Sophanem Pyramid

By Mindesto

This Pyramid is located in the city of Sophanem in the Kharidian Desert. It is only accessible during and after the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest and you need a cat to enter. It is located south of the Pyramid Plunder mini game pyramid. The traps, obstacles and limited monsters (and they're poisonous) make it too bothersome for being used for anything other than the quest. Beware, you can only leave the pyramid by way of ladder or death, not teleport.

icthlarin_pyramid Scarabs (Level 92) Scarabs (Level 92) Scarabs (Level 92) Scarabs (Level 92) Mummies (Level 84) Mummies (Level 84) Mummies (Level 84) Mummies (Level 84) Mummies (Level 84)

Dungeon Monsters
Mummies: Level 84
Scarabs: Level 92

Icthlarin's Little Helper Quest Only:

Possessed Priest: Level 86

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