Temple of Zaros

By Rien Adelric

Restored Temple of Zaros Skeletons (Level 22)

Dungeon Monsters
Skeleton: Level 22

The Temple of Zaros is located in a dungeon beneath the Digsite, which had previously been discovered in ruins during the Digsite quest. Upon completion of the Temple at Senntisten quest, however, the Temple is fully restored through the efforts of the player and the Mahjarrat Azzanadra.

The Temple of Zaros can be reached via four common methods of travel: the Digsite pendant's teleport, Gnome Glider transport system, Senntisten teleport, and by walking (generally from the nearby city of Varrock).

Players visting the Temple will find several features of interest. Azzanadra, standing before the Altar and Communion Portal, can be spoken to for information concerning the god Zaros and the events which had occured during the 'Temple at Senntisten' quest. He also invites players to pray at the Altar of Zaros; doing so will both fully replenish depleted prayer points (along with boosting the total by an additional 15%) and present a choice to exchange the standard Prayers for Ancient Curses. For those seeking to complete the Champions' Challenge Minigame, 10 skeleton spawns can be found in the side-chamber of the Temple, and this is perhaps the best area in the game to obtain a skeleton champion scroll.

As mentioned, before completing the 'Temple at Senntisten' quest, this dungeon is in ruins and is significantly different in comparison. The "old" map can be viewed here, for those curious.

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