Shooting Star

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Have you ever wished for a more fun way to train Mining? Perhaps you are bored of dropping ore and want to be rewarded as well as gaining impressive amounts of experience. Whatever your wish may be, it is just a shooting star away!

Shooting Star has you exploring RuneScape to find these heavenly beings. The point of finding one is so that you can mine it for the experience and rewards. Shooting Stars are categorised according to size, ranging from 1 to 9. Higher level stars require higher Mining levels to break, but will yield more experience. Below is a table showing the different Star sizes, the Mining level required to mine them, and the amount of experience each level of Stardust gives.

Star Sizes
Star Size Minimum Mining Level Mining Experience Per Stardust*
9 90 210
8 80 145
7 70 114
6 60 71
5 50 47
4 40 32
3 30 29
2 20 25
1 10 14

*If you are the first one to find a crashed star, you will be rewarded with extra Mining experience (Level x 75), as well as having your name posted on the Shooting Star Noticeboard at the Observatory.

Shooting Star First

As you mine the star, you will collect Stardust, which can be redeemed for rewards later on. In order to free the Star Sprite and claim the rewards, you must first locate a star. When you find one, mine at it with a pickaxe to break the star down. Higher levelled stars will take longer to completely break, as whenever a star breaks, it will lower by 1 size. To reach the Star Sprite, you must reduce the size to 0. This is mostly a group effort, as other players will be hunting and mining these stars as well.

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Locating Stars

Locating the Shooting Star is the main part of this minigame. The first thing you should do is go to your player-owned house (or someone else's house) and look at the skies using the telescope in the Study. This will give you an estimate as to when the star will crash, as well as the general area. Note that if the telescope is blocked by a room built in front of it, it will not work.

A Wooden (Oak) telescope gives a 24 minute window for the landing, and a Teak telescope gives a nine minute window, but a Mahogany telescope gives a very accurate two minute window for the landing.

Shooting Star Telescope

The telescope will always give a hint as to where the star will land, but it refers to a large territory in Runescape, usually containing 5 to 7 possible landing sites. The table below lists the hints and the potential locations that go with that hint. Alternatively, you can open this map to view the regions:

Click here to view the
huge Star Locations Map (2.6Mb)

Below is a table that has information on star locations. Stars are usually located near a mining site, so those should be the first places to look when searching for one. They occasionally land near a bank.

Star Locations
Area Locations
Asgarnia Crafting Guild Mine
Aboveground east of the Mining Guild entrance in East Falador
Rimmington Mine
Taverley Mine
Crandor or Karamja Brimhaven North-west Mine
Brimhaven South-west Mine
Crandor Isle South-west Mine
Jungle Mine
Shilo Gem Mine
Fremennik lands or on Lunar Isle Fremennik Mine. Near the Keldagrim entrance.
Aboveground near the Jatizso Mine entrance
Aboveground near the Lunar Isle Mines entrance
Miscellania Mine
Neitiznot Runite Mine
Rellekka Mine.
Kandarin Coal Trucks
East Ardougne Mine (near Legend's Guild)
Port Khazard Mine
South Ardougne Mine
Yanille bank
Kharidian Desert Al Kharid bank
Chasm Mine
Duel Arena area
Enakhra's Mine
Nardah bank
Sophanem Mine
Uzer Mine
Misthalin Outside of Aubury's Rune Shop
Lumbridge Swamp East Mine
South-east Varrock Mine
South-west Varrock
Morytania or Mos Le'Harmless Burgh de Rott bank
Canifis Bank
Mos Le'Harmless Bank
Piscatoris, the Gnome Stronghold, or Tirannwn Piscatoris Fishing Colony Mine
Near the Spirit Tree and the bank outside of the Grand Tree
Near the bank in Lletya
Wilderness Wilderness volcano (previously Bounty Hunter) bank area
Hobgoblins' Mine
Near the lever used to enter the Mage Arena
Pirates' Mine
Runite Mine
Steel Mine
Skeletons' Mine
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Star Sprite

When you finally reach the Star Sprite, he is willing to offer you rewards depending on how much Stardust you collected. These rewards include:

  • Up to* 50,002 coins
  • Up to 20 Gold ore (Noted)
  • Up to 152 Cosmic runes
  • Up to 52 Astral runes
  • Having the ability to mine two ores at once for up to 15 minutes**

*These are the rewards for getting the full 200 Stardust. If you get less than 200, you may find that your rewards will be somewhat less than listed.

**Mining two ores stacks with wearing Varrock armour, making it possible to mine three ores from a single rock if both effects occur.

There are certain restrictions to the rewards. You may only have up to 200 Stardust at one time. You may not mine anymore even if you bank it, and there is no drop option, only destroy (Stars can still be mined for experience though). Finally, the Star Sprite will only reward you once per day.

Shooting Star Maximum Dust Spin Ticket

On certain weeks, Shooting Star will award all players who take part in it spin tickets for the Squeal of Fortune. To access this reward, simply attempt to mine some stardust from a fallen star.

You can check whether this Distraction and Diversion is offering spin tickets by checking the Squeal of Fortune in-game.

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These are some things to keep in mind whenever you go star hunting:

  • Most stars will land near Mining locations, or the entrances of nearby Mining locations.
  • Most stars that aren't found at Mining locations can be found near cities, especially near banks.
  • Stars will crash only on the ground, never underground.
  • Stars require some space to crash, so avoid looking in places that are full of trees, buildings, etc.
  • Stars are more often found in secluded places, not those that are frequently filled with activity.
  • Going after a star in the Wilderness will have less competition, but higher risk.
  • If you find a star, but do not have the required level to mine it, ask some friends to help. They can lower the star's size until you are able to mine it.
  • The more people looking, the faster the star will be found. Joining a group is much better than running around by yourself looking over every listed location.
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