem

Tree Spirit
"Leave these woods and never return!"
What it does:

The Tree Spirit, formerly a woodcutting random event, now makes her home only in the Enchanted Valley (Fairy Ring BKQ). She will appear if you try to cut down any tree there. Her combat level is 14, although formerly the random Tree Spirit varied from 14 to 159 depending on your combat level.

What you should do:

Just run away until she stops chasing you, unless you want to kill her. She formerly dropped hatchets, seeds, bananas and runes.

Random TreeSpirit

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Historic Events

As Jagex updated the game they found that, for various reasons, some Random Events did not work out. Some random events appeared for a little while, but have now been completely removed from the game. Others were removed in a major update to randoms. You can no longer get any of these events.

"Hey there how's your head?"
Dr. Ford What it did:

Sometimes when mining, a chunk of rock could fly off and hit you on the head. This could also happen whilst woodcutting -- a piece of the tree could split off and hit you. If this happened, Dr. Ford would appear to make sure you were okay.

What you would do:

You would count the number of fingers Dr. Ford held up. If you got it right, you'd get a treat: some fruit, like lemon, lime or orange slices, or banana or pineapple. If you got it wrong, or didn't do the test, you'd be teleported to a quiet place to recover from your accident.

Is that a hand???
Tangle Vine
Tangle Vine What it did:

Tangle vines could start growing in any area, and would start growing around your feet, over about 10 squares, rather like ivy on walls.

What you would do:

Players had to stand still and not move. Any NPC or player caught moving would be attacked and damaged. You could not hit the vine back or kill it, so you just had to stay still for 30 seconds or so.

Pious Pete
"I'm sorry to drag you away from your tasks, but I need a little help with something."
Pious Pete What it did:

Pious Pete teleported you to a church to relight his candles.

What you would do:

You had to relight all the candles using the arrows and the fire shaped light button. Once all the candles were lit you would be returned to where you were with a little prize for your efforts. Rewards could include big bones and half keys.

Candle Lighter
Strange Boxes

Once given by the Mysterious Old Man. If you were paying attention, you might have even noticed him saying "Here, take this!". You clicked on the box and answered a simple question regarding the numbers and shapes on the box. If you got the question right, you'd receive some gp, a gem or maybe even a half key! If you ignored the box or answered the question incorrectly, the box would duplicate, filling your inventory until it was full. Once it was full, the boxes would start to stack! If this happened, you had to open each one and answer the question; you couldn't bank the boxes or drop them. You only got the reward once you'd answer them all, and you'd only get one reward for all of them, not one reward per box.

The questions won\'t challenge you much

Skill-Related Historic Events:

The below random events are no longer in the game, and only occurred while you were performing a specific skill.

Smoking Rocks
Gassy Rock What it did:

If you mined the same rock too long it would start smoking. If you kept hitting it, it would explode, hitting you up to 10hp and breaking your pickaxe.

What you would do:

Stop mining that rock!!! If you did break your pickaxe, you could get it fixed by the pickaxe salesman Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine, for a small fee.

Pickaxe Splitting
Pickaxe Splitting What it did:

While mining, your pickaxe head would fly off of its handle and land a few squares away.

What you would do:

Pick up the head and re-attach it by 'using' the head with the handle.

Ent What it did:

Sometimes when you were chopping trees, the tree you were cutting would turn into an Ent. If you continued chopping, it would break your hatchet.

Broken Axe - Steel

What you would do:

Right before the tree turned into an Ent, you might have noticed the tree shaking, or side branches waving like tentacles. When this happened, you could stop chopping and move away from the tree. If your hatchet got broken, you could get it fixed at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge for a small fee.

Axe Splitting
Splitting Axe What it did:

Your axe head would fly off its shaft and land a few squares away when you were woodcutting.

What you would do:

Pick up the head and re-attach it to the shaft by 'using' the head with the shaft.

Defective Farming Tools
Defective Farming Tools What it did:

Poorly manufactured rakes and spades would sometimes fall apart while you were using them.

What you would do:

Put your broken tool back together by "using" one part of the tool with the other.

Zombies What it did:

Zombies were attracted by the sight of freshly buried bones, and would appear and attack you when you were burying lots of bones. Their level was based on yours, but the highest seen was 159.

What you would do:

You could run away until it stopped chasing you, or choose to kill it. It could drop bait, chaos runes, nature talisman and all types of bones.

Big Fish
Big Fish What it did:

This sneaky fish would appear and steal your fishing equipment, dropping it on the ground next to you while it destroyed the fishing spot for a while.

What you would do:

Pick up your equipment and wait for the fishing spot to come back, or move on to another spot.

Whirlpool What it did:

A whirlpool engulfed the fishing spot, stopping you from fishing in it until it went away.

What you wouldd do:

If you tried to fish in the whirlpool, you would lose your equipment. You had to wait for the whirlpool to disappear and the fishing spot to return, or move to another spot.

"You are under arrest"
Watchman What it did:

A watchman could appear if you were thieving too long and attack you. His combat level varied according to yours...the highest seen was 159.

What you would do:

Just run away until he stopped chasing you - unless you wanted to kill him. He could drop coins, nature runes, water runes, body runes, law runes, death runes, herbs, steel bars, mithril medium helms, steel longswords, coal, nature or chaos talismans, uncut gems and dragon spears.

Poison Cloud
Poison Cloud What it did:

When you were thieving chests you might have been surrounded by a green gas cloud that could poison you!

What you would do:

Move away as quickly as possible and wait for the cloud to dissipate. If you did get poisoned, you would want to drink an antipoison potion.

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Click your random event gift to see your choices. As shown in the picture below, there are specific categories of rewards. Note that free players are not offered member rewards, such as farming seeds, summoning charms, and herbs, and will be offered rune essence instead of pure essence. Also, the choices offered are different for some randoms. For example, the rewards from old frog tokens offer only 4 to 6 choices (F2P vs. P2P). In contrast, Leo the Gravedigger offers up to 14 choices (including an emote or a costume point).

Random Event Rewards 14

The specific type and number of charms, herbs, gems, ores and bars vary. The rewards are linked to your total skill level. You will get more gp and essence as your levels increase, and the type of runes you get will also change.

The "XP item: lamp" is delivered by the beloved genie, who is no longer a random event on his own. The reward xp is still 10 times your level in the skill you choose.

The "mystery box" choice is a gamble. It may contain something good like a diamond, some runes, or a half key, but it can also contain useless junk like a cabbage or an empty pot.

The "Gem" space will, on rare occasions, contain the tooth or loop half of a key rather than an actual gem.

Emotes can be unlocked from the Leo the Gravedigger event, and from the Mime event.

Costume points can be used to buy costume pieces from Iffie at Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock square. A costume point is *only* good for the outfit for that particular event - you can't use frog costume points to buy a mime costume. If you wish, costume points can be saved up until you have enough for the complete outfit. Complete costumes can be stored in a Fancy Dress Box in a costume room of a player-owned house (see Construction skill guide.) Costumes are associated with the Drill Demon, Forester, Frog, Gravedigger, and Mime.

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RuneScape 2007
Find this page on the Internet Archive with a date as close to Aug 10, 2007 as possible.

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