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The runecrafting guild is located through the large portal on the top floor of the Wizard's Tower, South of Draynor. The requirements for entering are a minimum of level 50 runecrafting as well as having completed the Rune Mysteries quest. It is available to both free and members, although some features are members only. Once through the portal you will be in a small room with a number of wizards rushing about, gathering the energy of runes. The main purpose of this guild is to play the minigame The Great Orb Project but it has a few other uses. On either side of the entrance portal are the entrances to the low level and high level of the Runespan.

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The Wizards

In the guild there are a few helpful Wizards who can give you an edge while runecrafting.

She functions as the reward exchange for the Great Orb Project Minigame (see the guide for details).

If members show her a talisman she will grant them some runecrafting experience. If you show her all the talismans, she will give you an omni-talisman - letting you freely enter any altar. Note that the omni-talisman can be crafted into a tiara or a runecrafting staff. The amount of experience for each talisman you show her is listed below.

  • Air - 9 experience
  • Mind - 9 experience
  • Water - 11 experience
  • Earth - 17 experience
  • Fire - 27 experience
  • Body - 50 experience
  • Cosmic - 109 experience
  • Chaos - 216 experience
  • Nature - 531 experience
  • Law - 1,428 experience
  • Death - 4,242 experience
  • Blood - 6,957 experience

In total, showing all of the talismans grants 13,606 runecrafting experience.

Note: You only need to have 50 Runecrafting to make the omni-talisman. You still need the required level to make the specific rune however.

This less than sane wizard can convert the omni-talisman from wizard Elriss into either a tiara or runecrafting staff. He can also replace lost medium abyssal pouches for free, and repair any others that need it. However, repairs will cost a small fee. Large pouches will cost you 9,000 gp and giant pouches cost 12,000 gp. He also sells large pouches for 25,000 gp and giant pouches for 50,000 gp. Tip: Due to the nature of Wizard Korvak not repairing a medium pouch yet replacing it for free, it's a good idea to just drop a degraded medium pouch with the intent of having it replaced entirely rather.

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Altar map

In the centre of the guild is an enormous map, capable of showing nearly all of the altars in RuneScape. Simply hold a talisman in your inventory, click reveal, and the map will show you the location of the altar. Using an omni-talisman will reveal all of the altars viewable on the map (misses only Astral altar on Lunar Isle.)

Altars of Runescape
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Great Orb Project

At the north end of the room, Wizard Acantha and Wizard Vief are testing out their theories about runecrafting altars, and need your help. Join a team and push orbs into the altars to score points. Learn more about this Minigame in the Great Orb Project guide. A bank deposit box is also located in this area of the guild.

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Original Guide by: Wizard111111

Thanks to: DarthTeferi, ForsakenMage, Jaffy1, Jyreeil, Pokemama, Reivaxlorp, Speedyshel, tryto, Warriormonkx, wyvren2000, Zuludoggy

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