Seers' Village Tasks

This minigame is very dynamic, involving different levels of tasks. Because of this, the minigame risk ratings are given in the task summaries (found at the beginning of the Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite task listings).



The Seers' Village Tasks contain tasks that can be completed by low, medium, and high level players.

What to wear is for you to decide, using your best judgment based on the tasks in the set. The Camelot teleport will be a big help since it brings you to the front gate of Camelot convenient to most of the locations.

In general, Jagex allows players to use stat boosting items (such as potions, pies, ales or Evil Dave's stew) to increase a stat to do a task. However, player assists do not work.

In the task menu, you will see six recommended tasks from the Seers' Village area. To view the entire list of tasks, click Open Task List. If you click on an individual task, it will bring up more information on the task. All the tasks are listed further down in this guide.

Each time you finish a task, you will get a message in the top central part of your window stating that you've completed a task. Open the Task List and you'll see a small check mark next to that task. If you do not have the requirements for a task, a small lock will appear in the corner of the task. Once you have completed all the tasks of this region or you do not have requirements for any of the other tasks, minigames will appear in the task list.

You can perform the tasks in any order and at any level (Easy, Medium, Hard or Elite) that you wish. To help players plan effectively, a map showing the location for each task is available. It shows a code number for each task, which matches the lists in this guide. Check the map, bring what you need and you're on your way!

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Seers' Village Task Map
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Easy Tasks

Easy tasks follow this criteria:

  • Easy-ranged quest requirements.
  • Easy-ranged skill requirements.
  • Easy to medium level of difficulty.


Skills: 21 Cooking, 10 Crafting, 13 Farming, 16 Fishing

Quests: Murder Mystery

Completed Easy Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
E1 "Reflax Actions" - Pick 5 flax from the flax field. None None
Go to the flax field south of Seers' Village, west of Catherby. Click on flax plants to pick them. Save these for a later task.
E2 "Why?" - Walk clockwise around the big mysterious statue. None None
Statue is located east of the bank, north-east corner of crossroads. If you have difficulty circling it, try clicking on the points of the compass near it: west, north, east, south, then west again. You can only complete this task if you don't stop while walking around it.
E3 "Stir, Galahad" - Have Sir Galahad make you a cup of tea. None None
Sir Galahad lives in his home west of McGrubor's Woods, east of the Coal Trucks mine.
E4 "La Morte D'Arthur" - Take the poison chalice to King Arthur. None None
Speak to Stankers at the Coal Trucks Mine. He will give you a poison chalice for free. Don't drink it. Take it to King Arthur on the ground floor of Camelot Castle.
E5 "Another String to Your Bow" - Spin five bow strings. None 10 Crafting, 5 flax
Take five flax to the spinning wheel house in Seers' Village. It is located two houses south of the anvil house. Use the ladder to go upstairs to the spinning wheel. Click the spinning wheel and choose to make bowstrings.
E6 "Bunch of Flours" - Fill five pots with flour from Sinclair Mansion. Murder Mystery 5 empty pots
Go to the kitchen in Sinclair Mansion. Click on the flour barrel in the corner to fill a pot with flour. Repeat to get five pots. If you have only 1 pot you can empty it and refill it.
E7 "Happy Hour" - Give five locals a glass of cider in the Forester's Arms. None 5 cider
Cider can be purchased for 2 gp each in the Esoterican Arms (pub) underneath Miscellania Castle (if you have begun the Royal Trouble quest). The dungeon entrance is just south of the castle front door. Use mugs of cider (be careful not to drink it!) on men or women in the bar in Seers' Village until you've given away five glasses.
Other ways of obtaining cider are buying from players or brewing your own (13 cooking required).
E8 "Jute Alors!" - Plant some jute. None 13 Farming, 3 jute seeds
Walk to the hops patch north-west of Seers' Village. Use the seeds on the patch to plant them.
E9 "Sinclair Swirling" - Use the churn in the Sinclair Mansion garden. None 21 Cooking, an Empty bucket or Bucket of milk or Cream or Butter
The churn is located outside the sheds at the north end of the garden. A dairy cow is tethered in the garden, if you brought a bucket. Make anything using the churn to finish the task.
E10 "Grand Candle" - Buy a candle from the candle-maker. None 3 gp
The candle maker is in the building west of Catherby bank. Trade him and purchase a white candle.
E11 "A Seer-ing Light" - Pray at the Seers' Village altar. None None
The Seers' Village chapel is south of the other town buildings, west of the flax field. Click on the altar to pray at it.
E12 "Mack Rolled" - Catch a mackerel. None 16 Fishing
Click on the correct net fishing spot.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Medium Tasks

Medium tasks follow this criteria:

  • Medium-ranged quest requirements.
  • Medium-ranged skill requirements.
  • Medium level of difficulty.


Skills: 48 Agility, 43 Cooking, 45 Firemaking, 46 Fishing, 45 Magic, 30 Mining, 40 Ranged, 46 Summoning

Quests: Scorpion Catcher, One Small Favour, Elemental Workshop I

Completed Medium Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
M1 "Fleeing the Scene" - Use the Sinclair Mansion to Fremennik Agility shortcut. None 48 Agility
Walk north from Seers' Village and up the west side of the Sinclair Mansion grounds. Continue to the water and you will see the agility shortcut. You must cross it successfully to get credit. (Fairy Ring CJR is nearby.)
M2 "It's a Slightly Magical Stick" - Talk to Thormac the Sorceror about making mystic staves. Scorpion Catcher None
Visit Thormac in his Sorceror's Tower, located straight south of the Seers' Village chapel (east of the Temple of Ikov, north-west of the Legends Guild). He is located on the top floor. Simply ask him about enchanting your battlestaves to get credit for this task (bringing a battlestaff is not required.)
M3 "King Coal" - Transport a full load (224 pieces) of coal to Seers' Village. None 30 Mining, pickaxe or 224 coal
As you mine coal, it will be automatically added to the cart. The cart contents exist simultaneously at the Coal Trucks Mine (west of McGrubor's Woods, 20 Agility makes it easy to get there) and at the end of the line in Seers' Village, north of the pub. Nobody can take the coal you deposit; it is instanced meaning you are the only one who can see it.
M4 "I Can Seer My House From Here" - Find the highest point in Seer's Village. One Small Favour None
As in the quest, go to the spinning wheel house, climb the ladder to the spinning wheel, then go up the nearby ladder.
M5 "Mastering the Elements" - Defeat each type of elemental in the Elemental Workshop. Elemental Workshop I Battered key, weapon, armour, combat supplies
After gearing up for combat, get the battered key by searching the bookshelf in the house south of the anvils. In the anvil building, enter the odd looking wall and go downstairs. To the west, kill a level 64 Earth Elemental. To the south, kill a level 64 Fire Elemental. To the east, kill a level 64 Air Elemental. And to the north, kill a level 64 Water Elemental.
M6 "It's Only a Model" - Teleport to Camelot. None 45 Magic, 1 Law, 5 Air runes
On normal spellbook use level 45 teleport to Camelot. Teleport tablets and house portals do not work.
M7 "Sniper Training" - Kill one guard on each tower of the Ranging Guild using a shieldbow. None 40 Ranged, Normal Shieldbow, Bronze or Iron arrows
At least 50 bronze or iron arrows are needed, possibly more depending on your level. Bring plenty - you must kill all four guard types on one trip to complete the task. Higher level shielbows do not work - a regular shieldbow is required. Same for arrows - only bronze and iron get credit. Both are offered for sale at the shop in the guild. Food or protect from range prayer is strongly suggested - even higher levels find themselves besieged here. Be sure you are the only one killing your foe to get the credit. They can be killed in any order: Tower Archer (level 20), Tower Archer (level 40), Tower Archer (level 60), and Tower Archer (level 80).
M8 "Arch Archer" - Have the Ranging Guild competition judge congratulate you for acquiring over 1,000 archery tickets. None 40 Ranged, 1K archery tickets
Talk to the competition judge (by the red minigame asterisk on the map). You do not have to earn the tickets - they can be purchased from other players. Hang on to your tickets - you need them for the next task.
M9 "What, No Cuddly Toy?" - Buy something from the Ticket Exchange in the Ranging Guild. None 40 Ranged, 12 archery tickets
Speak to the Ticket Merchant in the building west of the guild entrance. He sells various wares but his cheapest item (coif) costs 12 tickets. You may want to do the task above (show the judge 1K tickets) first if that's all you have.
M10 "Familiar Fire Familiarity" - Use a familiar to make a maple fire within Seers' Village. None 45 Firemaking, 46 Summoning, maple log, pyrelord or forge regent pouch
Summon a pyrelord (level 46 Summoning required) or a forge regent (if you wish, and have level 76 Summoning), then use a maple log on the familiar to start a fire on the streets of Seers' Village.
M11 "At Least It Doesn't Need Walking" - Get a pet fish from Harry. None Fishbowl, Seaweed, 10 gp
Fill a fishbowl with water and add one seaweed to make a nice home for the fishie. Go to the fishing shop at the east end of Catherby. Talk to Harry to buy a tiny net for 10 gp, then click on the aquarium pools on the floor to catch a pet fish.
M12 "All Your Bass..." - Catch and cook a bass in Catherby. None 43 Cooking, 46 Fishing, Big Net or 20 gp
Bring a Big Net to Catherby Beach (or buy one from Harry at the nearby Fishing shop for 20 gp). Click on a Net fishing spot and wait until you catch a bass. Cook the bass on the Catherby range directly east of the bank to finish the task.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Hard Tasks

Hard tasks follow this criteria:

  • Higher-ranged quest requirements.
  • Higher-ranged skill requirements.
  • Higher level of difficulty.


Skills: 36 Agility, 80 Cooking, 75 Firemaking, 76 Fishing, 80 Fletching, 56 Magic, 70 Prayer, 39 Ranged, 22 Strength, 60 Woodcutting

Quests: King's Ransom, A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen, Family Crest

Completed Hard Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
H1 "At Home on the Range" - Teleport to the Ranging Guild. None Combat bracelet
Use combat bracelet (enchanted dragonstone bracelet) to teleport to Ranging Guild.
H2 "See Yew at Five" - Cut five sets of yew logs. None 60 Woodcutting, Hatchet
Go to the yews south of the beehives and cut five yew logs.
H3 "The Short of It" - Fletch a magic shortbow in the Seers' Village Bank. None 80 Fletching, magic log, bowstring
Stand in Seers' Village bank. Fletch the magic log into a shortbow, then add the bowstring. Save this for a later task (high alch it in bank.)
H4 "Prayer of Attorney" - Enter the Seers' Village courthouse with your Piety prayer turned on. King's Ransom 70 Prayer
The courthouse is the south-east building in Seers' Village, located where the party castle used to be. Turn on your piety prayer and then enter.
H5 "Beware of the Dog" - Use the fairy ring in McGrubor's Wood. A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen Dramen or Lunar Staff
Teleport from McGrubor's Wood TO Zanaris to get credit. The fairy ring code in the other direction is ALS.
H6 "Twisted Fire Starter" - Burn a magic log in Seers' Village. None 75 Firemaking, Magic log
Light a magic log in Seers' Village. (Familiars don't work.)
H7 "Alch-aholic" - High Alch a magic shortbow in the Seers' Village bank. None 55 Magic, Magic shortbow, Nature rune, 5 Fire runes
Standing in the bank, cast the normal spellbook High Alchemy spell on an unnoted magic shortbow. (No credit for task if bow is noted.)
H8 "Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" - Catch five sharks in Catherby. None 76 Fishing
On Catherby beach, click the correct harpoon fishing spot and catch 5 sharks. Save for next task.
H9 "Gonna Need a Bigger Range" - Cook five sharks in Catherby using the cooking gauntlets. Family Crest 80 Cooking, 5 raw sharks, cooking gauntlets
Wearing the cooking gauntlets from the Family Crest quest, cook five sharks on the range directly east of the Catherby bank. If you currently have goldsmithing or chaos gauntlets, Caleb (in Gertrude's house, west of Varrock) will change them too cooking gauntlets for a fee of 25K gp.
H10 "Water Palaver" - Charge five water orbs in one go. None 56 Magic, 5 uncharged orbs, 15 cosmic runes, 150 water runes
Wear an antidragon shield and any other armour you need to protect yourself while traversing the Taverly dungeon. Bring dusty key if you cannot use agility shortcuts. Also bring mithril grapple and crossbow for next task since it is from same location! The water obelisk is located at the farthest end of the dungeon, in the north-west corner, near the black dragons. Climb up the ladder and cast your normal spellbook Charge water orb on the water obelisk and make all five orbs at once.
H11 "Island Hopper" - Use the grapple shortcut to get from the water obelisk island to Catherby shore. None 22 Strength, 36 Agility, 39 Ranged, crossbow, mithril grapple
It's best to combine this task with the one above, charging the water orbs, since they are both the same remote and dangerous place. Wear an antidragon shield and any other armour you need to protect yourself while traversing the Taverly dungeon. Bring dusty key if you cannot use agility shortcuts. The water obelisk is located at the farthest end of the dungeon, in the north-west corner, near the black dragons. Climb up the ladder to emerge on the island. Click on the tree on Catherby shore to use your grapple on it, sliding down to the beach. Remember that you cannot return, this is a one-way shortcut.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Elite Tasks

Elite tasks follow this criteria:

  • Experienced-ranged quest requirements.
  • Very high-ranged skill requirements.
  • Elite level of difficulty.


Skills: 70 Cooking, 10 Crafting, 35 Fishing, 85 Fletching, 92 Herblore, 83 Magic, 40 Ranged, 73 Smithing

Quests: Lunar Diplomacy

Completed Elite Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
X1 "It's a Trap! No, Wait, It's a Pie" - Bake an admiral pie from scratch in the Seers' Village/Catherby area. (Fish tuna/salmon, farm potato, make pie dough/shell, make and bake pie.) None 35 Fishing, 70 Cooking, 3 potato seeds, empty pot, pie dish, water (jug or bucket)
Plant the potato seed in the allotment north of Catherby bank (using Fertile Soil spell on the patch will complete Elite Task 5 as well.) and farm one after it grows. Fish a tuna on Catherby's beach and a salmon in the lake north of Seers' Village and cook both within Seers' Village. Make pastry dough with a pot of wheat and water (Wheat and windmill can be found north of Ardougne.) then use the pastry dough on an empty pie dish. Add the salmon and tuna, then potato and finally cook the pie on a range in Seers' Village.
X2 "Make a Bolt For It" - Fletch a diamond-tipped enchanted crossbow bolt within the Seers' Village area. (Smith adamant bolts, craft diamond bolt tips, fletch feathers on unfinished bolts then add bolt tips, enchant bolts.) None 73 Smithing, 65 Fletching, 57 Magic, adamant bar, cut diamond, 10 feathers, 10 earth runes, 2 law runes, 1 cosmic rune
Smith adamant bolts in the building west of Seers' Bank then chisel a cut diamond to get bolt tips. Use feathers on the unfinished bolts, then add the diamond tips. Finally enchant the diamond bolts.
X3 "The Long of It" - Fletch a magic shieldbow within Seers' Village. (Pick and spin flax into bowstring, fletch magic log into magic shieldbow, fletch magic shieldbow.) None 85 Fletching, 10 Crafting, magic log
Pick flax south-east of Seers' Village and spin it into bowstring in the building south of Seers' Bank. Cut an unfinished magic shieldbow from a magic log, then add the bowstring. Skill boosts can be used if you do not have the fletching level.
X4 "Plenty-potion-entiary" - Make and drink an extreme ranging potion within the Ranging Guild. (Add wine of zamorak to an unfinished dwarf weed potion, add grenwall spikes, drink; inside ranged guild.) None 92 Herblore, 40 Ranged, 5 grenwall spikes, dwarf weed potion (unf), wine of Zamorak
Walk inside the Ranged guild. Use an unfinished dwarf weed potion with a wine of zamorak to make a ranged potion, then add grenwall spikes to make an extreme ranged potion and finally drink it.
X5 "Moon Raker" - Cast Fertile Soil on a farming patch in the area. Lunar Diplomacy 83 Magic, 15 earth runes, 2 nature runes, 3 astral runes
Change your spellbook to Lunar and cast fertile soil on any patch near Seers' Village. The allotment north of Catherby, fruit tree patch near Catherby beach and hops patch north-west of Seers' bank all work.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.



After touring the area around Seers' Village, what is the reward? A headband that helps with bowstrings and woodcutting! All four headbands entitle you to a stack of noted flax from Geoffrey once a day!

All Easy Tasks complete

After completing all the easy tasks speak to any Seer in the Village to receive a Seer's Headband 1 and additional rewards:

When worn:

  • Acts as a dim light source
  • Chance to cut two logs from a normal tree anywhere in the world

All times:

  • Talk to Geoffrey in the flax field to get 30 noted flax free each day
  • Ability to store some additional coal in the coal trucks

Experience Lamp(s): 1000 XP (Level 30+)

Pic Name Stats
Prayer bonus
Seer's headband 1 0

All Medium Tasks complete

After completing all the Easy and Medium tasks, speak to the Stankers at the Coal Truck Mine west of McGrubor's Woods to receive an upgraded Seer's Headband 2 with more abilities and additional rewards:

When worn:

  • Bonus 10% experience whilst cutting maple trees anywhere
  • Acts as a medium light source
  • Increased spinning speed at the wheel in Seers' Village

All times:

  • Ability to store additional coal in the coal trucks, more than from the easy set
  • 60 noted flax per day from Geoffrey

Experience Lamp(s): 5000 XP (Level 40+)

Pic Name Stats
Prayer bonus
Seer's headband 2 0

All Hard Tasks complete

After completing all the easy, medium and hard tasks, speak to Sir Kay in the courtyard of Camelot Castle so he can give you an an upgraded Seer's Headband 3 and additional rewards:

When worn:

  • Acts as a bright light source
  • Visit the Lady of the Lake wearing this item to learn that she has an Enhanced Excalibur (see further below)

All times:

  • Toggle Camelot teleport to the centre of Seers' Village
  • Thormac will enchant mystic staves for you for 27k rather than the usual 40k
  • Geoffrey will give you 120 noted flax per day
  • Ability to store up to additional coal in the coal trucks, more so than after just the easy and medium tasks.
  • Slight prayer boost from Seers' Village altar

Experience Lamp(s):> 10,000 XP (Level 50+)

Pic Name Stats
Prayer bonus
Seer's headband 3 3


All Elite Tasks complete

After completing all the easy, medium, hard and elite tasks, speak to Sir Kay in the courtyard of Camelot Castle so he can give you five experience lamps, four worth 30,000 XP (minimum level 83 to use), one 25,000 XP lamp (minimum level 70 to use) and the final upgraded Seer's Headband 4. Completing the elite tasks gives all the following benefits plus previous ones:

All times:

  • Talk to Geoffrey in the flax field to claim 200 free flax per day
  • Stankers arranges for 200 coal to go direct from his coal trucks to your bank each day
  • Increased chance of enchanted crossbow effects from occurring
  • The enhanced excalibur has a 1/4 chance to heal 2% of your maximum life points on each auto-attack.

Experience Lamp(s): 4x 30,000 XP (Level 83+) & 25,000 XP (Level 70+)

Pic Name Stats
Prayer bonus
Seer's headband 4 3

Upon visiting the Lady of the Lake wearing the Seer's Headband 3, she will enchant your Excalibur to be an Enhanced Excalibur. The stats are a significant improvement on the original and is used as an off-hand weapon. After completing all the Elite tasks, the enhanced excalibur has a 1/4 chance to heal 2% of your maximum life points on each auto-attack.

Pic Name Stats
Damage Accuracy Style Speed
Enhanced excalibur Enhanced excalibur 345 1486 Slash Fastest

Congratulations on completing the tasks for the Seers' Village area!

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