Tarn's Lair

This minigame has been rated as High Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.



This dungeon is a high risk area - if you die, you will lose your items. It is multi-combat with fairly high level monsters, and is filled with traps. Do not bring anything you aren't willing to lose. Players must complete the Haunted Mine quest to access Tarn's Lair. There is no combat *requirement* for this area. For conservative players, at least level 75 is suggested. It is important to note however that in order to fight Tarn, you must be at least level 40 slayer.

Dungeon tips are provided under General Information. For a verbal walkthrough to find the lair and navigate through it, see How Do I Get There? Boss information is provided under Tarn. Check out the Reward section to learn how it can be used.

Confident players who want quick info can follow the first map below showing the path directly to Tarn's chamber. Use caution and watch for traps and attacking skeletons and zombies, levels 40 to 100.

An interactive 3-D map of the path to Tarn's chamber - Place the mouse over your desired floor to reveal it

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General Information

Bring: at least 100gp for one bank access, armour, weapon, *plenty* of food, and a quick teleport (and/or ring of life). Until you get into the lair, the nearest bank is in Burgh de Rott, accessible if you have completed the In Aid of the Myreque quest. Otherwise, Canifis is the closest. Bringing your Salve Amulet is optional - you can enchant it any time using Tarn's diary.

Monsters: Within the lair you will encounter skeletons and zombies, with levels ranging from 40 to 100. If you are not here to train, try to push on past them (you may wish to turn off auto-retaliate.) Good food is a must. Jagex states that the skeletons are vulnerable to magic attacks. They also state that the Steel Armour in Tarn's chamber won't be affected much by Range, Mage, or stabbing attacks.

Traps: Beware of the traps which riddle this dungeon! Traps can be disabled using thieving, although no experience is gained. Some traps may be avoided by walking around them or on the opposite side of the passage. Floor traps may be visible as they are lightly crossed with an "X" pattern. Pit traps will drop you to a lower level of the dungeon. Pushing wall traps feature blocks of stone that will shove you off a ledge - wait for them to recede before crossing. A log trap will knock players off precarious perches on pillars - be sure to find and disable the switch before jumping.

Banking: Odovacar will act as a normal banker except that he will charge you 100gp each time you open up the bank screen. A notice will pop up the first time you use the bank. The fee will automatically be deducted from the cash in your pack for every transaction afterwards. Note: You cannot access the bank unless you already have 100gp in your inventory - Odovacar will not let you use the bank to withdraw the money!

Miscellaneous: Cannons cannot be used in the Lair. When trying to set one up, players receive the message: "This temple is ancient and would probably collapse if you started firing a cannon."

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How Do I Get There?

At the haunted mine area, go south of the Zealot to the mine. (You do not need a key.)

Climb over the cart blocking the tracks into the mine.

Tarn Lair Cart
Walk around the other cart and crawl into the cart tunnel.

Tarn Lair Tunnel
Upon entering the mine, go
north to the end of the path.

Tarn Entrance

Path to Bank: Upon entering the lair, go east past the traps and attacking monsters to the corner. Follow the path heading north (two wall traps) and you will see the banker carrying a large backpack.

1. Pass through the doorway north of him and follow the path. Follow the path north, west and south and you will see stairs heading up east and down to the west. Go down to the west and you will be in a room with a single giant skeleton. Go through the gateway north, then take the exit west.

2. You will find yourself in a small passage. Go forward and take the passage north which has wall traps. Go west and you will be at the pillars. Jump to the west ledge, search to find a switch which disarms the log trap, then come back and go north by jumping across the pillars.

3. From the platform go east through the wall traps. Go south and then east, carefully avoiding the push traps by waiting until they recede. Take the passageway heading east.

4. Here you will find pillars again guarded by level 94 mage skeletons. Jump to them and kill them fast. Climb down the stairs, and in the next room go north to Tarn's chamber.

5. You will find Tarn here if you haven't previously killed him.

Ring of Slaying: After defeating Tarn, players may use the Ring of Slaying to teleport here.

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Note: Tarn can only be killed once, similar to a quest monster. After that he will not respawn.

In this room, your prayer is drained fairly rapidly - even after you have defeated Tarn! Since you shouldn't really need prayer for this fight, there is no point in bringing prayer potions.

When you enter Tarn's chamber, your character will stop moving and a cut scene will ensue... Tarn will transform himself into a level 114 Mutant Tarn ("I preferred him when he was human") and animate two level 110 Terror Dogs. The cut scene stops and the battle ensues.

For now, ignore the Terror Dogs and head directly for Tarn. Start cutting away at him. Note that as you are fighting, three level 53 Steel Armours will animate one by one and start hacking away at you. Don't mind them - keep focusing on Tarn.

One you have defeated his first form, Tarn revives himself into a ghost/spirit but is still level 114. Just continue chopping away at him, while making sure to eat if you need it. Once his second form is defeated, he will die for good and you will be granted 5000 slayer xp.

Now, dash north to the end of the room and enter the passageway there. You will end up in a small study/bedroom. Take Tarn's Diary from the table. A short cut scene will show the cages in the previous chamber opening up, releasing four level 100 Terror Dogs. This won't affect you unless you need to head back out that way! Teleport out or (if you're brave enough) return the way you came.

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Along with the hefty 5000 slayer experience received from defeating Tarn, completing this mini-quest allows you to get Tarn's Diary. Not only will this necromantic journal give you a good read, it can be used to give you an extra edge while fighting against the undead.

Use Tarn's Diary on your salve amulet (from the Haunted Mine quest) to enchant it. Rather than the plain salve amulet's 15% boost, the salve amulet(e) gives a 20% boost to your strength and accuracy while fighting the undead. Jagex defines undead monsters as Aberrant Spectres, Banshees, Crawling Hands, Ghosts, Shades (Mort'ton), Skeletons, and Zombies.

The equipped stats of the salve amulet(e) remain the same as the salve amulet:

Pic Name Attack Values Defence values Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Prayer Ranged Strength
Salve Amulet (e) Salve Amulet (e) 0 0 0 0 0 +3 +3 +3 0 0 +3 0 +3 0

Although the diary has a destroy option (it cannot be dropped), you can find it again on your player-owned house bookshelf. It is possible to enchant and keep more than one salve amulet(e) at the same time.

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After you have killed Tarn, he will not be in his chamber. Instead you will find eight Terror dogs (levels 100 and 110) to slay (level 40 slayer required). Terror dogs can drop a granite helm.

Pic Name Attack Values Defence values Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Prayer Ranged Strength
Granite Helm Granite Helm 0 0 0 -9 -7 +31 +33 +29 -1 +39 0 0 0 0

Note that cannons cannot be set up inside the Lair, so do not bring one for use in slaying Terror Dogs or for any other purpose.

Players who have completed the Smoking Kills quest can acquire points to buy a slayer ring or the ability to make slayer rings. The ring can be used to teleport to the safe area just outside the Terror Dogs room. You do not need to have previously visited Tarn's Lair to use the teleport.

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