Shade Tombs

By Headnazgul

This dungeon is located in the north-west corner of the town of Mort'ton. It is not marked by a dungeon symbol on the mini-map so look for two doors as the entrance. It cannot be entered until you have completed the Shades of Mort'ton quest and have a key (bronze or higher).

The main purpose of this dungeon is to collect shade remains and burn them using pyre logs on the funeral pyres in Mort'ton to collect keys. The keys unlock the various chests in the dungeon which can give great rewards, including materials for making Splitbark Armour. For more information on cremations and the armour, please read our instructive Shades of Mort'ton guide.

Shade Tombs Map2 Phrin Shade (Level 60) Phrin Shade (Level 60) Riyl Shade (Level 80) Riyl Shade (Level 80) Asyn Shade (Level 100) Asyn Shade (Level 100) Fiyr Shade (Level 120) Fiyr Shade (Level 120)

Dungeon Monsters
Phrin Shade: Level 60
Riyl Shade: Level 80
Asyn Shade: Level 100
Fiyr Shade: Level 120

Thanks To: Xena Dragon

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