Shades of Mort'ton

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This guide explains how killing and burning Shades can get you some decent money, experience in (among others) skills like Prayer and Firemaking, a chance to purchase Splitbark Armour, and a chance to upgrade your Dagon'hai robes and Elemental Staves. Splitbark Armour is magic armour with offensive magic bonuses and some defensive melee bonuses, making it less vulnerable than most other magic robes.

The essential thing to bring for any cremation is Sacred oil. You can buy this on the Grand Exchange, or make it yourself in the explained on this page. Since this minigame requires multiple people repairing the temple, playing on a crowded world is strongly recommended. Jagex suggests World 88 to find other interested players for "Shades of Mort'ton" (Temple Building).

Required and Suggested Quests
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Getting There

There are multiple ways of getting to the area:

  • Teleport to either Canifis, or use Fairy ring codes CKS or BKR. Then run south through the Mort Myre swamp. Filled Druid Pouches could help with the Ghasts but are not required.
  • Teleport to Canifis, take the ladder south of the pub, run to the end of the passage and take the Swamp Boat south of where you enter the swamp.
  • Teleport to Burgh De Rott with a Games necklace and run north. A total level of at least 500 in Temple Trekking is required for this method.
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Initial Equipment

To make your own Sacred oil, you will have to build the temple whilst under attack by Shades.

Basic Items

Advanced Items

Vyrewatch Variation Items

Your outfit should attempt to balance a decent Prayer bonus (around +15 should be sufficient) with Strength boosting items to increase your hits. This way you can use the same set-up for gathering Shade remains and for building the temple. If you choose not to use Prayer, your set-up should emphasise melee-defence, and you should consider bringing food or other forms of healing.

Below are a few example set-ups for each method of killing Shades. The void set-up is the most effective of the three.

Prayer Set-up Melee "Tank" Set-up
Void Set-up
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The Mort'ton Store

Travel to Mort'ton and talk to Razmire. It is best to use the permanent cure called Serum 208 (as explained in the Shades of Mort'ton quest guide), but this requires a fully built temple. For a temporary cure, use Serum 207. It is made by adding Tarromin and some ashes to a vial of water.

Use the serum on Razmire to be able to use his general and building supplies stores. From these stores, purchase the following items:

Items to buy on-site (or at GE for more)

Items to buy after initial work on temple

It is highly recommended to use a beast of burden familiar to carry some of these items for you. Players who choose not to use protection prayers should also bring food.

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Repairing the Temple

The temple needs to be repaired in order for you to make Sacred oil (or Serum 208, but you only need one, ever). To find the temple head north-east from Razmire's store to a bridge. Cross this bridge and you will find yourself on a small island. The large grey circle is where the temple needs to be repaired. You will need to get the Repair State up to 100%. Make sure you are holding the materials (Swamp paste, Limestone bricks and Timber beams), click on a grey part of the ground and choose the "build" option.

map image

As you build the temple, your materials are automatically deposited into your building resource account. This is shown as a percentage in the top right corner of your screen and is capped at 100. If you reach the cap, you will need to use up some resources from this total before you can deposit more. For each Limestone brick and Timber beam deposited, five Swamp paste are required. If you run out of resources, a message will appear in your chat box. Simply return to the store, purchase more building supplies and return to build the temple.

Note that your resource balance will remain even if you log out of the game and don't build the temple for weeks.

It is a good idea to purchase your Olive oil after you have deposited enough materials, but before the temple is completely repaired. Go back to Razmire's General Store and buy more oil. Try to get as many doses of Olive oil as possible, and use them on each other to make four-dose vials of Olive oil. Fill your inventory with these four-dose vials and head back to the temple.

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Sanctity and Sacred Oil

Your Sanctity (shown in the top right corner of your screen) increases as you build the temple or kill the Shades attacking it. You need Sanctity in order to make the next critical material, Sacred oil. Unlike building resources, your Sanctity is lost if you log out.

Build the temple until 100% Repair State is achieved. You will get some Crafting experience along the way (around 76 exp per 1% of used building supplies).

Each time the temple's Repair State is 100% the holy fire mount can be lit using a Tinderbox. When your Sanctity is above 10% you can make Sacred oil by using the Olive oil on the lit holy fire mount. Sacred oil costs you 3.5% Sanctity, so keep a close eye on your level. If your Sanctity falls below 10% before all your oils are sacred, start rebuilding the temple or killing attacking Shades to acquire more Sanctity. Keep in mind that your sanctity naturally decays over time.
Sanctity is also capped at a maximum of 100. When this is reached it is not possible to gain higher sanctity until some sacred oils are made.

If you have never permanently cured Razmire with Serum 208, now is also the time to use a Serum 207 on the holy fire.

Be sure your teammates continue reinforcing the temple while you make Sacred oil, or the holy fire will go out and the temple will begin to collapse.

Once you have an inventory full of Sacred oils travel to the nearest bank and use the Sacred oil on the logs you will be using for pyres. The type of log to use depends on your Firemaking level and the type of Shade or Vyrewatch you wish to kill and burn.

Continue until all the logs you want to use are coated with Sacred oil.

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Start the Shade Burning

The next step is cremating Shades. It is highly recommended that you have unlocked the bank in nearby Burgh De Rott to make this stage quicker.

Withdraw your supplies for combat, around 10 Prayer potions, a few Pyre logs, and finally a Tinderbox. Pyre logs cannot be stored in a beast of burden, however Shade remains can, so it is useful to bring one.

Players who have not unlocked the Burgh De Rott bank, or do not wish to make lengthly bank trips to get more Pyre logs, can bring their Pyre logs in note form. It is possible to sell a noted log to Razmire and buy it back de-noted, however this can cost up to 640 Gp per log. Shade remains can be banked, so it is possible to do multiple trips to collect remains, and then trips to cremate them.

Some Shade remains require higher level logs to cremate, so fairly high Woodcutting and Firemaking levels can come in handy. You can choose to burn lower level remains, but remember that the higher the Shade and log used - the higher the chance of a good reward.

Prayer Experience from Shade and Log Combination
Picture Shade Regular Oak Willow Teak Arctic Pine Maple Mahogany Eucalyptus Yew Magic
Loar Remains Loar 25 33 33.5 33.7 33.9 34 34.3 34.4 34.5 35
Phrin Remains Phrin 37.5 45.5 46 46.2 46.4 46.5 46.8 46.9 47 47.5
Riyl Remains Riyl - - 61 61.2 61.4 61.5 61.8 61.9 62 62.5
Asyn Remains Asyn - - - - - - - 79.4 79.5 80
Fiyr Remains Fiyr - - - - - - - - - 100

Head back to Mort'ton and find green shadows (Loar Shades). Kill one to get Loar Remains. If you brought noted Pyre logs, head over to Razmire's store to de-note a few as detailed above.

Log picture Pyre Log Burned Firemaking level required Firemaking exp
Pyre Logs Normal 5 50
Oak Pyre Logs Oak 20 70
Willow Pyre Logs Willow 35 100
Teak Pyre Logs Teak 40 120
Arctic Pyre Logs Arctic Pine 47 158.5
Maple Pyre Logs Maple 50 175
Mahogany Pyre Logs Mahogany 55 210
Eucalyptus Pyre Logs Eucalyptus 63 246
Yew Pyre Logs Yew 65 255
Magic Pyre Logs Magic 80 404.5

Travel to any of the funeral pyre stations around Mort'ton and use the Pyre logs on the station. Use the Shade remains on the logs. Finally click the pyre to light it with your Tinderbox. Note that if you fail to light it you will lose the logs as well as the remains.

A key or some coins will appear on the pedestal next to the pyre. This is your reward. The amount of coins will be at least the high alchemy value of a strung bow made from the logs you used. Keys vary from bronze to gold, with a different coloured loop on each. The higher the Shade and Pyre log burned, the better chance of getting a rarer key. The rarer the key, the better chance of getting Fine cloth, which can be used to purchase Splitbark armour and make Necromancer Robes.

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Keys and Rewards

Continue burning Loar Shades until you have at least one Bronze key so you can continue to the next part. If this is your first time burning Shades, you can't get the other coloured keys yet, but you will be able to try when you come across the higher Shades.

Key Colour Picture Shade Needed
Bronze Loar Shade
Steel Phrin Shade
Black Riyl Shade, Asyn Shade
Silver Asyn Shade (Dark Red and Brown loop only), Fiyr Shade
Gold Gold Key Fiyr Shade

For this next step, be warned Ghasts may attack you and rot your food on your way to the doors. Head north-west from the store until you see a pair of wooden doors. With the Bronze key (or another Shade key) in your inventory you can open these doors and enter the Shades' Tomb.


In this first room you can use Bronze keys on the chests to collect your reward as well as kill the Phrin shades. Rewards may include coins, weapons and armour, Fine cloth, and Clue scrolls! If you click "Continue" in the chat window showing the chest loot, you will often get some swamp paste, too. If you have any Steel keys, head south through the Steel door. This is a room full of Riyl shades, with doors leading to steel chests. If you head south again you will see a kind of a T split. Head east and a Black key will allow you to enter the rooms of the Asyn shades and black chests. If you head west instead, a Silver key will allow you to enter the room of Fiyr shades and silver chests. Finally, a Gold key will allow you to enter any room and open a gold chest in the Fiyr shade area.


You can use these areas if you wish to take on the higher Shades and to collect better rewards. Kill the Shades, collect the remains, and cremate them using higher level Pyre logs. Higher level keys will appear, which can be used to access higher level rooms with chests containing better rewards.

Chest Rewards
Bronze Clue scrolls (easy), Steel, Black, and Mithril items
Steel Clue scrolls (easy), Fine cloth, Steel, Black, Mithril, and Adamant items
Black Clue scrolls (medium), Fine cloth, Steel, Black, Mithril, and Adamant items
Silver Clue scrolls (hard), Fine cloth, Black, Mithril, Adamant, and Rune items
Gold Necromancer kit, Shade skull, Dragon Battleaxe, Fine cloth, Adamant and Rune items

It is also quite common to receive other miscellaneous items from the chests. These include, but are not limited to, coins, runes, logs, jewellery, swamp paste, and elemental staves. A piece of Ghost Hunter Armour can also be obtained from the shades rarely. Players will not obtain a duplicate of a piece that they already have.

Players who train here typically bring a stack of Nature runes and a Fire staff to high alch the better rewards. This helps to conserve inventory space, leaving more space for Shade remains. Rare item drops from Gold chests will also be displayed on your Adventurer's log.

NOTE: If you want to return for another round of shade burning, keep a high level key in your bank! Use the saved key on your next trip to gain admittance to the tombs for more Shade remains, avoiding having to start over again with Loar remains.

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Splitbark Armour

If you gather enough Fine cloth (see table below) you can purchase parts of the Splitbark armour. For each Fine cloth, you will also need a piece of bark. Bark can be bought cheaply on the Grand Exchange, or cut east of Canifis in the Haunted Woods by using a hatchet on Hollow trees. After you have what you need to purchase Splitbark armour, travel south-east of Draynor Village and enter the Wizard's tower. Go upstairs where you will find a Wizard in Splitbark armour. Talk to him and ask about purchasing the Splitbark armour. He sells each part of the Splitbark armour for cash plus a certain amount of Fine cloth along with an equal number of bark pieces.

Splitbark Armour
Picture Name Pieces of Bark Pieces of Cloth Money needed Attack Bonus Defence Bonus
Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic
Splitbark Helm Splitbark Helm 2 2 6,000gp +3 -2 +10 +9 +11 +3
Splitbark Body Splitbark Body 4 4 37,000gp +10 -10 +36 +26 +42 +15
Splitbark Legs Splitbark Legs 3 3 32,000gp +7 -7 +22 +20 +25 +10
Splitbark Gauntlets Splitbark Gauntlets 1 1 1,000gp +2 -1 +3 +2 +4 +2
Splitbark Boots Splitbark Boots 1 1 1,000gp +2 -1 +3 +2 +4 +2
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Necromancer Robes

When opening a gold chest in the Shades' Tomb, players may come across a Necromancer kit. This can be used with ten Fine cloth to transform one piece of Dagon'hai armour, which can be obtained during the While Guthix Sleeps quest, into Necromancer Robes. These retain the original stats of the Dagon'hai robes and gain an additional prayer bonus and a new look. The kit can be removed at any time to be used on a different robe, but you will not get the ten Fine cloth back.

Necromancer Robes
Picture Name Piece of Dagon'hai Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Absorb Other
Magic Magic Summon Melee Magic Prayer
Necromancer Hood Necromancer Hood Hat +4 +4 +4 +1% - +2
Necromancer Robe Top Necromancer Robe Robe top +20 +20 +20 +3% +1% +5
Necromancer Robe Bottom Necromancer legs Robe bottom +15 +15 +15 +2% +1% +3
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Vyrewatch Variation

Completing the Legacy of Seergaze quest allows you to burn Vyre corpses in the Columbarium beneath Paterdomus on the river Salve.

The first step in this process is to kill a Vyrewatch. These monsters can generally be found in and around Meyerditch, and can only be harmed with the Ivandis flail or with blisterwood weaponry. Praying against melee is recommended, as the Vyrewatch can hit in the triple digits. The Ivandis flail has a special attack which allows you to temporarily stun a Vyrewatch with less than half health, allowing you to use a Guthix balance potion on it to inflict up to 200 damage.

Whenever you burn 50 Vyre corpses your skill with the Ivandis flail will increase, upping your maximum hit and improving your accuracy. After having burnt a total of 500 Vyre corpses, your skill will no longer increase. Players who have not yet burned over 500 Vyrewatch should only kill 50 before cremating the corpses in order to get a Flail upgrade as soon as possible, speeding up future kills.

Now that you have Vyre corpses you will need teak pyre logs or better to burn them.

Picture Pyre Log Prayer XP Firemaking XP Firemaking level required
Teak Pyre Logs Teak 78.7 120 40
Arctic Pyre Logs Arctic Pine 78.9 158.5 47
Maple Pyre Logs Maple 79 175 50
Mahogany Pyre Logs Mahogany 79.3 210 55
Eucalyptus Pyre Logs Eucalyptus 79.4 246 63
Yew Pyre Logs Yew 79.5 255 65
Magic Pyre Logs Magic 80 404.5 80

You must then go to the Columbarium (the area under Paterdomus) with your pyre logs, Vyre corpses, and a tinderbox. Use them on a funeral pyre in that order. After it finishes burning, you will receive Prayer and Firemaking experience depending on what type of pyre log you use, and a key will appear on the stone stand next to the funeral pyre, which can be used to open the wooden recesses on the wall for various random prizes.

Again, whenever you burn 50 Vyre corpses (up to 500) your skill with the Ivandis flail and blisterwood weaponry will increase, raising your max hit with it. You can check how many you have burned by studying the lectern in the far south corner. The random rewards from the wall recesses include:

  • Coins: 907-1745
  • Weapons: Adamant javelin (12-22), Dragon spear, Mithril hatchet, Rune dagger, Rune javelin (6-11), Rune spear
  • Armour: Adamant full helm, Adamant full helm(t), Adamant kiteshield(t), Adamant platebody(t), Adamant platelegs, Black dragonhide set, Black full helm (g), Rune med helm, Rune platelegs, Rune kiteshield(t)
  • Runes/Arrows: Blood rune (7-13), Chaos rune (10-19), Death rune (8-15), Earth rune (62-121), Law rune (7-13), Nature rune (8-15), Adamant arrow (15-29), Steel arrow (62-121), Rune arrow (6-11)
  • Misc: Adamanite ore, Blood talisman, Gold bar (7-13 noted), Guthix pages, Half keys, Herb (1-3 harralander or better), Nature talisman, Rune bar, Saradomin pages, Uncut gems, Zamorak pages
  • Seeds: Herb(1), Limpwurt(1), Cactus(1)
  • Charms(1): Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue
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Original Guide by: Michael_West & Rba

Special thanks to: Jaffy1 & Wyvren2000

Thanks to: abomb67, All Bogs, Aurhora, Blackknife57, Cowman_133, Darkblade986, DracomancerV, drakolord7, eerr, essiw, godsheaven, Howlin1, ikkevincent, inferno_char, Kimberly, kwimbob, LordSoultar, Monkeyguy789, Neohero1972, Octarine19, pokemama, Rien_Adelric, Saliris, shasta_sms, Slayer Shunt, Spooferfish, SportsGuy, Suzanne_Vega, Viction, vlad_the_old, V o r k, Vulxai, WNxThorivola, Y2g2003

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Last updated: 10-Nov-2014

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