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Runescape Name:
Current XP and Levels:
Range XP
Defence XP
Constitution XP
What skill are you Training
and with which Style?
Your Target Level:
Choose Monster or
Enter Life points of Monster


  • Choose your training style.
  • Type in your current xp for the skills you need in the text box or use the Get stats! feature.
  • Type in your target level between 2 and 99.
  • Either select a monster from the list or enter their life points. You can look up monster life points in our Bestiary.
  • Then click the Tip me! button to be tipped on how many monsters you need to kill to reach your target level.
  • Note: there is a known issue with the result not updating properly after changing skill and training style. This can be solved by simply clicking on a blank spot of the page.
  • Note: you can also obtain ranged experience by running the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course. Due to the way this calculator works, we cannot include this method.

Last updated: 12-Mar-2011 (All Bogs)

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