Shadow Sword

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Remember your old buddy, General Khazard? You know, the one that threw you into the Fight Arena against his pets and then tried to kill you? Well, this buddy needs a favour from you. You see, he is dead(ish) and in an area that is far from home. If you pass his message to the scouts that he has stationed all throughout RuneScape, he would be more than willing to reward you.

To be able to do this miniquest,you must have the following items:

  1. Ring Of Visibility (Desert Treasure Quest)
  2. Ghostspeak Amulet (The Restless Ghost Quest)
  3. Ghostly Robes (Ghostly Robes Miniquest)

Note: At the end of the mini quest you must kill a level 160 monster without prayer, so before that point you will be warned to gather appropriate weapons, armour, potions and food.

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Put on the Ring of Visibility, Ghostspeak Amulet, and the complete Ghostly Robes set. Take the quickest route you can to Rellekka and stop by the house portal there. Follow the road east for a little bit and begin looking for General Khazard. It's not as easy as you think. He's invisible, so he does not have a dot that appears on the minimap. The easiest way to find him is stop on the hill in the picture below and wait for him to come within sight. He is very easy to spot as the only moving thing that does not appear on the minimap. He has a skull for a head, is wearing a red cape, and is translucent.

Shadow Sword Khazard

He needs help, but he has a faint recollection of you (and his murder), so he won't believe that you are as trustworthy as you say you are. He will ask you to speak to Sin Seer in Seer's village to get a recommendation from her.

Sin Seer is on the second floor of the house in seers with the spinning wheel. She can see all of your sins and see if you are sincere in intention. However, she is tired of this job, and it's easy to get a note from her. Bribe her with 40 gp, and she will give you a note to give to the General. Bribing the person that is vouching your purity, wonderful.

Shadow Sword Sin

When you give the message to the General, he will then tell you the mission. He has 4 scouts stationed all through Runescape, and he needs you to give each one of them his message. They are in the following locations:

  • One is in the land of the gnomes to explore their holdings.
  • One is in the jungle to the south.
  • One is where the white knights rule.
  • One is in the General's old home, a place of great heat.

Each scout is translucent like the general, and may wander the area a bit. Waiting at the dot marked on the map is the surest way to find them. The message you get from each scout will vary depending on the order you find them and what quests you have finished, but that's not important. The following directions are only suggestions for the quickest route, you can go in any order that you want.

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Land of the Gnomes

The first stop will be the gnome stronghold. If you are still wearing all three sets of items, head south-west of the gnome stronghold entrance and wait there. Eventually, the scout will walk in front of you so you can pass on the message. He is grateful, and will tell you a little about what has been happening in that area. The Hazeel Cultists have succeeded/failed (depending on your choice in the quest), the plague in West Ardougne is spreading, and more things depending on how many quests from that area you have done.

Shadow Sword Gnome
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A Place of Great Heat

If you have completed the Grand Tree quest, go to the gnome glider at the top of the stronghold, and fly to Kar-Hewo (Al Kharid) and head to Shantay Pass. If you haven't completed the quest, take whatever route you feel is the fastest to Shantay Pass. You may need water skins if the scout has moved far from the entrance and you have to hunt him down.

Just a little south west of the entrance to the desert, look for the scout. When you speak to him, he will tell you a little about local events in the area after you tell him the General's message.

Shadow Sword Desert
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The Jungle

The next third scout is located in the Karamja Jungle south-east of Tai Bwo Wannai village. One way to get there is to teleport to Ardougne, take a ship to Karamja, and head south into the jungle.

Again, you tell him the General's message, and he tells you a little about the recent events in that area. This scout tells you that the reason you have to speak to him and the others with a ghostspeak amulet is because they are in the "Realm of Shadows." If you travel in that realm for too long, it begins to warp your tongue, and make it impossible to speak the language of the living.

Shadow Sword Jungle
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Rule of the White Knights

The final scout is found in the southern area between Falador and Draynor Manor. He is very happy to see you, and wants you to return and tell the General 'We of the blood are still loyal. Pavlov is the messenger.' After you finish talking, return to the General.

Shadow Sword Draynor
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The General is of course very glad that you were able to help him out, but unfortunately, he can't personally repay you. So, he gives you a severed leg that is a key, and tells you about the 'Cave where fish-men gather. Go there and seek the one who lives in the Shadow Realm.'

goblin dungeon map

This is of course, the goblin cave next to the fishing guild, so head in that direction. Before you get there, get some food and armour in your inventory, but don't change clothing yet. The General has a much better memory than he lets on, and this is actually a trap! The sneaky guy is sending you to fight the ghost of his hellhound, Bouncer. You won't be able to use prayer, so if you are unsure that you can kill a level 160 animal without it, don't try it.

Shadow Sword Boss

Once you enter the cave, follow the eastern wall until you find a crack in the wall that you can slip though. Sip any potions here before you enter. After you slip through the crack, quickly change into your armour and begin fighting. When the dog is low on health, you will automatically throw the severed leg, and kill it while it is distracted.

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The reward for all this? 2000 experience to slayer and a ghostly shadow sword that matches your ghostly robes. If you lose this sword, just return to the crack in the cave and wear your ghostspeak amulet. A guard will be there to make sure no more disturbances happen, and he will replace your sword.

Shadow Sword
Shadow Sword Bonus Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Other Bonuses
Attack -4 +27 +21 +4 0 Strength: +26
Defence 0 0 0 +4 -1 Prayer: 0
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Original Guide by: Misplacedme

Special thanks to: Warriormonkx

Thanks to: Ddraiggoch06, Ellsbells, HighImpact1, inferno_char, Jaffy1, pokemama, Sorator, Speedyshel

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Last updated on: 19-Mar-2012

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