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The Runespan


Due to recent theories that the rune altars may not last forever, Wizard Finix of the Runecrafting Guild has been conducting extensive research on alternative runecrafting methods. He has discovered the Runespan, another plane of existence in which energy exists in its raw state, ready to be harnessed.

The Runespan is an alternative method of training the Runecrafting skill, reputed for high experience rates and ease of play. To access the Runespan, simply enter either the green, low level portal, or red, high level portal, located on the top level of the Wizard's tower on either side of the large portal to the Runecrafting Guild.

If you are above 50 Runecrafting, it is advised to choose the high level portal. If you are below this level, the low level portal is the one to go with. This will decide on which of the three floors of Runespan you will start. However, if you are entering the Runespan for the first time, Wizard Finix will give you a brief tutorial outlining what happens in this mysterious realm.

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Getting Started

The Runespan Interface
As soon as you enter the Runespan, some important information will appear on your game screen.

Picture Explanation
Runespan Inventoryicon Points from Inventory: The number next to this icon shows the total Runespan points value from the runes you are currently holding. Since you may lose runes while navigating the Runespan, this number is not a guarantee for how many points you will earn when you leave the realm.
Runespan Levels Current Level: This icon represents which of the three Runespan levels you are currently on. There are three levels, each with increasingly rewarding activities.
Runespan Runesphereicon Runesphere Active: This icon will appear when a Runesphere is currently active in the Runespan.

Obtaining Essence
Your task is to siphon energy from the various creatures in the Runespan and create runes for the guild. To do so, you need rune essence and the required Runecrafting level, depending on the runic creatures you want to siphon. You will enter the Runespan with nothing, so you will need to collect some essence from the floating essence scattered around the area before you can get started.

Runespan Grabessence

A player takes some floating essence.

Taking from the floating essence will set your inventory essence count to twenty-five, no matter how much you were previously carrying. If you have more than twenty-five essence you will have to obtain more essence from siphoning creatures!

All of the creatures in the Runespan are imbued with powerful runic energy, ready to be taken and turned into runes. To do so, simply choose the "Siphon" option when clicking on a creature, and you will begin channelling their energy into your rune essence, creating runes.

Runespan Siphon

You will constantly attempt to siphon energy, and the attempt will either succeed or fail. Failure will ward either no experience or very little experience. For success, you will be rewarded with a decent amount of experience, and a rune in your inventory from the creature. For every rune you make, you will be awarded a certain number of Runespan points, described in the rewards section.

In addition, you may siphon energy from the many nodes scattered throughout the Runespan, described in the nodes section.

If you ever find yourself running out of essence while siphoning, you can instead choose to "chip-off" a creature, exchanging some runes in your inventory for extra rune essence. The required runes vary from creature to creature, shown in the creature table below.

If you chip-off a creature, you must chip-off from at least three other creatures before you can chip-off the same one again.

Leaving the Runespan
Whenever you wish to leave the Runespan, you can talk to one of the wizards located on various islands, who will teleport you back to the Wizard's Tower. Alternatively, you can use any conventional teleport method. Therefore it is recommended to take a wicked hood with you so that you can return to the tower whenever you want without having to find a wizard. Upon leaving, all of the runes crafted in the Runespan will be changed into their point values.

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Runic Creatures

Below is a list of all the creatures found throughout the three levels of the Runespan. As the levels increase, so do the experience and the potential rewards.

These creatures spawn in set locations around the Runespan, shown in the map below. After you receive five runes in a row from a creature while siphoning, it will die and reward you with twenty-five or fifty rune essence. They respawn within a few seconds.

Runic Creatures
Picture Name Level Siphon Runes Chip Runes Siphon XP Locations
Runespan Airessling Air Essling 1 RC Air Air 1 or 9.5 XP All Levels
Runespan Mindessling Mind Essling 1 RC Mind Air 1 or 10 XP All Levels
Runespan Wateressling Water Essling 5 RC Water Air 1 or 12.6 XP All Levels
Runespan Earthessling Earth Essling 9 RC Earth Water 1 or 14.3 XP All Levels
Runespan Fireessling Fire Essling 14 RC Fire Water 1 or 17.4 XP All Levels
Runespan Bodyesshound Body Esshound 20 RC Body Mind 1 or 23.1 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Cosmicesshound Cosmic Esshound 27 RC Cosmic Earth 1 or 26.6 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Chaosesshound Chaos Esshound 35 RC Chaos Fire 1 or 30.8 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Astralesshound Astral Esshound 40 RC Astral Cosmic 1 or 35.7 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Natureesshound Nature Esshound 44 RC Nature Chaos 1 or 43.4 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Lawesshound Law Esshound 54 RC Law Astral 1 or 53.9 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Deathesswraith Death Esswraith 65 RC Death Nature 1 or 60 XP Level 3
Runespan Bloodesswraith Blood Esswraith 77 RC Blood Law 1 or 73.1 XP Level 3
Runespan Soulesswraith Soul Esswraith 90 RC Soul Blood 1 or 106.5 XP Level 3
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Runic Energy Nodes

Below is a list of all the energy nodes found throughout the three levels of the Runespan. As the levels increase, so do the experience and the potential rewards.

Unlike the creatures, these nodes spawn in random locations on each floor. Each node lasts for a variable amount of time after spawning, after which it will deplete.

Runic Energy Nodes
Picture Name Level Siphon Runes Siphon XP Locations
Runespan Cyclone Cyclone 1 RC Air 2 or 19 XP All Levels
Runespan Mind Storm Mind storm 1 RC Mind 2 or 20 XP All Levels
Runespan Water Pool Water pool 5 RC Water 2 or 25.3 XP All Levels
Runespan Rock Fragment Rock fragment 9 RC Earth 2 or 28.6 XP All Levels
Runespan Fireball Fireball 14 RC Fire 2 or 34.8 XP All Levels
Runespan Vine Vine 17 RC WaterEarth 2, 30.3 or 34.3 XP All Levels
Runespan Fleshy Growth Fleshy growth 20 RC Body 2 or 46.2 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Fire Storm Fire storm 27 RC AirFire 2, 22.8 or 41.7 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Chaotic Cloud Chaotic cloud 35 RC Chaos 2 or 61.6 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Nebula Nebula 40 RC CosmicAstral 2, 63.8 or 85.6 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Shifter Shifter 44 RC Nature 2 or 86.8 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Jumper Jumper 54 RC Law 2 or 107.8 XP Level 2
Level 3
Runespan Skulls Skulls 65 RC Death 2 or 120 XP Level 3
Runespan Blood Pool Blood pool 77 RC Blood 2 or 146.3 XP Level 3
Runespan Bloody Skulls Bloody skulls 83 RC DeathBlood 2, 144 or 175.5 XP Level 3
Runespan Living Soul Living soul 90 RC Soul 2 or 213 XP Level 3
Runespan Undead Soul Undead soul 95 RC DeathSoul 2, 144 or 255.6 XP Level 3

Navigating the Runespan

The Runespan levels consist of floating islands, linked together via enchanted platform crossings. Below is a map of the Runespan, showing the creature and bridge locations.

The Runespan

To cross between islands, you must have both the required Runecrafting level and the required runes, depending on which type of platform you use. Crossing a platform removes the runes from your inventory and lowers your inventory point total. To avoid being stranded, you do not need runes when crossing back on a bridge. These levels and runes are shown in the table below.

Platform Crossings
Picture Name Level Runes required Locations
Float Platform Float Platform 1 RC Air All Levels
Float Platform Earth Platform 9 RC Earth All Levels
Float Platform Ice Platform 15 RC AirWater All Levels
Float Platform Small Missile Platform 20 RC MindRunespan Elementalrune All Levels
Conjuration Platform Conjuration Platform 25 RC EssMindBody Level 2
Level 3
Missile Platform Missile Platform 35 RC ChaosRunespan Elementalrune Level 2
Level 3
Vine Platform Vine Platform 44 RC WaterEarthNature Level 2
Level 3
Mist Platform Mist Platform 50 RC WaterBodyNature Level 2
Level 3
Comet Platform Comet Platform 55 RC CosmicAstralLaw Level 2
Level 3
Skeletal Platform Skeletal Platform 66 RC Death Level 3
Greater Missile Platform Greater Missile Platform 77 RC DeathBloodRunespan Elementalrune Level 3
Flesh Platform Flesh Platform 85 RC BodyDeathBlood Level 3
Greater Conjuration Platform Greater Conjuration Platform 95 RC EssMindBodyDeathBloodSoul Level 3
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Wizards in Distress

After spending ten minutes in the Runespan, you will receive a red notification in the chat box signaling that a wizard needs your help:

Runespan Wizardchat2

If you want, you can seek out this yellow-robed wizard for a decent experience reward. Talk to a blue-robed wizard for a hint, and you will be pointed in the right direction beneath your character for a small amount of time, as shown below.

Runespan Locatewizard

Once you have located the wizard, speak to him, and he will request a certain kind of rune. While he asks for a specific kind of rune, depending on your level, it may or may not be the most efficient option to give him the requested rune.

Runespan Yellowwizard

Until you are level 77 Runecrafting and above, it is advised to instead give him the highest tier rune in your inventory. Afterwards, it is better experience to give him the requested rune.

More detailed information on Yellow Wizard experience will be added once research is complete.

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On rare occasions, a runesphere will appear on either the lower or middle level of the Runespan. This ball of runic energy is similar to a shooting star, in that it is composed of many layers that must be slowly removed by many players in order to finally reach the center. Over a period of time, the layers will slowly degrade themselves, so if you don't have the level and there's nobody else siphoning from it, you can just wait until it has degraded to a level that you can siphon. Each layer corresponds to a type of rune, starting with the highest (soul) and descending to the lowest (air).

Runespan Runesphere

The astral layer of a runesphere.

Below is a table showing the experience received from siphoning the runesphere's various layers.

Type Level Siphon Rune Siphon XP
Soul 92 RC Soul
Blood 85 RC Blood 88
Death 78 RC Death 72
Law 71 RC Law 65
Nature 64 RC Nature 52
Astral 57 RC Astral 43
Chaos 50 RC Chaos 37
Cosmic 43 RC Cosmic 32
Body 36 RC Body 28
Fire 29 RC Fire 21
Earth 22 RC Earth 17
Water 15 RC Water 15
Mind 8 RC Mind 12
Air 1 RC Air 11.4

As you siphon the runesphere's layers, you will receive rune dust, which can be exchanged with the pure energy within the runesphere at a rate of 25 XP per dust. You can gain and exchange a maximum of 1,000 rune dust from a runesphere per day. You can continue to siphon a rune sphere after collecting 1,000 pieces of dust, but you will only receive experience as a reward.

Runespan Pureenergy

The pure energy at the center of a runesphere.

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Upon leaving the Runespan, the runes in your inventory will be taken by the Runecrafting Guild, and your inventory points will be added to your total Runespan points, which can be spent at Wizard Finix's rewards shop. Below is a table showing the rune-point conversion rates.

Runes to Points Exchange
Rune Point Value Rune Point Value
Air 0.1 Chaos 1.1
Mind 0.2 Astral 1.3
Water 0.3 Nature 1.5
Earth 0.4 Law 1.7
Fire 0.5 Death 2.5
Body 0.7 Blood 3
Cosmic 0.9 Soul 3.5

The rewards shop offers many interesting items, including wicked robes, runic staves, and the massive runecrafting pouch. In addition, you can pay Wizard Finix some points to re-colour your wicked robes set!

Wicked Robes
Wicked Hood (175 Points) | Wicked Cape (2,500 Points) | Wicked Legs (7,500 Points) | Wicked Robe Top (15,000 Points)

These robes add extra benefits to the wicked hood, including increased essence and rune handouts, and more altar teleports. They also significantly reduce your character's weight and provide small magic offensive and defensive bonuses.

Runespan Fullwicked

A player wearing the full wicked robes set.

Runic Staves
Lesser Runic Staff (5,000 Points) | Runic Staff (12,500 Points) | Greater Runic Staff (25,000 Points)

These unique staves can store magic spells inside them. The Runic Staff can hold 500 of any level 75 Magic spell or below, and the Greater Runic Staff can hold 1000 of any spell. In addition, if an opponent casts the staves' set spell on you, the staves may negate the spell's damage and store it instead. This effect improves with a higher Runecrafting level.

Massive Pouch (1,000 Points)

Highly useful for runecrafters, this pouch can store up to 18 essence at once, but degrades overtime and cannot be repaired.

Esteem is a rank within Runespan that is achieved by cashing in your points. It is purely cosmetic, and only shows other Runespan visitors your experience and dedication to the activity. There are ten ranks in total, and each rank costs an increasing amount of points, shown in the table below.

Esteem Rank Costs
Picture Rank Full Cost Difference Picture Rank Full Cost Difference
Esteemrank10 10 15 15 Esteemrank5 5 4,360 2,800
Esteemrank9 9 60 45 Esteemrank4 4 11,860 7,500
Esteemrank8 8 190 130 Esteemrank3 3 31,860 20,000
Esteemrank7 7 560 370 Esteemrank2 2 86,860 55,000
Esteemrank6 6 1,560 1,000 Esteemrank1 1 211,860 125,000

All of the esteem ranks cost a total of 211,860 points. Purchasing a rank will deduct the points you spent from the costs of the next ranks. For instance, as indicated in the difference column in the table above, purchasing Rank 1 while having Rank 2 will only cost 125,000 points.

Wizard Finix will re-colour any wicked robes that you are currently wearing for a fee of 2,000 Runespan points. Be sure to wear all of the items you want re-coloured when purchasing this service!

Runespan Fullrewards

A player with all of the Runespan rewards.

Tips and Tricks

Runes Starter Kit
If you are entering the Runespan and want a starter pack of runes to let you quickly cross bridge platforms, speak to Wizard Finix and ask for some runes. For the equivalent amount of Runespan points, you will receive ten of each rune that you can make.

Nodes vs. Creatures
Nodes give more experience per siphon than creatures of the same rune type. Therefore you should switch to siphoning decent level nodes if they ever appear while you are siphoning creatures. Stock up on essence by siphoning creatures and then find high-level nodes to get large amounts of experience.

Combination Nodes vs. Single Type Nodes
In general, combination nodes offer better experience per hour. This varies depending on the node type, so try some different strategies and see what works best for your level.

Runespan Friends Chats
Joining a friends chat for help with hunting high-level nodes or runespheres can save you some time. Look around and see if anyone is advertising a chat, or check the RuneScape Official Forums before you enter the Runespan.

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Original Guide by: Warriormonkx

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