Tears of Guthix Guide

This Distraction and Diversion has been rated as Low Risk. However, care must be taken in the Lumbridge caves by holding a good light source and wearing a spiny helmet if passing Wall beasts. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


After completion of the Tears of Guthix quest you have the chance to play this D&D to gain experience in your lowest skill. Once a week you can visit Juna below Lumbridge swamp and tell her one of your many stories. In exchange, she will let you into her cave to collect the tears of Guthix for a short time. One week must have elapsed and you must have obtained at least 1 quest point or 100k experience since you last entered the cave to participate again. The experience reward is not counted towards this total.

Experience requirement
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  • A candle, lantern or torch is a MUST for surviving if passing through the Lumbridge caves. See the Crafting Guide and Firemaking Guide for instructions on how to obtain these items.
  • A spiny helmet is also highly advised to protect from the various Wall beasts which must be passed. See the Slayer Guide for more information.
  • Games necklace - Can be used for a direct teleport to Juna.
  • Sapphire lantern - Required to cross the cavern for players looking to craft the larger ornate bowl (80 Mining and Crafting required, see below)
  • A high-level pickaxe - Optional and only required when creating the ornate bowl the first time.
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Getting to Juna

To get to Juna, go down the hole in Lumbridge swamps and head south-east until you come to some stepping stones. Hop across, avoiding the level 64 Giant frogs, and go through the entrance. Follow the path around, going down some rocks, until you see a snake like creature - this is Juna. Alternatively, use the hole in the Lumbridge cellar to gain access to the Lumbridge Caves and head south, jumping the river to get to the Juna cave area.

The fastest route to Juna is by using the teleport to Tears of Guthix on the games necklace.

Tears of Guthix cave
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Upgrading your bowl

If the player has 80 Mining and 80 Crafting, Juna will allow you to craft a new bowl for collecting tears. Make your way across the chasm to the mining area as in the quest, and mine a rock to obtain the larger rock. This can be crafted on the spot to create a new ornate bowl. Talk to Juna again (you can jump down to her area of the cave from the mine) to give her the new bowl, which you will always use on every attempt of the game from this point.

The upgraded ornate bowl increases experience rewards by a factor of 5/3, increasing the experience per tear from 180xp to 300xp. Mining the larger rock may take a number of attempts, and use of a high-level pickaxe is advised.

Mining area

How to play

Talk to Juna and tell her a story to start collecting tears. Once in the cave you will notice there are two different types of tear drops flowing from the walls:

Collect blue tears Avoid green tears
  • Blue tears - these are the tears that you must collect during the game. Collecting blue tears increases your tear count steadily in increments of one.
  • Green tears - these are the tears that you'll want to avoid while playing. Collecting them will decrease your tear drop count at the same rate as blue tears are gained.

From time to time the tear drops will randomly switch places. You have until the time runs out to fill the bowl as much as possible. Just click on the blue tears on the walls to fill it and if the tears switch to green, click away onto another stream of blue tears. Once the time is up, you'll automatically drink the bowl of tears to receive experience in your lowest skill.

The amount of time you get to play the game depends on your quest points - the more quest points you have, the more time you have in the cave.

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Once your time in the cave is up you will exit and drink the tears you have collected. The experience per tear is based on how high your lowest skill is. When your lowest skill reaches level 30, the experience per tear will be 180xp. If the player is using the ornate bowl (see above) the experience per tear is boosted to 300xp. If two skills are the same level, the one with the least experience will gain experience.

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Tips and Tricks

  • When the tears change, click slightly in front of yourself to stop collecting. If the tears turn blue click the stream again, if not click to another stream.
  • The time, experience and/or quest points required to play Tears of Guthix again can be checked at any time by opening the Tears of Guthix quest guide in-game.
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