Sheep Shearer Guide

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Farmer Fred needs some assistance with harvesting wool from his livestock. Talk to Farmer Fred and say you're looking for a quest. He asks you to shear 20 black sheep and spin the wool into balls. You agree.


Getting the wool

Buy some shears from the Lumbridge General Store or pick up a pair in Farmer Fred's house. Go to the sheep pen west of Farmer Fred's house. Use the shears on twenty black sheep to shear them. Unfortunately, the sheep sometimes escape so it's best to enable run.


Spinning the wool

Once you have twenty sheets of black wool, you need to spin them. The nearest spinning wheel is on the middle level of the Lumbridge Castle. Head over there and spin the wool into balls of black wool. Quest Sheep Shearer Rs3 Take the balls of wool back to Fred and he will pay you 2,000 GP and 150 Crafting XP for your services.


Tips and Tricks

  • Upon completing the Mini-Quest, you can return back to Farmer Fred's sheep pen to shear white sheep wool and use to spin into balls of wool for Crafting XP and for stringing amulets.
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