Ranged Guide


The Ranged skill allows players to attack enemies from a distance. Although the bow and arrow is one of the most common forms of ranged combat, there are a multitude of different weapons and techniques available. This form of combat is very versatile, being useful for fighting monsters as well as other players.

Training in Lumbridge

New players can safely train their Ranged level by shooting arrows at the targets in the building with the combat tutors, located north of the General Store, in Lumbridge. Only approximately 0.1 XP will be granted per arrow fired and players will need a bow and some bronze arrows train here. Players can only train here until they reach a combat level of 15. Lowe’s Archery Emporium in Varrock offers players a free bow and 30 bronze arrows to use.

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Ranging typically requires some sort of ranged weapon which either fires some ammunition or the weapon is considered the ammunition itself. The most common and basic weapon is the classic bow and arrow, which will be used as the main example in this section. Players must first equip the weapon and ammunition by clicking on them in the inventory; the bow is held in the main hand weapon slot and the arrows are placed in the quiver. Similar to melee fighting, players begin attacking by simply clicking on the target and their character will begin performing an animation showing them firing their weapon.

Ranged can be employed from melee range, but as suggested in the skill's name can also be used from afar. It is sometimes possible to trap a foe behind an obstacle, preventing them from attacking the player in melee range. This is a useful tactic to avoid damage and can be seen in the picture below. However, be aware that some monsters have the ability to attack from a distance as well and can retaliate. An important point is that fired arrows or other ammunition can sometimes be retrieved from under the target after a shot has been made. This ammunition can be used again with no penalty and all the player has to do is go and pick them back up for use. However, some ammunition will be damaged and cannot be recovered. Approximately four out of five pieces of ammunition fired are recoverable. The better the metal or quality of the ammo, the higher the likelihood that they can be retrieved as they are less easily damaged.


Experience points received for the ranged skill depends on which of the three attacking styles being used, with some examples shown in the image below. With accurate or rapid styles, each point of damage inflicted will grant 0.4 Ranged XP and 0.133 Constitution XP. However for the longrange style, 0.2 Ranged XP, 0.2 Defence XP and 0.133 Constitution XP is awarded instead. The accurate style grants a small boost in accuracy while ranging, the rapid style increases the rate at which shots are fired, and the long range style allows players to shoot from slightly further away. It is generally accepted that for training purposes rapid is the best style, though the other styles have their own uses.

Example: Hitting a Hill Giant for 120 damage using the accurate or rapid style will grant the player 48 Ranged XP and 16 Constitution XP.

Attack Styles

The accuracy and amount of damage each ranged attack both increase with ranged level. Players can also influence these factors by upgrading their ranged weapons and ammunition. The chance to hit an opponent is dependent on the player's ranged level, ranged attack equipment bonuses, and the ranged defence of the opponent. The maximum hit relies on a player's ranged strength bonus.

Ranged Bonuses

Ranged attack bonus can be increased by wielding better bows or by wearing special ranger armour. Conversely, ranged defence can be defence can be increased by wearing higher quality metal armour. Melee armour typically has high ranged defence, whereas mage armour tends to have little to no ranged defence, but ranged armour is the only kind to offer good ranged attack bonus. The various types of weapons and armour available to rangers are detailed below.

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Weapons & Ammunition

Bows & Arrows
Crossbows & Bolts
Hunter Weapons
Other Weapon Types
Weapon Poisons
Special Weapons & Ammunition
Chompy Bird Hunting

Bows & Arrows

Bows are two-handed ranged weapons that use arrows as ammunition. Higher quality bows have greater accuracy, but also require a higher Ranged level to wield. Magic bows also have the added advantage of having special attacks. Arrows with tips made out of a higher quality metal will inflict more damage, but you will need a higher quality bow to fire them. Free players can use bows up to maple, and arrows up to adamant. Members have access to all the bows and arrows listed in the tables below.

Free players can buy bows and arrows at Lowe's Archery Emporium in Varrock and Brian's Archery Shop in Rimmington. Members can also buy equipment from Hickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby, Gulluck and Sons in the Grand Tree, and Dargaud's Bow and Arrows at the Ranged Guild. Members who have completed the Biohazard quest can also buy goods from the Armoury in King Lathas' training camp, and those who have started Mourning's Ends Part 1 can buy goods from the Lletya Archery Shop. They can also make their own bows and arrows using the Fletching skill.

Picture Name Ranged Level
Oak shortbow587202
Oak shieldbow553202
Willow shortbow20175316
Willow shieldbow20106316
Willow composite bow20106316
Maple shortbow30263454
Maple shieldbow30159454
Yew shortbow40351628
Yew shieldbow40212628
Yew composite bow40212628
Magic shortbow
(special attack)
Magic longbow
(special attack)
Magic composite bow
(special attack)
Picture Name Bow Required Ranged level Damage
Bronze arrowsAny148
Iron arrowsAny1096
Steel arrowsOak+20192
Mithril arrowsWillow+30288
Adamant arrowsMaple+40384
Rune arrowsYew+50480
Dragon arrowsDark bow60576
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Crossbows & Bolts

Crossbows are an alternative to shortbows and longbows. They only require one hand to wield, allowing you to wear a shield or some other off-hand item at the same time. Free players have access to regular and phoenix crossbows, both of which can only fire bronze bolts. Members have access to crossbows and bolts made from any metal up to rune. Compared to regular bows, crossbows are more accurate, and crossbow bolts will inflict more damage than arrows with tips made out of the same metal. However, crossbows have a slower attack speed.

Members can make crossbows and crossbow bolts using the Fletching and Smithing skills. They can also be purchased from Hura's shop in the Dwarven Mines, Hirko's shop in Keldagrim and Holoy's shop under the White Wolf Mountain. Crossbows allow you to use the mithril grapple, which can be used to navigate various agility shortcuts. You can learn more about shortcuts in our Agility Guide.

Picture Name Ranged Level
Phoenix crossbow10
Bronze crossbow1150
Blurite crossbow16268
Iron crossbow10202
Steel crossbow20316
Black crossbow25502
Mithril crossbow30454
Adamant crossbow46628
Rune crossbow50+850
Crossbow Bolts
Picture Name Crossbow
Ranged Level Damage
Bronze boltsAny148
Blurite boltsBlurite+1657
Iron boltsIron+1096
Steel boltsSteel+20192
Black boltsBlack+33240
Mithril boltsMithril+30288
Adamant boltsAdamant+40384
Runite boltsRune+50480

Members may enchant gem-tipped bolts, giving them a chance of inflicting a particular effect on your target. The various effects are listed in the table below. Please refer to our Fletching Guide for more information on making gem-tipped crossbow bolts. Our Magic Guide can tell you more about enchanting.

Enchanted Bolts (members)
Picture Combination Ranged Level Damage Description
Bronze bolts
Opal tips
20 192 Lucky Lightning

Strikes your opponent with a lightning bolt, dealing extra damage.
Blurite bolts
Jade tips
35 336 Earth's Fury

Knocks your opponent down and briefly stuns them.
Iron bolts
Pearl tips
30 288 Sea Curse

Causes water to fall on your opponent, dealing extra damage. Wearing a staff of water will protect you from this effect. Fire-based monsters will take extra damage.
Steel bolts
Red topaz tips
40 384 Down to Earth

Temporarily lowers your target's Magic level. This effects only works against other players.
Mithril bolts
Sapphire tips
50 480 Clear Mind

Drains your target's prayer points, transferring them to you. This effects only works against other players.
Mithril bolts
Emerald tips
60 576 Magical Poison

Infuses your bolts with a powerful poison, which starts at 58 damage, and has a greater chance of poisoning your target than ordinary poison does.
Adamant bolts
Ruby tips
60 576 Blood Forfeit

Lowers your target's current life points by 20%. In return, you lose 10% of your current life points. The potency of this effect is reduced against certain boss monsters.
Adamant bolts
Diamond tips
70 672 Armour Piercing

Ignores a portion of your target's ranged defence, increasing your chance to hit. Also slightly increases your maximum hit.
Runite bolts
Dragonstone tips
70 672 Dragon's Breath

Strikes your target with a dragonfire attack. This may cause massive damage, though it is ineffective against players who are protected from dragonfire and against monsters who can breathe fire themselves.
Runite bolts
Onyx tips
80 768 Deathmark

Deals extra damage to your target. You restore an amount of life points equal to 25% of the damage dealt. Does not work against undead monsters.
bolts (e)
90 902 Life Leech

Has a chance to grant a status giving 1% extra adrenaline on hit.

With all of the different kinds of bolts available, players may wish to save some inventory or bank space by using a bolt pouch. This useful piece of equipment will hold four different bolts at a time with a maximum of 255 bolts for each type. Hirko in Keldagrim sells pouches to members for 1,500 coins each.

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Hunter Weapons (members)

The Hunter skill offers some unique weaponry for rangers to use.

Chinchompas are volatile little creatures - they will explode upon being killed! When captured by use of box traps, their explosive characteristics make them a potent weapon, as exploding chinchompas can hit multiple enemies at once. Instead of the standard ranged attack style, chinchompas have a short, medium, or long fuse. The fuse length dictates how long it will take for the chinchompa to explode, making longer fuses better for further targets. The most popular choice for training is the short fuse since it explodes most quickly.

Picture Name Ranged Level
Damage Accuracy
Grey chinchompa45551732
Red chinchompa55673983

The hunters' crossbow can be bought from Leon, who can be found in Yanille's hunter store. This crossbow can only fire bolts made from kebbit spikes. From these spikes, players can obtain regular or long kebbit bolts. Regular kebbit bolts are made by chiseling kebbit spikes, which are obtained by catching prickly kebbits with deadfall traps. Long kebbit bolts are made by chiseling long kebbit spikes, which are obtained by tracking razor-backed kebbits. Players with an insufficient Fletching level can ask Leon to fletch them for a small fee.

Hunters' Crossbow & Kebbit Bolts
Picture Name Description
Hunters' crossbow Requires level 50 Ranged to wield. Has a 850 accuracy bonus. Can only fire kebbit bolts and long kebbit bolts.
Kebbit bolts Adds 480 damage. Requires level 32 Fletching to make.
Long kebbit bolts Adds 480 damage. Requires level 42 Fletching to make.

Salamanders can be caught using net traps. In order to use a salamander, certain herbal tars need to be equipped and "fed" to the salamander. These tars can be produced through the Herblore skill. Herb tars are equipped in your ammo slot.

To use a each salamander, the player must meet the Ranged level requirements as listed in the table below.

Picture Name Food Level Salamandar damage Salamandar accuracy Tar damage Tar accuracy
Swamp lizardGuam tar30 3834542880
Orange salamanderMarrentill tar 506378504800
Red salamanderTarromin tar 6076511325760
Black salamanderHarralander tar 7089214866720
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Other Weapon Types

Slings are ranged weapons intended for use by players who are new to the Ranged skill. Unlike most other ranged weapons, they do not consume any ammunition. However, their damage output is far lower. Basic slings are dropped by various low-level monsters. Kayle's sling is received during the Blood Pact quest.

Picture Name Damage Accuracy
Kayle's sling110160

Darts and throwing knives are stackable one-handed ranged weapons. They are available to members only. They are relatively weak and have a low maximum range, but they have a very high attack speed, making them decent weapons against targets with low defence. Throwing knives are made through smithing - five throwing knives can be made from a bar of metal. The ability to smith darts is granted after completion of the Tourist Trap quest. Ten dart tips can me produced per bar of metal and to finish them players must attach a feather to each dart.

Darts (members)
Picture Name Damage Accuracy
Bronze dart48150
Iron dart96202
Steel dart192316
Black dart240381
Mithril dart288454
Adamant dart384628
Rune dart480850
Dragon dart5761132
Throwing Knives (members)
Picture Name Damage Accuracy
Bronze knife48150
Iron knife96202
Steel knife192316
Black knife240381
Mithril knife288454
Adamant knife384628
Rune knife480850

Members can buy javelins and throwing axes at the Authentic Throwing Weapons Shop in the Ranged Guild. Like darts and knives, they are stackable one-handed ranged weapons. Regrettably, their low attack speed combined with their mediocre accuracy and strength means that they are not very useful for training purposes.

Javelins (members)
Picture Name Damage Accuracy
Bronze javelin74150
Iron javelin149202
Steel javelin298316
Mithril javelin447454
Adamant javelin596628
Rune javelin745850
Throwing Axes (members)
Picture Name Damage Accuracy
Bronze thrownaxe61150
Iron thrownaxe122202
Steel thrownaxe245316
Mithril thrownaxe367454
Adamant thrownaxe490628
Rune thrownaxe
(special attack)
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Weapon Poison (members)

Members can apply poison to their arrows, bolts, darts, javelins and knives. Vials of weapon poison can be made using the Herblore skill - one vial can poison up to five projectiles. Poisoned projectiles have a chance to poison the target, causing them to periodically take damage. The poison starts out at a certain initial amount of damage and every few ticks of poison the amount of damage taken is reduced by 20. If damage dealt for the next tick drops below ten, the poison fades completely.

Weapon Poisons
Picture Name Initial Damage
Weapon poison28
Weapon poison+34
Weapon poison++40
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Special Weapons & Ammunition

This section describes various special ranged weapons and ammunition types found throughout the game. The table below gives a brief overview of their bonuses and their describes purpose, and also indicates where to get them. Each weapon is available to members only, unless its description states otherwise. Weapons marked with an asterisk have a special attack.

Special Weapons & Ammuntion
Picture Name Damage Accuracy Description
Bakriminel bolts7200 Can be aimed at specific body parts in PvP combat to deal additional damage and effects. See the Bakriminel bolts guide for more information. Requires a rune crossbow or a chaotic crossbow to fire.
Bane arrows-+22 Bane arrows deal additional damage against the monsters they are attuned to. They can be attuned to abyssal demons, basilisks, dragons, or wallasalki. These arrows are not tradeable, and can only be made after completion of the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. Please refer to our Smithing Guide for more info.
Bane bolts-+82 Similar to bane arrows.
Bolas01738 A stackable one-handed ranged weapon made using the Fletching skill. They require level 76 Ranged to use. When thrown they will ensnare the target, preventing it from moving for a short while.
Bone bolts2680 These bolts can be bought at Nardok's shop. They can only be fired from a Dorgeshuun crossbow and from Zanik's crossbow, both of which are also listed in this table.
Broad arrows5280 Specialist slayer arrows, which are able to deal full damage to Turoths and Kurasks. You need level 55 Slayer and level 50 Ranged to use them. They can only be used with a magic bow or better to fire them.
Broad bolts4800 Similar to broad arrows. Requires a rune crossbow or a chaotic crossbow to fire.
Coral bolts480 These bolts are obtained as a quest reward from Song from the Depths. You can get more of them by killing Young grotworms. They can only be fired from a coral crossbow.
God arrows-See
Guthix arrows, Saradomin arrows and Zamorak arrows can be obtained through treasure trails. Their ranged strength depends on your Ranged level - it is +11 at level 1, and slowly increases to +60 at level 70 and up. The arrows disappear once fired, and can't be picked up from the ground. They have a 10% chance of dealing additional elemental damage. This is increased to a 20% chance if they are fired from the corresponding god bow.
Royal bolts7680 These bolts are dropped by Grotworms and Mature grotworms, or found in the Dragonkin Coffer of the Queen Black Dragon. They can only be fired from a royal crossbow. You need a Ranged level of 85 to use these bolts.
Chaotic crossbow01924 This crossbow costs 200,000 Dungeoneering tokens and requires level 80 Ranged and level 80 Dungeoneering to wield. It can fire bolts up to rune.
Coral crossbow0160 This crossbow is a reward from Song from the Depths. It has no level requirements to wield, but fires only coral bolts.
Crystal bow12861486 This bow does not use any ammunition. It slowly degrades as it is used. Please refer to its database page for more information.
Dark bow*3711486 This bow is dropped by Dark Beasts. It requires level 60 Ranged to wield. It can shoot two arrows at once, but it has a very slow attack speed. In addition, it is the only bow capable of shooting dragon arrows.
Dorgeshuun crossbow*0424 This crossbow can be bought at Nardok's shop. It requires level 28 Ranged to wield. It fires bone bolts and metal bolts up to iron, but can't fire gem-tipped bolts.
Dwarf cannon-- An automated cannon that will decimate your opponents with frightening efficiency. Please refer to the dwarf cannon section of this guide for more information.
God bows*+80- The Guthix bow, Saradomin bow and Zamorak bow can be obtained through treasure trails. They require level 55 Ranged to wield, can fire arrows up to rune, and provide a +4 prayer bonus.
Gravite shortbow482983 This shortbow costs 40,000 Dungeoneering tokens and requires level 45 Ranged and level 45 Dungeoneering to wield. It can fire arrows up to rune, and is available to free players as well.
Hand cannon*9561694 A portable two-handed cannon that fires hand cannon shots. It requires level 75 Ranged and level 61 Firemaking to wield. You must also have completed the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest. Each time it fires, there is a chance it will be destroyed. High firemaking reduces this chance.
Karil's crossbow8921486 This crossbow is part of Karil's set. More information can be found here.
Magic longbow (sighted)*291983 This bow can be made by adding a longbow sight to a magic longbow. It requires level 55 Ranged and level 45 Dungeoneering to wield, can fire arrows up to rune, and is slightly faster than a regular longbow. The longbow sight costs 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
Maple longbow (sighted)238552 This bow can be made by adding a longbow sight to a maple longbow. It requires level 45 Ranged and level 45 Dungeoneering to wield, can fire arrows up to adamant, and is slightly faster than a regular longbow. The longbow sight costs 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens. This bow is also available to free players.
Morrigan's javelin*11621829 These javelins can be dropped by revenants found within the Forinthry Dungeon. They require level 78 Ranged to wield. There also exists a corrupted version of this weapon, which does not have a special attack, and which will break after a single throw.
Morrigan's throwing axe*9551829 Like the javelins, these axes can be found within the Forinthry Dungeon. They require level 78 Ranged to wield and have a corrupted counterpart.
Royal crossbow10201924 This crossbow is assembled from a coral crossbow and various crossbow components dropped by the Queen Black Dragon. It requires level 85 Ranged to wield, and degrades over time, but can be repaired by talking to Thurgo. Unlike other ranged weapons, each of this crossbow's attacks deals damage spread over time instead of in a single shot. In longer battles, it can lock on to a target, increasing its maximum hit. This crossbow only fires royal bolts.
Sacred clay bow438850 This bow is part of the sacred clay equipment set. More information can be found here.
Sagaie10721566 A stackable one-handed ranged weapon made using the Fletching skill. They require level 72 Ranged to use. Sagaies are unique in that they inflict more damage to targets further away.
Seercull*249901 This bow is dropped by Dagannoth Supreme. It requires level 50 Ranged to wield, and can fire arrows up to rune.
Toktz-xil-ul8941132 A stackable one-handed throwing weapon. It requires level 60 Ranged to wield. Sold at TzHaar-Hur-Tel's store and sometimes dropped by TzHaar-Xil.
Zanik's crossbow*0801 This crossbow is obtained during the Chosen Commander quest, and requires level 48 Ranged to wield. It can fire bolts up to adamant.
Zaryte bow14701924 This bow is dropped by Nex. It requires level 80 Ranged to wield, and does not use any ammunition. It slowly degrades as it is used, breaking after ten hours of combat. Repair it at a player-owned house or by asking Bob in Lumbridge.
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Chompy Bird Hunting (members)

This section will describe a number of bows and ammunition types that are primarily used during the Chompy Bird Hunting minigame. Brutal arrows are also the only item capable of dealing full damage to zogres and skogres.

The regular ogre bow can be obtained from Rantz, who lives in the Feldip Hills. The other items are all made through the Fletching skill. You learn how to make the faster composite ogre bow during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. The ogre bows can only fire ogre arrows and brutal arrows. They cannot fire regular arrows.

Picture Name Ranged Level
Damge Accuracy
Ogre bow30382484
Composite ogre bow30382484
Picture Name Damage
Ogre arrows288
Bronze brutals48
Iron brutals96
Steel brutals144
Black brutals192
Mithril brutals220
Adamant brutals316
Rune brutals412
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Armour Sets

Basic Leather Armour
Yak-hide Armour
Frog-leather Armour
Snakeskin Armour
Spined Armour
Dragonhide Armour
Third-age Ranger Armour
Armadyl Armour
Pernix Armour
Morrigan's Armour
Karil's Set
Void Knight Equipment
Sacred Clay Equipment

Basic Leather Armour

Just like there are different types of armour for fighters, there is also a good selection of armour for rangers. Ranger armour typically provides a ranged attack bonus, good magic defence and moderate defence against melee and ranged attacks. Many types of ranger armour can be made using the Crafting skill - please refer to our Crafting Guide for more information.

The basic leather armour pieces listed below are available to all players, and are typically used by beginning rangers. Some of these items have level requirements:

  • Hardleather bodies require 10 Defence
  • Studded chaps and coifs require 20 Defence
  • Studded bodies require 20 Defence and 20 Ranged
Leather Armour
Picture Name Armour
Leather cowl 30
Coif 63
Leather body 34
Hardleather body 46
Studded body 72
Leather chaps 33
Studded chaps 69
Leather vambraces 5
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Yak-hide Armour (members)

Players who have gained access to the Fremennik Isles are able to create yak-hide armour. Unlike most ranger armour, it provides no magic defence. This armour has a requirement of level 20 Defence to wear. The yak-hide legs, having a solid ranged attack bonus, are therefore an excellent item for novice rangers. They also possess the unique quality of being able to reduce damage of Ice Trolls by a significant amount. Please refer to our Crafting Guide for more information on how to make this armour.

Yak-hide Armour
Picture Name Armour
Yak-hide body 87
Yak-hide legs 83
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Frog-leather Armour (members)

Reldak, who can be found in Dorgesh-Kaan's marketplace, sells frog-leather armour. Completion of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest is necessary to access this shop. Frog-leather armour requires level 25 Defence and level 25 Ranged to wear.

Frog-leather Armour
Picture Name Armour
Frog-leather body 87
Frog-leather chaps 83
Frog-leather boots 19
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Snakeskin Armour (members)

Snakeskin armour is, not surprisingly, made out of snakeskins. 30 Ranged is required to wear it. The boots are a decent alternative to the expensive ranger boots and glaiven boots. Please refer to our Crafting Guide for more information on how to make this armour.

Snakeskin Armour
Picture Name Armour
Snakeskin bandana 90
Snakeskin body 104
Snakeskin chaps 99
Snakeskin boots 2
Snakeskin vambraces 22
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Spined Armour (members)

Spined armour is made from dagannoth hides. Players will need 40 Defence, 40 Ranged, and also have completed the Fremennik Trials quest to wear this armour. Sigli the Huntsman, found near the entrance of Rellekka, is able to make the spined helm, body and chaps using hides dropped by a specific type of dagannoth found only in the Waterbirth Dungeon. The spined boots and gloves are dropped directly by these dagannoth.

Spined Armour
Picture Name Armour Ranged bonus
Spined helm 14612
Spined body 16818
Spined chaps 16115
Spined boots 367
Spined gloves 367
Creating Spined Armour
Picture Name Coin Cost Required Hides
Spined helm 5,000 1 dagannoth hide & 1 circular hide
Spined body 10,000 3 dagannoth hides & 1 flattened hide
Spined chaps 7,500 2 dagannoth hides & 1 stretched hide
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Dragonhide Armour

Dragonhide armour is the staple of ranger armour, being relatively cheap while still offering good protection and solid ranged attack bonuses. Green dragonhide armour is available to free players. You can buy the chaps and vambraces from Scavvo in the Champions' Guild, and the body from Oziach. Players need to have completed the Dragon Slayer quest to wear the body.

Members are able to use their Crafting skill to make green, blue, red and black dragonhide armour. They can also obtain blessed dragonhide armour as a reward from Treasure Trails. There are six different blessed sets, each set styled after one of RuneScape's gods.

Dragonhide coifs were formerly obtained through the Fist of Guthix minigame and are now crafted in the same way as other dragonhide armour. The green and blue dragonhide coifs are also available to free players. These coifs will no longer degrade, even on death. An uncharged coif, if you happen to have one, can be converted into a regular coif via a right-click option. Blessed coifs, part of the blessed dragonhide sets mentioned earlier, are not obtained through this minigame and do not degrade.

Different pieces of dragonhide armour have different level requirements:

  • All blessed dragonhide, including chaps and vambraces, requires level 60 Defence.
  • Green dragonhide armour requires level 40 Ranged.
  • Blue dragonhide armour requires level 50 Ranged.
  • Red dragonhide armour requires level 55 Ranged.
  • Black dragonhide and blessed dragonhide armour require level 60 Ranged.
  • Royal dragonhide armour requires level 65 Ranged.
Dragonhide armour
Picture Name Armour
Green coif 125
Green body 144
Green chaps 138
Green vambraces 31
Blue coif 170
Blue body 195
Blue chaps 187
Blue vambraces 42
Red coif 196
Red body 226
Red chaps 216
Red vambraces 49
Picture Name Armour
Black coif 226
Black body 260
Black chaps 249
Black vambraces 56
Royal coif 259
Royal body 209
Royal chaps 285
Royal vambraces 64
Blessed coif 226
Blessed body 260
Blessed legs 249
Blessed vambraces 56
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Third-age Ranger Armour (members)

Very lucky players may end up finding a piece of extremely rare third-age ranger armour after completing a Treasure Trail. This armour requires level 65 Defence and level 65 Ranged to wear. Its bonuses are slightly better than those of blessed dragonhide armour. Because of its expense it is used mainly to show off wealth rather than for functional use.

Third-age Ranger Armour
Picture Name Armour
Third-age range coif 259
Third-age range top 298
Third-age range legs 285
Third-age vambraces 64
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Armadyl Armour (members)

Those who are brave enough to challenge the forces of Armadyl within the God Wars Dungeon may be lucky enough to acquire pieces of Armadyl armour. This type of armour requires level 70 Defence and level 70 Ranged to wear. The pieces can only be dropped by Kree'arra, Flight Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin and Wingman Skree. Armadyl armour offers the best stat bonuses out of all non-degradable ranger armour.

Armadyl Armour
Picture Name Armour Ranged bonus Prayer bonus
Armadyl helmet 259171
Armadyl chestplate 298262
Armadyl chainskirt 285221
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Pernix Armour (members)

Those who are strong enough to defeat the dreaded Nex may obtain pieces of Pernix armour. To wear this gear, level 80 Constitution, level 80 Defence and level 80 Ranged are needed. Wearing Pernix armour will also boost a player's maximum lifepoints! As a result, effects that are based on your maximum lifepoints, such as the amount of healing done by Saradomin brews, will also increase. Unfortunately, Pernix armour will degrade and become useless after ten hours of combat. It can be repaired at the armour stand in a player-owned house, or by Bob in Lumbridge.

Pernix Armour
Picture Name Armour Life bonus Ranged bonus Prayer bonus
Pernix cowl 338110202
Pernix body 389220303
Pernix chaps 372165252
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Morrigan's Armour (members)

The revenants found within the Forinthry Dungeon may leave behind a piece of Morrigan's ancient armour when slain. This armour comes in two types. The regular version requires level 80 Defence and level 80 Ranged to wear, and will turn to dust after approximately one hour of combat. The corrupt version only requires level 40 Defence and Ranged, but it will turn to dust after a mere 15 minutes of use.

Morrigan's Armour
Picture Name Armour Ranged bonus
Morrigan's coif
(corrupt version)
Morrigan's body
(corrupt version)
Morrigan's chaps
(corrupt version)
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Karil's Set (members)

Karil's set can be obtained from the Barrows minigame. Level 70 Defence and level 70 Ranged are needed to wear the armour. The crossbow only has a level 70 Ranged requirement. Wearing the complete set grants the a special set effect: Damaging ranged attacks have a chance of reducing a target's Agility level by 20%. Karil's equipment will degrade and become useless after fifteen hours of combat. Players can repair it at the armour stand of a player-owned house, or have Bob in Lumbridge repair it.

Karil's crossbow requires two hands to wield, but it attacks much faster than other crossbows. It can only fire bolt racks, which can also be found during the Barrows minigame, or purchased from Ak Haranu in Port Phasmatys. These bolt racks only have a +55 strength bonus, which makes them quite a bit weaker than high-end metal bolts. However, this drop in strength is compensated by its increased attack speed.

Karil's Set
Picture Name Armour Damage Accuracy
Karil's coif 297--
Karil's top 341--
Karil's skirt 326--
Karil's crossbow -8921486
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Void Knight Equipment (members)

Void Knight equipment can be purchased with Void Knight commendation points, which can be earned through the Conquest and Pest Control minigames. To purchase the deflector, players must have a Conquest ranking of at least 1250. To obtain elite Void Knight equipment, players must have completed The Void Stares Back.

Players need 42 Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Ranged, and Strength as well as level 22 Prayer to wear pieces of Void Knight equipment. If you wear the ranger helm along with three other pieces of Void Knight equipment, ranged accuracy will be increased by 10% and damage will be increased by approximately 20%.

Void Knight Equipment
Picture Name Armour Life bonus
Void knight ranger helm 133-
Elite void
knight top
Void knight top 99-
Elite void
knight robe
Void knight robe 99-
Void knight gloves 20-
Void knight deflector 133-
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Sacred Clay Equipment (members)

Sacred clay equipment can be obtained through the Stealing Creation minigame. Level 50 Defence and level 50 Ranged are required to wear the armour. The bow only has a level 50 Ranged requirement. While wearing pieces of this equipment, double the amount of combat experience is awarded As you gain experience, the equipment will slowly deplete. Once it has depleted fully, it will continue to function as normal equipment, but it will not give extra experience until recharged.

Sacred Clay Equipment
Picture Name Armour Ranged Bonus Damage Accuracy
Sacred clay coif 170600--
Sacred clay body 1951200--
Sacred clay chaps 187900--
Sacred clay bow --438850
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Other Equipment

Ava's Devices
Prayer Books
Other Armour

Ava's Devices (members)

Members who complete the Animal Magnetism quest will receive Ava's attractor. This item is worn in the cape slot, offers a small ranged attack bonus, and will automatically pick up most of the arrows or bolts shot, unless there is an obstacle between the player and the target. It requires level 30 Ranged to equip. The attractor will also periodically create iron items and deposit it in the player's inventory; this feature can be toggled on or off.

If you have level 50 Ranged, you can upgrade Ava's attractor to Ava's accumulator. This item offers a slightly better ranged attack bonus, and will create steel items instead of iron ones. In turn, the accumulator can be upgraded to Ava's alerter during the Do No Evil quest, again slightly increasing its attack bonus.

Ava's Devices
Picture Name Armour Ranged bonus
Ava's attractor 139
Ava's accumulator 2517
Ava's alerter 3326
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Prayer Books (members)

Some prayer books provide a small ranged attack bonus. The Horror from the Deep is required to use these books. For more information on creating them, please refer to our Prayer Guide.

Prayer Books (members)
Picture Name Damage Armour Prayer bonus Strength bonus Ranged bonus Magic bonus
unholy book
book of law
book of balance
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Certain pieces of jewellery will improve your ranged attack bonus when worn. The amulet of accuracy, amulet of power, and amulet of zealots are available to free players. The other jewellery is available to members only.

Picture Name Prayer bonus Strength bonus Ranged bonus Magic bonus
Amulet of accuracy 00150
Reward from the Imp Catcher quest, and sold by Wizard Mizgog.
Amulet of power 1151515
Made using the Crafting skill.
Amulet of zealots -5000
Costs 40,000 Dungeoneering tokens. Requires level 48 Dungeoneering and level 48 Prayer to wear. Increases the boost from single-skill boosting prayers, such as Eagle Eye, by +5%.
Amulet of glory 2262626
Made using the Crafting skill. Can also be used to teleport when charged.
Amulet of fury 3323232
Made using the Crafting skill. Requires an expensive onyx.
Amulet of ranging 00320
Dropped by Aquanites. Formerly the highest ranged attack bonus of all amulets.
Archers' ring 00170
Dropped by Dagannoth Supreme, who can be found within the Waterbirth Dungeon.
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Other Ranger Armour (members)

Lastly, the table below lists some additional miscellaneous ranger gear.

Void Knight Equipment
Picture Name Ranged Bonus Armour Life bonus
Robin hood hat 91070
Sometimes found after completing a hard treasure trail. Requires level 40 Ranged to wear.
Archer helmet 111250
Can be bought at Skulgrimmen's shop. Requires level 45 Defence to wear. You must also have completed the Fremennik Trials.
Focus sight 0630
Dropped by desert strykewyrms. Requires level 20 Ranged and level 20 Defence to wear. It boosts your Ranged level by approximately 15% while fighting assigned slayer monsters.
Glaiven boots 01080
Dropped by Glacors. Requires level 85 Defence and level 75 Ranged to wear.
Ranger boots 026120
These boots are sometimes found after completing a medium treasure trail. Requires level 40 Ranged to wear.
Swift gloves 0960
These gloves can be obtained in the Dominion Tower. While worn, they grant you a chance of firing two arrows with a single shot and stunning your target for a few seconds.
Mercenary's gloves 080219
Costs 48,500 Dungeoneering tokens. Requires level 73 Ranged to wear.
Culinaromancer's gloves 10 8490
Can be bought at the Culinaromancer's Chest for 100,000 coins. You must have completed the Recipe for Disaster quest to buy these. Many other pairs of gloves are unlocked during this quest as well. You can view the full list of Culinaromancer's gloves here.
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Dwarf Multicannon (members)

The dwarf multicannon is a stationary weapon of mass destruction, capable of dealing lots of damage to multiple enemies at once. To start using one, players must complete theDwarf Cannon quest. You can then either buy a multicannon from Nulodion for 750,000 coins, or buy a dwarf cannon set at the Grand Exchange, which typically costs less. Multiple cannon pieces in can be stored in the bank or inventory, but only one cannon can be set up at a time.

Cannon Parts & Ammunition
Base Stand Barrels Furnace Cannonball

To set up a cannon, simply left-click on the base and the player's character will assemble it. Note that the cannon takes up quite a bit of space - it needs an open area of 3x3 squares to deploy it. The cannon uses cannonballs as ammunition. Cannonballs can be made using the Smithing skill.

To begin firing the cannon after setting it up, simply left-click on it. 30 cannonballs will be loaded and the cannon will begin rotating and firing all targets in its line of sight. To reload the cannon, simply left-click on it again. Cannons cannot shoot at other players.

After approximately twenty minutes of use, the cannon will decay. Before this happens, a warning message will appear in the chat box and your cannon will show an animation. Simply pick up the cannon and set it back up to avoid having the cannon decay. If the cannon does decay, simply return to Nulodion for a free replacement. If players lose a cannon, for example by setting it up and then logging out, Nuludion will also grant a replacement. However, if a player dies and ends up losing one or more cannon parts, he will not offer a replacement.

Cannons have restrictions on where they can be used. Certain monsters are able to destroy your cannon, and some locations simply prohibit cannons from being set up.

Cannon use does not grant Constitution experience and offers only 0.2 ranged XP per point of damage dealt. The lack of Constitution experience can be beneficial to pures who are trying to level their Ranged skill exclusively. Cannons are also often used to greatly speed up slayer assignments. Please refer to the training spots section to learn where the cannon can be put to good use.

The cannon has rather unusual mechanics. Its accuracy is not necessarily affected by Ranged level and ranged attack bonus, but rather by the level and bonus that apply to the player's currently equipped weapon and combat style. For example, if a player is using an abyssal whip, the cannon's accuracy will be determined by the player's Attack level and slash attack bonus. If a bow or a crossbow is equipped, its accuracy will be determined by Ranged level and ranged attack bonus.

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Skill Boosts (members)

There are a number of items that players can use to boost Ranged level. The amount of levels a potion boosts depends on Ranged level; higher ranged levels will be boosted for more than lower levels.

Ranged Boosts
Picture Name Boost Information
Ranger's aid +2 Purchased at the Poison Arrow Pub.
Slightly reduces your Defence skill.
Ranger's aid (m) +3 Purchased at the Poison Arrow Pub.
Slightly reduces your Defence skill.
Ranging potion +4 to +13 Created using the Herblore skill.
Extreme ranging +4 to +23 Created using the Herblore skill. It is untradable.
You need level 92 Herblore to brew it.
Overload +4 to +23 Created using the Herblore skill. It is untradable.
You need level 96 Herblore to brew it.
The boost does not slowly wear off.
Spicy stew -6 to +6
You must add red spices to give the stew a chance of boosting your Ranged level.

The Geyser Titan familiar gives an invisible boost to your Ranged level. Several other familiars don't directly boost a player's Ranged skill, but do give Ranged experience when they fight. Please refer to our Summoning Guide for the complete list of familiars.

Ranged Familiars
Picture Name Abilities Scroll
89 Geyser Titan Fights as level 200 ranger.
Boosts your Ranged by 1 + 3%.
A special attack which does more damage based on your target's armour.
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Special Attacks (members)

Some ranged weapons can perform a special attack. Such an attack may deal extra damage, have greater accuracy, or possess other qualities that make it more dangerous to enemies. To perform a special attack, players must have sufficient special attack power. Players can check how much special attack power they have in the game's combat styles menu.

Special attack bar

Every time a special attack is used, it will drain some special attack power. This power will automatically refill over time - drinking a recover special potion speeds up the process. Note that not all ranged weapons have special attacks. Please refer to the table below for an overview of the different special attacks that can be used.

Special Attacks
Weapon Picture Description
Dark bow Descent of Darkness

Both arrows will always hit, and deal 30% more damage, with a minimum of 50 damage per arrow. Drains 65% power.
Dark bow Descent of Dragons

Both arrows will always hit, and deal 50% more damage, with a minimum of 80 damage per arrow. Drains 65% power.
Dorgeshuun crossbow Snipe

Lowers your target's Defence level by 10% of the damage you inflict. Has a high chance of hitting an unsuspecting target. Only usable after completion of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. Drains 80% power.
Hand cannon Aimed Shot

Greatly increases accuracy, but requires longer to aim, and has an increased chance of causing the hand cannon to explode. Drains 50% power.
Magic comp. bow

Magic longbow

An accurate shot that will always hit.
Drains 35% power.
Magic shortbow Snap-Shot

Rapidly fires two arrows at the target, but with slightly decreased accuracy. Drains 55% power.
Morrigan's javelin Phantom Strike

Inflicts damage as normal, and then causes the target to suffer an identical amount of damage over a small period of time. This effect is similar to being poisoned, but the damage is inflicted more quickly. Drains 50% power.
Morrigan's throwing axe Hamstring

Deals 20% more damage, and causes the target to lose run energy at four times the normal rate for the next minute. Drains 50% power.
Rune thrownaxe Chain-Hit

Can hit multiple enemies when in a multi-combat area. Drains 10% power.
Seercull Soulshot

Reduces your opponent's Magic level by 10% of the damage inflicted. Only works against other players. Drains 100% power.
Zanik's crossbow Defiance

Deals between 30 and 150 extra damage, based on the prayers used and god-related items worn by the target. Drains 50% power.
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Training Spots

Many different locations are suitable for training the Ranged skill. Players should experiment with different weapons, ammunition, and location to find the optimal set up. A number of training spots will be described in this section to provide some guidance. These are only recommendations - our list is by no means exhaustive. Members may also participate in the ranged activity at Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza to earn Ranged experience. Please refer to our Circus Guide for more information.

The table below contains training spots available to free players. Most monsters can be safe-spotted, with varying degrees of effort. Players choosing to safe-spot may have to spend a great deal of time on picking up ammunition. To maximize experience gains, players should consider leaving their ammunition on the floor instead. Alternatively, if players have the Defence level and equipment to survive, they may opt to engage targets within melee range and tank all of the hits. Using higher quality ammunition will increase damage output, but will also typically have a higher cost.

Training Spots for Free Players
(click to zoom)
Ranged Level Description
1-20 Monastery

The monks that dwell in the monastery just west of Edgeville are an excellent target for beginning rangers. Players can even talk to them to receive healing between kills. Players who have level 31 Prayer can use a ranged-boosting prayer to increase damage output as there is an altar on the second floor.
10-30 Stronghold of Security (first floor)

The first floor of the Stronghold of Security contains a large amount of minotaurs. They often drop small amounts of iron arrows when killed. The fence shown in the screenshot provides a particularly convenient safe-spot.
30-99 Stronghold of Security (second floor)

Many flesh crawlers can be found on the second floor of the stronghold. They are aggressive to players of any level. Consider safe-spotting or training on minotaurs flesh crawlers deal too much damage to handle.
50-99 Stronghold of Security (third floor)

The third floor of the stronghold is infested with giant spiders. They can hit pretty hard - tanking them with anything less than level 70 Defence and decent armour is not recommended. They are aggressive to players of any level.

Members often choose to level their Ranged skill while they perform Slayer tasks. By engaging their assigned monsters in melee combat while having a multicannon set up, they can earn experience in their melee skills, as well as in the Constitution, Ranged and Slayer skills. If you're not solely after Ranged experience, but merely intend to level it up alongside your other skills, then we suggest using this method. Please refer to our Slayer Guide for more information on the Slayer skill.

The table below contains a number of training spots suitable for members who simply want to earn Ranged experience, and have no concern about earning money while doing so. While the first three locations are not very all that dangerous, the last two are multi-combat areas where many monsters will be attacking the player at once. As a result, having level 43 Prayer for the Protection from Melee prayer is an absolute must. In addition, having level 44 Prayer for the Eagle Eye prayer is recommended.

When training at one of the first three locations, a shortbow, throwing knives, or darts are the best options. The last two locations are ideal for using chinchompas. For armour, we strongly recommend using four pieces of Void Knight equipment if you meet the level requirements. If you're using a one-handed weapon, you can use the void deflector and swap out the void knight top for some body armour that boosts your ranged accuracy. You may want to consider using a cannon to further increase your experience gains.

Training Spots for Members - XP Gains
(click to zoom)
Ranged Level Description
1-20 Monastery

The monks that dwell in the monastery just west of Edgeville are an excellent target for beginning rangers. You can talk to them to receive healing.
10-30 Rellekka

The shores surrounding the Fremennik village of Rellekka are inhabited by numerous rock crabs. These crabs have a large amount of hitpoints but low damage output, making them ideal for training.
30-55 Neitiznot

The yaks living just outside the village of Neitiznot are, much like rock crabs, relatively harmless creatures that have a large amount of hitpoints. You must have completed part of the Fremennik Isles quest to access this area.
55-99 Marim Dungeon

The gorilla skeletons that lurk in this cave are an excellent target for chinchompa-users. Please refer to this forum topic for an in-depth examination of this location.
70-99 Chaos Tunnels (room 2)

Some people prefer to use chinchompas against the nechryaels found within the tunnels. These monsters are an excellent source of crimson charms. You should only use red chinchompas against them, as grey chinchompas lack accuracy. Note that you can't set up a cannon in the Chaos Tunnels.

The next and final table of this section will describe a number of locations which allow you to make a profit while training your Ranged skill. Again, we strongly recommend using four pieces of Void Knight equipment while fighting these. You should use the best crossbow you can use along with a void deflector, unless you have level 90+ Firemaking, in which case you should use a hand cannon instead. As for cannons, you will often find that the kill speed increase offered by using one outweighs the money spent on ammunition.

Training Spots for Members - Profits
(click to zoom)
Chaos Tunnels (rooms 21 & 27)

You can find green dragons in two of the caverns within the tunnel complex. Dragons drop valuable bones and hides. Note that you can't set up a cannon in the Chaos Tunnels.

Three different locations in the Wilderness are claimed by groups of green dragons. The area east of the Bone Yard (level 20) houses the largest amount of them.
Blue Dragon Resource Dungeon

Eight blue dragons inhabit this hidden resource dungeon. You need level 60 Dungeoneering to access it. Having level 70 Agility will allow you to use a shortcut, reducing travel time.
Brimhaven Dungeon

A group of red dragons has claimed a large cavern within this dungeon. You must either use a Yak familiar or possess the Karamja gloves 4 for this location to be worthwhile. If you can't use either, banking will simply take too long.
Evil Chicken's Lair

The Evil Chicken keeps several pet black dragons in its lair. Using a cannon is highly recommended - killing the dragons without one takes far too long.
Frost Dragon Lair

Frost dragons drop frost dragon bones, the most valuable of all bones. You need level 85 Dungeoneering to access their lair. Please refer to our Frost Dragons Guide for more information on how to fight these dragons.
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Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the Ranged skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy yourself a ranging cape from the armour salesman in the Ranging Guild. Please refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more information!


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