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The Rune Goldberg machine provides a once per day Distraction and Diversion which offers an alternative use of runes. The machine takes a selected combination of your runes and offers you an amount of Vis Wax, which can be used to extend or swap out Daily Challenges, reset the timer of an Aura or extend your divine location gathering limit, amongst other bonuses.

Requirements Start Location
Items Runes (at least 3 types)
Quests None
Skills 50 Skill Runecrafting Logo
Items Runes of all types in your bank
Skills None
To start the D&D, head to the RuneCrafting guild, located on the very top floor of the Wizard's Tower through the large blue portal. 50 RuneCrafting is required to enter, and the fastest way to get there is using the Wicked hood teleport to the top of the tower. The Rune Goldberg machine is just on the eastern side.

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How to Play

To start using the Rune Goldberg machine, you first will need a supply of Runes. Note that the machine can use any rune except for Armadyl runes (this includes combination runes such as mud or steam), so it may be worth banking a large supply of each. The machine could require as little as 300 or as much as 2000+ of any one rune type depending on the class of rune, so stocking up is highly recommended. A list of the runes is given below:

Once you've got enough runes, head to the RuneCrafting guild to find the Rune Goldberg Machine with Wizard Goldberg, on the eastern wall of the guild. You can either ask Wizard Goldberg for some starting tips, or open the machine interface and read on to begin creating Vis wax.

Rune Goldberg Machine Interface

You're presented with the above interface, in which you see three slots and all of your rune types. Note: The machine looks inside your bank for runes, so you don't actually need to bring them with you in your inventory.

Skill RC Logo Getting the right combination

The Rune Goldberg machine requires a certain combination of runes to return the maximum number of Vis wax (100), and it scores your Rune selection based on how close your combination is to the perfect combination for the day. This can be any combination regardless of your RuneCrafting level, and regardless of which runes you actually have in your bank. Hence for example one of the perfect rune selections could be Blood Runes, even if you don't have the RuneCrafting level to create them, or don't have any in your bank.

Each slot has a traffic light colour indicating how close your choice is to the correct rune: Green Spot green indicates that this is the perfect choice, Orange Spot orange is a decent choice, and Red Spot red is a poor choice. Simply click in order a combination of runes on the right hand side to go into your top, middle and bottom slot respectively.

Each slot in the machine has a different frequency of rune type for the player:

  • Top Slot - The perfect rune for this slot is the same for every player. This slot contributes 30 percent to your score.
  • Middle Slot - The perfect rune for this slot is selected for the player from a choice of three every day. You can ask your friends which rune they had as the perfect choice, then try them out. This slot contributes 30 percent to your score.
  • Bottom Slot - This perfect rune for this slot is selected for the player from a choice of all the runes. You can only figure which one this is by yourself. This slot contributes 40 percent to your score.
Rune Goldberg Machine Perfect Combination
A perfect combination

In total, you get 100 tries at finding the perfect combination. A 'try' is counted when you choose a rune for each slot, and the spot-indicators only change when you've chosen a rune for each slot (for example, there's no use trying every rune in the first slot without filling the other two, as every rune will show up red).

The more tries you have, the more runes it will cost to produce the wax when you eventually get a satisfactory combination. This increases by 0.5 percent of the base rune cost for every slot. Note that you can combine any runes, you don't need to find the perfect combination to produce Vis Wax.

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There is only one reward from this D&D, the Vis wax Vis wax that the machine produces. To use your vis wax, simply left click it to activate it and view the interface.

Vis Wax Interface

Vis wax will extend or reset Auras, Daily Challenges and Divine location gather limits.

Aura Large Icon Auras

You can choose to extend most auras by either 50% of their base time, or 100% (effectively doubling the duration). The only auras not affected are oddball, festive, enlightenment, wisdom, Daemonheim, jack of trades, master jack of trades, greater jack of trades, and cosmetic auras. The costs do so are given below.

Auras Cost to extend by 50% Cost to extend by 100%
Aegis, Ancestor spirits, Call of the sea (all tiers),
Enrichment (all tiers), Five-finger discount (all tiers),
Friend in need, Greenfingers (all tiers), Lumberjack (all tiers),
Poison purge (all tiers), Regeneration, Resourceful,
Tracker (all tiers), Quarrymaster (all tiers)
5 Vis wax 10 Vis wax
Berserker, Corruption (all tiers), Dark magic,
Equilibrium, Harmony (all tiers), Knock-out (all tiers),
Reverence (all tiers), Runic accuracy (all tiers),
Salvation (all tiers), Sharpshooter (all tiers),
Surefooted (all tiers)
20 Vis wax 40 Vis wax
Inspiration, Invigorate (all tiers), Penance, Vampyrism 50 Vis wax 100 Vis wax

You can also choose to reset the wisdom, jack of trades, master jack of trades and greater jack of trades auras to use again on any given day.

Challenge Icon Daily Challenges

You can reroll any daily challenge at the cost of 10 vis wax. Doing so will replace your selected challenge with a different one in a different skill, and you cannot use more vis wax to reroll the alternative.

You can also choose to extend most challenges (apart from the Beacon networks, as they are under time pressure) to do twice as much of the task given for twice the experience and rewards. This costs 20 vis wax.

You can do this by opening the challenges interface, where you'll find next to the challenges the option to reroll or extend them.

Skill Div Logo Divine Locations

Finally, Vis Wax can be used to extend the daily limit when using Divine Locations. You can increase the limit by 50% or 100%, at the costs of 20 or 40 vis wax respectively.

Vis Wax Divine Location Interface
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