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Sinkholes is a safe distraction and diversion which focuses around the skill of dungeoneering. You may play this distraction and diversion two times each day.

During this activity you'll be in direct competition with four other players who will directly affect the rewards you receive. Race with them to collect the most resources, combat, or exploration totems.

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Where To Start

Where To Start
Minimap Information

To start using sinkholes, you must first speak to Talsar. He's an older man located just south-west of Thok in Daemonheim. Talsar will give you a hint to one of the 21 possible locations of the sinkhole.

There are currently 3 ways to get him:
• Right click a ring of kinship and select the teleport option.
• Talk to the Fremennik shipmaster at the west Al Kharid docks to travel by boat.
• Pass by the Fremennik guards located at level 16 of the western wilderness.

Once you've solved the hint and arrived at the sinkhole location, enter it, bank everything you're carrying, and speak with the Gorajo hoardstalker.

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Sinkhole Locations

Sinkhole Locations ?
A good vacation spot.
Beside a dungeon entrance, south of a port town.
Beside a guild for archers.
Between a mountain and a place of peace.
Close to a lighthouse.
In swamps south of a town.
In the midst of a battle between humans and gnomes.
Near a cave entrance in a druidic town.
Near a dungeon entrance in the jungle.
Near a flax field where the future is seen.
Near a slayer cave east of my home.
Near a town east of the river Salve.
Near a town of people who aren't who they seem.
Near an altar besides a ghostly town.
Near an arena, beside a port town.
North of a desert town.
North of a fishing village.
North of the White Knight city.
Place where several famous brothers are.
South of a fishing colony, where hunters prey.
The fisherman's home.
The prayer of Saradomin monks.
The white knights.
Town of old Darkness.
Where barbarians train for agility.
Where the sand start.
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Sinkholes are a great way to earn both dungeoneering experience and tokens. However, your score and ranking compared to you fellow dungeoneers greatly affect the rewards that you'll walk away with.

At the beginning of a sinkhole, you'll be given an objective to complete. Your goal is to collect and deposit as many resources or totems as possible. Immediately collecting a set of combat gear is highly recommended. Food is usually not needed as monster are low leveled.

Once an objective has been reached, you'll no longer gain points for depositing them - so don't hold on to too many! Once all objectives have been reached, or the time runs out, the game will end.

Resources And Totems
Type Location Points
Combat Totem Combat totems are dropped by every monster in a sinkhole. Monsters are very low leveled and quickly killed, so for most these will be a priority. 20
Exploration Totem Exploration totems appear on the floor of every newly opened room. Be sure to be the first to snatch these up, as they're worth the most points! 30
Resources Resources, such as fish, ore, herbs, and trees also provide points. When glowing blue they provide double the resources. These provide the least points and should be left for last. 10
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Treasure Room

Treasure Room

The treasure room is where your rewards will be decided. Players will compete against each other trying to swipe or keep the best rewards from their teammates.

In this room, players will play a card that they've collecting during their time in the sinkhole. These cards range from protecting your prize to swiping one from a teammate.

Players will play their cards in the reverse order of the resulting ranks. Therefore, the player with rank five will go first. The player with rank one will go last.

Playing Cards
Card Result
sinkholes-beguiling-smoke-devil.png Beguiling Smoke Devil Randomly scramble all chests.
sinkholes-cloning-mosquito.png Cloning Mosquito Clone the chest of the previous ranked player.
sinkholes-consistent-yak.png Consistent Yak Receive a medium lamp regardless of other played cards.
sinkholes-preening-ibis.png Preening Ibis Add a piece of Hoardstalker equipment to your chest.
sinkholes-protecting-titan.png Protecting Titan Prevent your chest from being moved by another player's card.
sinkholes-reversing-phoenix.png Reversing Phoenix Reverse the last card that was played.
sinkholes-scavenging-meerkat.png Scavenging Meerkat Adds a medium dg XP lamp to your current reward and also gives a random card to all other players with a turn still remaining.
sinkholes-thieving-locust.png Thieving Locust Trade your chest with the lowest ranked player.
sinkholes-trading-leech.png Trading Leech Trade your chest with the previous ranked player.
sinkholes-trading-mantis.png Trading Mantis Trade your chest with the next ranked player.
sinkholes-whimsical-bunyip.png Whimsical Bunyip Randomly generate and play another card.
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Reward Information
sinkholes-hoardstalker-helm.png Hoardstalker Helm Cosmetic armor which can be worn on RuneScape's surface.
sinkholes-hoardstalker-top.png Hoardstalker Top Cosmetic armor which can be worn on RuneScape's surface.
sinkholes-hoardstalker-gloves.png Hoardstalker Gloves Cosmetic armor which can be worn on RuneScape's surface.
sinkholes-hoardstalker-legs.png Hoardstalker Legs Cosmetic armor which can be worn on RuneScape's surface.
sinkholes-hoardstalker-boots.png Hoardstalker Boots Cosmetic armor which can be worn on RuneScape's surface.
12613.png Huge XP Lamp A huge amount of XP and 5% tokens based on dungeoneering level.
12583.png Large XP Lamp A large amount of XP and 5% tokens based on dungeoneering level.
12449.png Medium XP Lamp A medium amount of XP and 5% tokens based on dungeoneering level.
12414.png Small XP Lamp A small amount of XP and 5% tokens based on dungeoneering level.
Dungeoneering token Dungeoneering Tokens A number of dungeoneering tokens based on dungeoneering level.
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Last updated on: 17-Mar-2013

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