Shattered Heart

This Distraction and Diversion has been rated as Low Risk. You may be skilling in areas with aggressive monsters or other dangers however. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


Shattered Heart is an minigame that can take place while training any non-combat skill. As you train your skills, strange rock pieces drop into your inventory. When you receive 2 rock pieces from training a certain skill, you can place them onto the plinth in Varrock Museum. Each two rocks you place on the plinth builds up a portion of the Dahmaroc statue.

If you wish to stop receiving strange rocks, talk to one of the Varrock Museum archaeologists. You can always go back and talk with them once more to get rock pieces again.

NOTE: You cannot collect more than 2 rocks per skill even after placing them on the plinth. You will be able to collect more strange rocks for a skill after obtaining rocks for all other non-combat skills. You can store rocks in a Statue collection bag to save bank space while you collect others if you choose.

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Obtaining the Rocks

It is typical to receive your first strange rock fairly early into your skilling. After receiving one, your chances for receiving a second drops by half. Strange rocks are not obtainable via every skilling method however. Outlined below are methods that yield a high probability of obtaining strange rocks.

Ways to Obtain Strange Rocks
Pic Skill Methods
Strange Rock -Agility- Agility Completing the Agility Arena, Ape Atoll, Barbarian, Bandos Throne room, Brimhaven, Dorgesh-Kaan, Pyramid, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Werewolf or Wilderness agility courses.
Strange Rock -Construction- Construction Building furniture or flatpacks in either building mode or normal mode.
Strange Rock -Cooking- Cooking Cooking fish on a range or fire.
Strange Rock -Crafting- Crafting Crafting any gold jewellery, making any elemental battlestaffs, making leather or dragon hide armour, making molten glass, making unpowered orbs, crafting pottery, and using spinning wheels.
Strange Rock -Farming- Farming Harvesting your allotment, flower, herb, hops, bush, and fruit tree patches; planting seeds/saplings.
Strange Rock -Firemaking- Firemaking Burning any kind of logs with a tinderbox, adding logs to a bonfire, burning shades in the Temple Building mini game, burning roots in the Jadinko Lair.
Strange Rock -Fishing- Fishing Fishing with any type of cage or net, fishing Cavefish or Rocktails in the Living Rock Caverns, and bare-handed fishing.
Strange Rock -Fletching- Fletching Fletching crossbow stocks or unstrung bows.
Strange Rock -Herblore- Herblore Cleaning herbs, making unfinished potions, and using secondary ingredients on unfinished potions; barbarian mixes do not count.
Strange Rock -Hunter- Hunter Inspecting box and deadfall traps (including imp boxes), pitfall trapping, tracking method, charm sprites, and falconry. Please note, you may still receive a Strange rock even if you fail to catch anything.
Strange Rock -Mining- Mining Mining any standard ore, concentrated veins, gem rocks, shooting stars, mining lava crust in the Lava Flow Mine, pure essence, and getting approval up via coal rocks on Miscellania (for Kingdom Managing minigame).
Strange Rock -Runecrafting- Runecrafting Runecrafting essences into runes (one chance per essence crafted), siphoning nodes, creatures and spheres in the Runespan
Strange Rock -Smithing- Smithing Smelting ores into bars or smithing bars into armour, weapons, or cannonballs.
Strange Rock -Thieving- Thieving Pickpocketing from any npc as well as thieving from chests and stalls.
Strange Rock -Woodcutting- Woodcutting Cutting any type of tree, chopping ivy, cutting roots in the Jadinko Lair, or playing the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up and Sawmill minigames.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have no free space available in your inventory and obtain a Strange rock, the last item you just used/made (last fish cooked, last (u) bow cut, etc.) will be destroyed in order to make room for the Strange rock. You will get an in-game message when this occurs, letting you know that "something odd" has happened to your item, and that you are "left with a Strange rock." Note that the only items not destroyed in this manner are Runite items.

If you have a Statue collection bag in your inventory, any Strange rocks you find are automatically stored in the bag, meaning that an item is not destroyed if your inventory is full. When this occurs, the message "You find a strange rock and add it to your bag." is displayed in your chat box.

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To receive a reward for strange rock pieces you must collect 2 rocks from the skill you are training. You can talk to the archaeologists at the Varrock Museum for additional information about your rock pieces and a list of remaining pieces you need to collect. After you finish your dialogue with them, click on the plinth in front of the curator to construct a piece of the Dahmaroc statue. You will be rewarded with experience points based on your current level in the relevant skill.

Shattered Heart Experience Rewards
Level XP Given
1 99
2 100
3 103
4 108
5 115
6 124
7 135
8 148
9 163
10 180
11 199
12 220
13 243
14 268
15 295
16 324
17 355
18 388
19 423
20 460
21 499
22 540
23 583
24 628
25 675
26 724
27 775
28 828
29 883
30 940
31 999
32 1,060
33 1,123
Level XP Given
34 1,188
35 1,255
36 1,324
37 1,395
38 1,468
39 1,543
40 1,620
41 1,691
42 1,780
43 1,863
44 1,948
45 2,035
46 2,124
47 2,215
48 2,308
49 2,403
50 2,500
51 2,599
52 2,700
53 2,803
54 2,908
55 3,015
56 3,124
57 3,235
58 3,348
59 3,463
60 3,580
61 3,699
62 3,820
63 3,943
64 4,068
65 4,195
66 4,324
Level XP Given
67 4,455
68 4,588
69 4,723
70 4,860
71 4,999
72 5,140
73 5,283
74 5,428
75 5,575
76 5,724
77 5,875
78 6,028
79 6,183
80 6,340
81 6,499
82 6,660
83 6,823
84 6,988
85 7,155
86 7,324
87 7,495
88 7,668
89 7,843
90 8,020
91 8,199
92 8,380
93 8,563
94 8,748
95 8,935
96 9,124
97 9,315
98 9,508
99 9,703
If you manage to construct the entire statue, it will briefly come to life and then burst apart. This means that you cannot finish rebuilding the statue for 1 week (you can start receiving strange rocks and adding them to the statue straight away, but you cannot add the final one until 1 week has passed). Each time you manage to complete the statue, you will receive replica pieces. You'll receive a plinth to put in your Player owned house's Study to add the replica pieces. As with the statue in the museum, you need two replica pieces before it can be added. Once you collect all 30 replica pieces you will have your very own Dahmaroc statue. Dahmaroc Statue

NOTE: Completing the replica statue in your house does not offer any further rewards besides having the completed replica in your house.

Key token

Additionally, whilst skilling in activities that can earn you Shattered Heart rocks, you will have a chance at receiving key token usable for Treasure Hunter. Unlike the Shattered Heart rocks, these tokens earned through skilling are not limited, and can be received regardless of whether you have found your Shattered Heart rocks yet or not. You can choose to have them auto-credited to earned keys in the Treasure Hunter interface, and have up to ten of them saved up.

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Original Guide by: Lady_Shahdie and Lalala7324

Thanks to: Aspeeder, Baffler, Crimson607, cultjunky, Dark_Aura, dcabbyguy2, D_Jeff, demoliboy2, DenUsynlige, DyingSilent, Gameking777, giantearthyness, I_am_Sonar, Imxset, Jirk2122, Juhniz, Jyreeil, Kreanas, loqk, Lord-kain1, lordkafei, megasodontos, Mirrorforced, Nanahexe74, niccosdad, Octarine19, Paw_Claw, Pataxte, pelli, Racheya, Red_Tanya, Reivaxlorp, SerpentEye, spaz4010, SportsGuy, SuzanneVega, Swiller2, TecMaster532, tripsis, Tsjilp, TTown, Vhellcat, Vulxai, Warriormonkx, Wachtwoord, Xena Dragon, Zeno

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