Temple of Ikov

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You must have started the Temple of Ikov quest to access all areas of this members only dungeon. Located in the middle of Kandarin, its' main entrance lies north-east of Ardougne and south-west of Catherby, adjacent to the Sorceror's tower. You initially come down the ladder at the south end of the dungeon. The alternative entrance/exit (usable after you finish the quest) is at the far north; this ladder leads you out to a room next to McGrubor's woods, close to Seers' village. You need the shiny key to enter or exit this room, which respawns as shown on the map.

From the south ladder, you must wear the Pendant of Lucien (from quest) to go through the north gate into the Room of Fear. To cross the bridge on the west side of the room of fear, you must have a negative weight (achieved by wearing the Boots of Lightness, obtained down the stairs behind a slashable web). This dungeon is used to train on Skeletons and Lesser Demons. It is worth noting that once you have completed the quest, Winelda the Witch will always teleport you from the south side to the north side if you ask her.

Temple of Ikov Ice Spider (Level 61) Ice Spider (Level 61) Giant Bat (Level 27) Scorpion (Level 14) Skeleton (Level 45) Skeleton (Level 45) Skeleton (Level 45) Lesser Demon (Level 82) Guardian of Armadyl (Level 82)

Dungeon Monsters
Scorpion: Level 14
Giant Bat: Level 27
Guardians of Armadyl: Level 43 / Level 45
Skeleton: Level 45
Ice Spider: Level 61
Lesser Demon: Level 82
Fire Warrior of Lesarkus: Level 84

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