Shilo Underground Gem Mine

By Headnazgul

Located in Shilo Village, the entrance to this mine is only accessible (and visible) after you have completed the Shilo Village Quest as well as the Karamja Achievement Diary. The Karamja Gloves 3 you receive after completing the third and final set of tasks teleport you directly to this mine. Simply right-click them and select the "Teleport" option. They are also a very handy teleport to Shilo Village. You can use them as many times as you like from anywhere in Runescape (up to level 20 wilderness).

The gem rocks within this mine produce only gems which range from opals to diamonds but unlike the gem rocks elsewhere, this mine is almost always free of other miners because of how difficult it is to complete all entries in the Karamja Achievement Diary.

It is suggested to bring a chisel to cut the lesser gems (opal, jade, red topaz) into bolt tips so you have more room in your inventory for the more valuable gems such as sapphires and diamonds.

Rocks: 8 Gem.

Nearest Bank: Shilo Village

Underground Shilo Gem Mine
Key Gem

Thanks To: Scotticus

RuneScape 2007
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