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What are the Revenants?

These tormented souls are the old guardians of the wilderness, which was one of the sites of the great God Wars of the Third Age. Revenants are significantly more powerful than other monsters of the same combat level. They are aggressive to all players, and any revenant may attack a player regardless of combat level. There are many different kinds of revenants, with a combat level range of 7-135. Their order is as follows: Imp (level 7), Goblins (levels 37, 30, 22, and 15), Icefiend (level 45), Pyrefiend (level 52), Hobgoblin (level 60), Vampyre (level 68), Werewolf (level 75), Cyclops (level 82), Hellhound (level 90), Demon (level 98), Ork (level 105), Dark Beast (level 120), Knight (level 126), and Dragon (level 135).

Monster Profile

Revenant Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 7-135 Revenant Knight Life points: 100-1550 Maximum Hit: 100-350 Attack Style(s): All
Experience Summary
Compared to other monsters, revenants offer little in the way of experience. You will receive only one combat XP per damage dealt. In addition, their high defence and difficulty level make training highly inefficient.
Drops Summary
Revenants usually drop coins, but they have several rare drops that are highly valuable to players, ranging from brawling gloves to Ancient Warriors' Equipment.
Special Notes
Revenants can heal themselves a limited number of times. A forinthry bracelet charge can be used to render them unaggressive for one hour as well as making yourself immune to damage for one minute.
Notable Drops
Amulets of Glory, Dragon weapons, Sharks, Clue Scrolls, Artefacts, Corrupt Dragon equipment, Ancient Equipment, Brawling gloves.
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Revenant AI and Behaviour

The normal monsters of RuneScape are generally very predictable and limited in their abilities. The Revenants are a little different, and it is important that you are fully aware of what they can do.

Revenants use all three attack styles, and, unlike most other NPCs, will change styles based on your defensive bonuses and prayers. If you change prayers they will quickly alter their attack type. Their magical attack looks like a cloudy skull projectile. Their ranged attack is an icy dart, and their melee attack is specific to the individual Revenant, ranging from the slash of a claw to the swing of a sword.

It is recommended to use armour with relatively high magic defenve (but not enough to cause an attack style switch), such as black dragonhide or Karil's armour. They may swap to using melee attacks during the kill; if you use the Protect from Melee prayer they will soon switch back to magic attacks. It is not recommended to use offensive familiars as revenants will hit extremely hard on them, and you may also become accidentally skulled if your familiar attacks a PKer.

Revenant Attack Styles
Magic Ranged Melee
Rev Magicattack Rev Rangedattack Rev Meleeattack

When in combat, revenants have slightly more advanced tactics than the average monster. They can cure poison, and heal themselves a limited number of times, at a rate equal to that of your attacks. In addition, they are less prone to being trapped on objects (although it is still quite easy to do so), as they will strafe in one direction when unable to reach a target.

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Where to Find Revenants

Revenants only found exclusively in the north-east corner of the Forinthry Dungeon in the middle of the Wilderness. Revenants of all types can be found here, as well as other noteworthy monsters such as Green Dragons and Greater Demons.

Beware, however, that the entire dungeon is a PvP area, meaning that you can be attacked by other players. Therefore, understand that slaying revenants not only poses the risk of the revenants and other monsters in the dungeon, but also from PKers. You must be prepared to fend off both. It is recommended to avoid the entrance to the dungeon as PKers are likely to gather here.

Revenants Map

Also keep in mind that you can become skulled, which means you will drop ALL your items upon death. If the Protect Item prayer or curse is active on death you will keep your highest valued item, but be sure to check for certain which items you are prepared to risk. It is highly recommended to turn off auto retaliate to ensure you do not attack other players (even by accident) because of this. Note that if you do get skulled, PKers may be more tempted to attack. Check out our Beginner's guide to learn about the mechanics of skulling.

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Equipment and Inventory

Revenant Hunting Equipment (4 Valuable Items)
Revenants Setuplowrisk
Monster Hunting Prayers Curses Text Protect Item On Piety On
Protect Item Curse On Berserker On Soul Split On Turmoil On
Helmet: Helm of Neitiznot
Necklace: Salve amulet(e) > Salve amulet > Amulet of Glory(4)
Cape: Completionist's cape > Ardougne cloak 3+
Chest: Black d'hide body
Legs: Black d'hide chaps
Weapon: Chaotic maul > Chaotic rapier > Abyssal (vine) whip > Dragon scimitar
Shield (no maul): Dragon defender > Rune defender
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8
Boots: Steadfast boots > Dragon boots > Rune boots
Ring: Ring of wealth(4) > Ring of life > Jennica's ring

With this set-up, you will be absorbing the revenants' magical attacks and prioritizing offensive bonuses. Due to the risk of dying at any time without a gravestone, this set-up is based around keeping your four most valuable items. Other items in your set-up should be chosen as if you are going to lose them. Therefore, when following the recommended items listed above, make sure you don't exceed four valuable items. For instance, if you choose to bring a completionist cape, replace the dragon boots with a cheap but helpful replacement, such as rune boots. If you take a ring of wealth, be sure that it has teleport charges left so you can quickly escape an ambush.

The ratio of prayer potions to food will depend on your combat abilities versus the revenants. Adjust your inventory supplies as you see fit. Summon your familiar before you go to the dungeon. Your trip will likely not last long enough for more than one familiar timer's worth.

This set-up assumes that you have a reserve of Salve amulets(e) in your bank. To obtain multiple amulets at once, you can visit the Haunted Mine and mine a crystal, drop it, and mine another. Also shown in the inventory are the games necklace (for teleporting to the Corporeal Beast and running to the dungeon) and the forinthry bracelet, explained below.


Revenant Killing Strategy

An extremely useful item when hunting revenants is the forinthry bracelet. Using a charge on the bracelet makes all revenants unaggressive for one hour, and grants you temporary immunity to taking damage from them for one minute. You do not have to wear the bracelet to achieve this effect. Therefore, having one or two bracelets in your inventory will give you a very helpful advantage. You may use up to five charges whenever you wish until the bracelet crumbles, so it is recommended that you use one charge when entering the area, and save charges for when you face higher level revenants.

The revenants' healing ability offers advantages and disadvantages for players. For a quick fight, try to bring equipment that will be able to kill them quickly when their health is low. Otherwise, they will keep healing and the fight will last quite awhile, draining your supplies at a faster rate. Similar to players, Revenants do not attack you when in the process of healing. If you want the highest chance of killing them quickly, keep attacking when they heal even if you are at relatively low health yourself. The Revenants will only continue attacking you once they have reached about 40-50% health again.

Revenant Battle

Since PKers are a serious threat, and the revenant room is above level 20 wilderness, consider your risked wealth as you enter the dungeon. You should take a powerful weapon along with three other items you are willing to risk. Always have the Protect from Item prayer active and keep a close eye on your minimap for white player dots. If you are attacked, run into any of the passageways away from your attacker. While it may be tempting to run south to below level 20 wilderness, only do so if your attacker has emerged from the upper west passage. Do not run towards them as you will more than likely be trapped and unable to continue south. Quick reaction is key as most players will attempt to freeze or teleblock you. Always have a small reserve of food in your inventory just in case.

There are a few teleportation methods that will work in areas up to level 30 wilderness. Wearing a charged Amulet of glory or Ring of wealth allows for a quick right click teleport that works when under attack. Note that if you keep the amulet in your inventory you will not be able to teleport out easily in combat as attacks will interrupt the teleporting option menu. As an additional safeguard, you may choose to wear a Ring of life which also works up to level 30 Wilderness.

There will be other players in the area fighting revenants, however this does not mean that they are not a threat. ALL players in the area should be considered potentially dangerous and may attack you if provoked. Try to give other players room to fight, and keep an eye on other players in the area. If a player equips a high hitting special weapon such as a godsword or claws and comes towards you, regard them as dangerous and prepare your escape. There are also a variety of weapons that could aid you in escape, such as a stun from the Zamorakian spear special, or Bolas that could bind your enemy in place while you escape. However, be careful not to get skulled as you do this.

Some players killing revenants may attempt to kill you while you are fighting a more powerful revenant. It is best to stay as far away as possible from other players. If you receive a drop, quietly leave and bank it. Some players may try to kill you for it if you draw attention to yourself.

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Revenants drop a large variety of valuable items. All of them commonly drop small amounts of coins, but high level Revenants can sometimes drop Glory Amulets, Obsidian Capes, and Dragon weapons. Jennica's ring, a reward from the Spirit of Summer quest, improves the chances of receiving one of the rarer high-value drops.

In addition, all previous drops from PvP and Bounty Hunter Worlds (now removed) have also been given to Revenants. Thus, Revenants can also drop any of the below items.


Brawling Gloves (members only)

Brawling Gloves have the ability to greatly increase experience gained while training in the Wilderness. If used in the Wilderness, you will receive four times the usual experience gained! Brawling gloves will eventually disintegrate after use. Brawling gloves come in these types:


Corrupt Dragon Equipment

Corrupt Dragon equipment is available to free players. It is identical to regular dragon armour, but will decay and disintegrate after 30 minutes wear. In addition, none of these weapons have special attacks. Corrupted Dragon equipment is available as:


Ancient Equipment

These items come in two types; one with level 78 requirements in relevant skills, and one with level 20 requirements. The regular set will last an hour before degrading, while the corrupt type with lower requirements will last only 15 minutes of use. Every weapon except for Zuriel's staff has a special attack, although Zuriel's staff gives access to Ancient Magicks, as well as elemental regular magic attack spells, in addition to a new type of Ancient Spell.

Statius's Set
Pic Name Attack Values Defence values Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Prayer
Statius\'s Full Helm Statius's Full Helm +3+5+5-17-4 +65+70+63-1+71+15 +30
Statius\'s Platebody Statius's Platebody +5+5+7-30-10 +154+145+121-6+157+60 +50
Statius\'s Platelegs Statius's Platelegs +3+3+5-21-7 +110+106+97-4+121+30 +30
Statius\'s Warhammer Statius's Warhammer -4-4+12300 000000 +1140

Statius's Warhammer's Special Attack can deal up to 25% more damage and decrease the opponent's defence by 30%.

Vesta's Set
Pic Name Attack Values Defence values Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Prayer
Vesta\'s Chainbody Vesta's Chainbody +5+7+7-150 +120+131+145-3+140+60 +60
Vesta\'s Plateskirt Vesta's Plateskirt +3+5+3-17-4 +86+100+112-4+118+30 +30
Vesta\'s Longsword Vesta's Longsword +106+121-200 +1+4+3000 +1180
Vesta\'s Spear Vesta's Spear +133+113+12000 +18+21+21000 +1220

Vesta's Longsword's Special Attack can deal up to 20% more damage and is hard to defend against.

Vesta's Spear's special attack damages everyone in adjacent squares and prevents melee attacks from hitting you for five seconds.

Zuriel's Set
Pic Name Attack Values Defence values Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Prayer
Zuriel\'s Hood Zuriel's Hood 000+8-2 +20+16+22+80+15 00
Zuriel\'s Robe Top Zuriel's Robe Top 000+35-10 +63+45+74+350+60 00
Zuriel\'s Robe Bottom Zuriel's Robe Bottom 000+25-7 +38+35+44+240+30 00
Zuriel\'s Staff Zuriel's Staff +13-1+65+180 +5+7+4+1800 +720

When using Miasmic Spells from the Ancient Magicks book that are only available with Zuriel's Staff, you will deal damage, as well as slowing your opponents melee or ranged attacks by 50% for:

  • Rush(61 Magic): 12 seconds(up to 180 damage)
  • Burst(73 Magic): 24 seconds(up to 240 damage)
  • Blitz(85 Magic): 36 seconds(up to 280 damage)
  • Barrage(97 Magic): 48 seconds(up to 320 damage)
Morrigan's Set
Pic Name Attack Values Defence values Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Prayer
Morrigan\'s Coif Morrigan's Coif 000-5+13 +8+11+14+8+12+15 00
Morrigan\'s Leather Body Morrigan's Leather Body 000-15+36 +61+53+66+75+62+60 00
Morrigan\'s Chaps Morrigan's Chaps 000-10+23 +35+29+37+46+35+30 00
Morrigan\'s Javelin Morrigan's Javelin 0000+105 000000 00
Morrigan\'s Throwing Axe Morrigan's Throwing Axe 0000+93 000000 00

Morrigan's Throwing Axe's Special Attack deals 20% more damage and drains target's run energy quadruple the normal rate for the next minute.

Morrigan's Javelin's Special Attack inflicts fast poison-like damage.

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You can trade these artefacts in for money to either Mandrith in Edgeville bank or Nastroth in Lumbridge Castle's courtyard. They do not accept noted items.

Pic Name Value Pic Name Value
Broken statue headdress Broken statue headdress 5,000gp Guthixian brazier Guthixian brazier 200,000gp
Third age carafe Third age carafe 10,000gp Ruby chalice Ruby chalice 250,000gp
Bronzed dragon claw Bronzed dragon claw 20,000gp Bandos statuette Bandos statuette 300,000gp
Ancient psaltery bridge Ancient psaltery bridge 30,000gp Saradomin statuette Saradomin statuette 400,000gp
Saradomin amphora Saradomin amphora 40,000gp Zamorak statuette Zamorak statuette 500,000gp
Bandos scrimshaw Bandos scrimshaw 50,000gp Armadyl statuette Armadyl statuette 750,000gp
Saradomin carving Saradomin carving 75,000gp Seren statuette Seren statuette 1,000,000gp
Zamorak icon Zamorak icon 100,000gp Ancient statuette Ancient statuette 5,000,000gp
Armadyl totem Armadyl totem 150,000gp
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