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Osman, the Al Kharid spy master quite enjoys his Sq'irk Juice. He used to buy it from a Sorceress in the town, but their relationship deteriorated and now it is up to you to help. He will ask you to infiltrate her garden and collect Sq'irk fruits to make him juice. In return he will give you thieving experience. You can also get small amounts of farming experience from picking fruits and herbs. To visit the garden you need to speak to the Apprentice in the house south-east of the Palace in Al Kharid. After chatting with her, you can ask her to practice her magic by teleporting you to the garden.

*Users must have finished the Diamond in the Rough quest in order to play this game.

After you have completed Swept Away quest, the Sorceress's Apprentice in Al Kharid can enchant the broomstick from the quest to teleport you to the Sorceress's Garden. You must have started this minigame before.

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Bring a pestle and mortar with you, and collect beer mugs from the Sorceress's house. If you bring your catspeak amulet you can talk to Del-Monty, the cat, but he is not very helpful. You need to get teleported by the Apprentice into the garden. Once you get teleported, you will find yourself in a garden with gates in four directions. Each direction represents a season and offers a different type of fruit and farming experience for picking it. Also, each garden requires a different thieving level to enter.

Garden Location Level To Enter
Winter Garden West 1
Spring Garden East 25
Autumn Garden South 45
Summer Garden North 65

You will be trying to collect Sq'irk fruit or herbs. The fruit is used to make Sq'irk juice; or use the herbs for herblore. If you are collecting fruit to make juice you should bring a pestle and mortar and some beer mugs. Mugs can be found on the shelves in the witch's house before entering the gardens. Also, dress as lightly as possible so you can run for longer periods of time.

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To collect a Sq'irk fruit or herbs, you must get to the end of the maze without being caught by the elemental guards. In order to successfully navigate the gardens, you need to know where the safe spots are and run from one to another without letting the elemental guards seeing you.

If an elemental guard sees you, you will be teleported back to the fountain in the centre courtyard without being able to pick herbs or a fruit. While the guards may seem difficult to avoid at first, don't panic. They have several limitations on what they can see:

  • They cannot see from side to side or behind themselves.
  • They cannot see anything farther than three "squares" away.
  • They cannot see while turning.

Below are maps showing the guards' paths (in red), safe spots (in green), and the locations of the Sq'irk trees and herbs. Click any map to view a larger image.

Winter Garden (level 1)

Winter Garden Map
Summer Garden (level 65)

Summer Garden Map

Autumn Garden (level 45)

Autumn Garden Map
Spring Garden (level 25)

Spring Garden Map

Clicking on the fruit tree will give you one fruit of that type. Alternatively, clicking on the herb patch will give you two random herbs (except Snapdragon, Toadflax, and Torstol). Successfully reaching and picking a Sq'irk fruit or herbs will teleport you back out to the fountain, where you can go through the gate again to collect more fruit or herbs.

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You will receive several rewards for playing this minigame. First of all, every time you complete a maze and pick either fruit or herbs, you will receive farming experience as detailed in the table below.

Garden Experience
Garden Fruit Picture Fruit Name Farming XP (fruit picking) Farming XP (herb picking)
Winter Garden Winter Sq\'irk Winter Sq'irk Fruit 30 50
Spring Garden Spring Sq\'irk Spring Sq'irk Fruit 40 50
Autumn Garden Autumn Sq\'irk Autumn Sq'irk Fruit 50 50
Summer Garden Summer Sq\'irk Summer Sq'irk Fruit 60 50

If you pick the herbs, then you get to keep them and use or sell them as you wish. If instead you choose to pick a fruit, you can use a pestle and mortar with a beer glass in your inventory and make sq'irk juice. This can either be given to Osman for thieving experience or drunk to restore run energy. Please note that Osman will take all glasses of juice in your inventory at once, and he does not accept noted juice.

Sq'irk Juices
Picture Juice Type Number Required per Juice Thieving XP (Give Juice to Osman) Cooking XP Benefits (From Drinking)
Winter Sq\'irkjuice Winter Sq'irk Juice 5 350 5 +0 Thieving Levels
+10% Run Energy
Spring Sq\'irkjuice Spring Sq'irk Juice 4 1350 5 +1 Thieving Levels
+20% Run Energy
Autumn Sq\'irkjuice Autumn Sq'irk Juice 3 2350 5 +2 Thieving Levels
+30% Run Energy
Summer Sq\'irkjuice Summer Sq'irk Juice 2 3000 5 +3 Thieving Levels
+40% Run Energy
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Time Per Trip

Now that you know how to make the drinks, you may wonder how long it will take to navigate the maze and get fruit or herbs. Below is a chart of times to successfully navigate the garden and collect your reward. All times are in seconds and the averages do not include failures.

Garden Fruit Picking quickest (average) Herb picking quickest (average)
Winter Garden 30 (40) 35 (45)
Spring Garden 35 (45) 35 (45)
Autumn Garden 42 (55) 45 (60)
Summer Garden 40 (50) 30 (37)

The Autumn Garden is arguably the hardest, and the Winter Garden the easiest (but also giving the least thieving experience). If you want herbs, your best bet is Summer (if you can use it); if you cannot enter the Summer Garden, use the Winter Garden. For thieving experience, use the best garden you can enter. Be sure to bring the beer mugs for the juice with you, so you don't have to make extra trips to get them.

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