Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up

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This minigame takes place in the jungles of Karamja near the Tai Bwo Wannai village, and is available to members who have completed the Jungle Potion quest. The basic purpose of this entire minigame is to gain trading sticks. With those sticks you can buy some unique items, such as the villager clothes (4 sets). You can also use the sticks to get into a special woodcutting area, where you can chop Mahogany and Teak.

Tai Bwo Wannai Village is located on the island of Karamja. The best way to get there is to take the boat to Brimhaven (from Ardougne) and walk down south until you reach a general store, just a few steps south east is the village! If you're having problems finding the store, use our Runescape world map!

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Items to bring


  • Teleport runes (not really necessary, but you never know, do you?)
  • (Super) Antipoison potions (make sure to take enough of them! 16 doses will do)
  • Weapon
  • Hatchet (Rune or better is advised)
  • Food (lobsters or better are recommended)
  • Spade
  • Pickaxe
  • Chisel
  • Shilo village gems if you have them (Opal, Jade, Red topaz)
  • Player-made Gnome Cocktails if you have them
  • Relicym's Balm, several (see Zogre Flesh Eater Quest and Herblore Guide)
  • A few empty spots are handy.


Suggested Items It's not necessary to bring the following items, but they can be useful if you have access to them.

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The Minigame

Starting the minigame
Make sure you have your machete. Then go to Trufitus hut (quest start for Jungle Potion quest); east of it you will see Murcaily. Talk to him. Ask him what there is to do here, and he will start telling you all about the minigame! Here is a picture of Murcaily's location:

Murcaily location pic

What to do
As Murcaily tells you, you need to help the villagers to maintain the wooden fences. For this you need to "hack" the jungle to get thatch spars, which you can use to repair the fences.

How to do it
Equip your machete and look for some Jungle. You can easily spot the jungle patches. If you mouse over them it says: Hack Light/Medium/Dense Jungle. As you see, there are 3 types of jungle. They are marked on the map later in this guide.

Jungle Type Woodcutting Level Yields XP
Light 10 Thatch spars light 32
Medium 20 Thatch spars med 55
Dense 35 Thatch spars dense 80

Earning favour
When you start helping the villagers by repairing the fence or by hacking the jungle, you will see a small bar in the top right corner of your playing screen that says: Tai Bwo favour, followed by a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more trading sticks you will get from the villagers. You gain favour percentage by clearing jungles, repairing fences and killing Enemies.

After a player gains 100% favour for the first time, he or she may kill the Jungle Spiders around town for easier favour.

Getting your trading sticks
Except for Trufitus and Timfraku (the chief), all of the villagers can grant you trading sticks in return for your favour. You can tell which ones to ask - they are holding some leafy sticks in one hand. You can't ask an NPC for sticks twice in a row - the villagers you've already asked will not be holding sticks any more. You will have to wait a while and earn some more favour. The higher your favour, the higher the amount of trading sticks you will earn! It's around 10 trading sticks for each 1% of favour. Receiving trading sticks lowers your favour percentage (you "spend" it to get the sticks). Wearing villager clothing (from Gabooty's store) will allow you to collect a greater percentage at once - it's possible to collect over 50% of your sticks from just one villager instead of ten.

Note: If you brought Shilo Village gems and/or player-made gnome cocktails, visit Gabooty and sell them to his store for trading sticks. Gabooty does not buy pre-made gnome cocktails from spawns or bought from Blurberry's bar. To find Gabooty, go into the circle that surrounds part of the village.

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Almost all of the villagers are moving around, so you may have some trouble finding them at first. Just stay where they should be and walk around a bit (energy potions help), and they will eventually show up. They are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Fanellaman: West of the village, by the boat.
  • Gabooty: Inside the fences. He's the shopkeeper, but trading sticks are the currency - coins are no good to him.
  • Jagbakoba: South of the village, near the 2 fires and the lonely hut. He's the hunter.
  • Kareday: In between the hut of Trufitus and the western one, north of the opening in the fence.
  • Layleen: Follow directions to Sharimika, then continue west across another bridge.
  • Mama Buffeta: Follow directions to Sharimika, then go down the ladder in Sharimika's hut. She also tells you about cooking the spiders.
  • Murcaily: minigame starting point, east of Trufitus. Guards the gate to the exotic woods area.
  • Rionasta: North of Timfraku's hut. Charges 10 trading sticks to bank items for you.
  • Safta Doc: The most northern hut with the anvil is his house. He can also make fancy machetes, but at ruinous prices (Gabooty sells them cheaper). However, buying a machete from Safta Doc is REQUIRED for the Karamja Tasks Set.
Jewelled Machetes
Pic Name Gem Cost + Trading Sticks Cost + Loot Cost
Opal machete pic Opal machete 3 opals 300 1 gout tuber
Jade machete pic Jade machete 3 jade 600 1 gout tuber
Red topaz machete pic Red topaz machete 3 red topaz 1200 1 gout tuber
  • Sharimika: Climb the ladder near the eastern starting point of the fence, walk west over the bridge to a hut. He also tells you about the fiends in the jungle.
  • Tamayu, Tiadeche, Tinsay: Do not give trading sticks. These brothers stay in their huts inside the fenced village circle. If you have done the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest quest, you can purchase karambwan poisoned spears from Tamayu and raw karambwans and fishing vessels from Tiadeche.
  • Timfraku: Does not give trading sticks. Leader of the village, you can find him in the hut west of Trufitus, upstairs.
  • Trufitus: Does not give trading sticks. He's where you started the Jungle Potion quest, in the north-east hut (west of Murcaily).

Here is a map of the area with all the villagers and jungles on it.

Game map

Once you have reached 100 trading sticks, you can pay Murcaily to enter the woodcutting area. Here you can chop Mahogany logs and Teak logs. These logs can be converted to planks at the Varrock sawmill for Construction.

Exotic Woods
Pic Name Woodcutting Lvl Woodcutting XP Firemaking Lvl Firemaking XP
teak logs pic Teak 35 85 35 105
mahogany logs pic Mahogany 50 125 50 157.5
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While cutting through jungles, some enemies may attack! This is desirable, not only for the drops (highlights below) but also because you gain favour for each enemy you kill. The names are linked to our Bestiary. Note that Mosquitoes and Mosquito swarms are very "agile", so if you kill them you also get some Agility experience!

General Enemies
Name Lvl Beware Drops
Giant mosquito 13 No Proboscis (used to make Summoning pouch)
Mosquito swarm 20 No Proboscis, 1 to 5 =(used to make Summoning pouch)
Tribesman 32 May poison you (130 damage/hit) Trading sticks
Bush snake 35 May poison you (110 damage/hit) Snakeskin (used for snakeskin armour)
Jungle spider 44 No Spider carcass (can be skewered and cooked, or used to make Summoning pouch)

Broodoo victims
Broodoo victims (level 60) are a separate category of enemy, for their unique drops and for the unique methods required to kill them. They attack with magic, and do not poison you. They are some sort of zombie lookalikes, and are weak to the cure for whatever killed them in their murky past. You also gain experience in a unique skill for using this method to kill them. They drop the funny masks which match their colouring. The Broodoo masks can be made into Broodoo shields.

Broodoo victim (level 60)
Colour Weakness Gain skill XP
Green Antipoison Herblore
White Food Cooking
Yellow Relicym's Balm Herblore

For information on Relicym's Balm, see the Zogre Flesh Eater Quest and/or the Herblore guide.

Broodoo victims attack with stat-lowering magic, so using Protect from Magic prayer will help. Players who have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest can recharge their prayer at the statue in the middle of the village (between Timfraku and Trufitus, the two quest start points). Broodoos have high defence and killing them in the normal fashion takes a very long time (they only take around 10-50 damage). However, players with a high combat level can effectively get past these problems and rather easily kill Broodoos. If you are going to kill Broodoos, it is recommended to use strength-boosting potions.

Prayer is also helpful for players who have completed The Great Brain Robbery can use the Prayer Book and a Holy Symbol to remove poison, eliminating the need for antipoison potions. Once again, prayer can easily be restored using the statue after the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.

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Gout Tubers
While hacking at the jungle you may suddenly find a Gout tuber. Dig it up with a spade. It has several potential uses. If you've done the Eadgar's Ruse quest, you can Farm it (level 29) in any herb patch, then trade the grown Goutweed herbs to Sanfew (in Taverly) for other herbs (he'll also trade for the tuber alone). You can also sell tubers to Gabooty for 120 trading sticks, or use it as part of the payment to Safta Doc for a special gem machete (see villagers, and note that buying a machete from Safta Doc is REQUIRED for the Karamja Tasks Set). If eaten, a gout tuber restores 100% of run energy.

gout tuber pic

Gem Rocks
These may suddenly appear where you were cutting. You need a pickaxe to mine gems from them. They have the same gems as the Shilo Village rocks (Opal, Jade, and Red topaz), but can also yield Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby or Diamond. You can only get 3 gems out of them before they disappear. Therefore taking a pickaxe and chisel with you yields some very easy sticks. If you have a Gem bag from Dungeoneering it can store the uncut Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds you get.

Bank By Mail
You can now easily store items (but not withdraw them) in your bank from a distance! So if your pack is full of logs, you can just store them. For this you need to go to Rionasta (north of Timfraku's hut). Talk to him and ask what he does here. He says he runs the parcel services. Keep talking to him and you will find out he can bank your items! One negative point to it, it costs 10 trading sticks per item banked, even stackable items ... You can NOT bank any currency (coins or sticks) through this method!

Cooking Spider Carcasses

  1. Get a spider carcass by killing a Jungle spider (level 44).
  2. Cut some jungle (doesn't matter which kind).
  3. Use your Machete on a Thatch spar.
  4. You now have some Skewers (they are stackable).
  5. Use Skewer (or an unflighted arrow shaft) on the spider carcass.
  6. Use it on a fire or range (level 16 Cooking required).

It gives you 80 Cooking XP. If you eat it, you get the skewer back! Each thatch spar gives around 4 skewers. The cooked spider heals between 70 - 100 (variable).

Skewer Spider on a stick Cooked spider
skewer pic spider on a stick pic cooked spider pic

Gabooty wanders around in the fenced area of the village. Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Cooperative is stocked with villager clothes and upscale machetes. He only accepts trading sticks, which you can get either by earning favour or by selling items to his stores. Below is a picture of the cooperative store.

store pic

The villager clothes have no stat bonuses, they are mainly for looks (though wearing them allows you to collect more of your trading sticks at once). They come in light brown with dark brown accents, white with light blue accents, orange with blue accents, and pink with white accents. The jewelled machetes cut the jungle quicker, ranging from Opal (better than plain) to Red topaz (best). He now stocks an infinite amount of the clothes and machetes.

Cooperative Store Price List
Name Price (trading sticks) Discounted Price*
(trading sticks)
Tribal top 360 300
Villager robe (bottom) 300 250
Villager hat 240 200
Villager sandals 120 100
Villager armband 180 150
Opal machete 600 500
Jade machete 1200 1000
Red topaz machete 2400 2000

* The discounted price comes from wearing any of the Karamja gloves obtained from the Karamja Tasks Sets.

You can also sell Gabooty uncut or cut Opals, Jades, Red topazes, and Gout tubers to earn trading sticks. These items are not stocked, so the quantity in the store depends on players selling them. If you brought player-made gnome cocktails, you can sell them to Gabooty's Drinks store for trading sticks. He does not buy pre-made gnome cocktails from spawns or bought from Blurberry's bar.

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Armour and shields

Broodoo Shield
Level 35 Crafting is required to make a Broodoo shield. You will need a Broodoo mask (obtained from killing a Broodoo victim), a Hammer, 8 nails (any metal), and 2 tanned Snakehides. When you have all of these materials in your inventory , just use the hammer on the mask, and you will get a Broodoo shield(10). You earn 100 Crafting XP.

Shield stats:

  • Attack: Magic +3, Range -7
  • Defence: Stab +10, Slash +10, Crush +15, Magic +5
  • Other: Prayer +5

The shield will slowly wear down to (0), but this doesn't affect the base stats. The special effect is only invoked when the player wielding it is in combat, and Jagex states that there is a one in ten chance that it will affect the enemy. A coloured "splash effect" is seen on the opponent, reducing a specific stat by around 4. The white shield reduces your foe's attack, the green shield reduces your foe's defence, and the yellow shield reduces your foe's strength. Each time this happens, the shield charge goes down by 1. No information is available on recharging the shields once they reach (0).

Snakeskin Armour
The snakeskin ranging armour looks like camouflage, but otherwise isn't remarkable (level 30 to wear, and requires TONS of snakeskins to make). However, the boots offer players an affordable alternative to Ranging boots obtainable from Treasure Trails. Since the appearance of bush snakes in this minigame is random, it is far simpler to kill the less poisonous snakes on Mos Le'Harmless for snakeskins.

To make snakeskin armour, the snakeskins must be tanned (15 gp each, or 25 gp in Canifis). Then use a Needle and Thread on a snakeskin to craft the armour (see the Crafting Guide.)

Snakeskin Armour
Pic Name Hides
Attack stats Defence stats Other stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Strength Prayer
snakeskin boots pic Boots 6 45 0 0 0 -10 +3 +1 +1 +2 +1 0 0 0
snakeskin vambraces pic Vambraces 8 47 0 0 0 -5 +6 +2 +2 +2 +1 0 0 0
snakeskin bandana pic Bandana 5 48 0 0 0 -5 +4 +2 +4 +4 +2 +2 0 0
snakeskin chaps pic Chaps 12 51 0 0 0 -5 +6 +8 +8 +10 +4 +10 0 0
snakeskin body pic Body 15 53 0 0 0 -5 +12 +25 +28 +32 +15 +35 0 0
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