Temple Trekking
Burgh de Rott Ramble

This minigame has been rated as High Risk. See the activities page for definition of high and low risk.
If you die during this event, your grave will appear near the notice board at your starting point, either in Paterdomus or in Burgh de Rott.


In both of these activities you will escort people through the swamps of Mort Myre. Whether you're taking citizens to Paterdomus or Burgh de Rott, bold adventurers who fancy a challenge can make their way through to receive a reward. Battle monsters, figure out how to pass various obstacles, and even receive a gift here and there - it can all be done in Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble!

There is a difference between Temple Trekking and the Burgh de Rott Ramble: Temple Trekking is taking citizens to Paterdomus (the Temple on the Salve) from Burgh de Rott. The Burgh de Rott Ramble is taking citizens to Burgh de Rott from Paterdomus.

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Location and Requirements

The two activities have common requirements to be able to play; the only difference is one additional quest. However, since you end up on the extreme other side of the swamp, it is a good idea to wait until you can play both activities.

Temple Trekking Requirements:
Burgh de Rott Ramble Requirements:

To start, you may go to the beginning of Temple Trekking or Burgh de Rott Ramble. The start of Temple Trekking is located just inside the entrance gate of Burgh de Rott. There are three citizens (see Getting Started) with applications posted on the notice board. Agreeing to take them to their destination (Paterdomus) will begin your journey. The start of Burgh de Rott Ramble is located beyond the swamp fence, just east of the Paterdomus bridge. To get there from Varrock, you can either pass through with the Priest in Peril dungeon, or squeeze through the railing to the south of the temple, which requires level 65 Agility. There will be three people (see Getting Started) with applications posted on the notice board. Upon agreeing to take any of these people to their destination (Burgh de Rott), you will begin your journey. Both journeys end up at the beginning location of the opposite minigame, so actual travel is not required unless you have to escape an event or your companion dies.

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Before you go to begin the minigame, you will want to make sure that you have these items:

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Once you have what you need, head to one of the two places mentioned above. The following tables brief you about each person needing a guide. The levels marked with an asterisk are the levels at which your companion will change appearance and behavior. At those levels your companion will start to run instead of walk, help cutting logs and starting fires, and perhaps most important will be able to tell you which event awaits at a chosen path before actually going there.

Temple Trekking Escorts
Easy Pazuzu
Pazuzu Pazuzu is a magician, and has good health, attack, and defence. She won't require much food, making her easier to escort. Because she is easier to escort, however, she tends to give lower level rewards more often. Pazuzu 2
Level 20 Level 66 Level 75* Level 85
Stay put - Pazuzu gains the ability to cast Bind on her enemies. Defenceless - Pazuzu gains the ability to cast Vulnerability on her enemies. Into the light - Pazuzu gains the ability to use a Staff of Light and Fire Wave. Her armour is also upgraded. Item Reward - Pazuzu will give you a pair of Constructor's gloves.
Medium Zachory Bragg
Zachory Bragg Zachory has a moderate amount of health, attack, and defence, but may require food. As a mid-level escort, your reward is dependent mainly on your event performance and route chosen. Zachory Bragg 2
Level 25 Level 59 Level 79* Level 99
Item Reward - Zachory will give you a pair of Constructor's boots. Fired up - Zachory gains the ability to cast Fire Blast on his enemies. Rooted - Zachory gains the ability to cast Entangle on his enemies. His armour is also upgraded. Shortcut - Zachory allows you to bypass the Canifis tunnels and go straight from the trapdoor behind the Canifis pub to Mort'ton.
Hard Rolayne Twickit
Rolayne Twickit Rolayne has very little health and almost no ability to attack or defend himself until level 20, although his combat ability is limited. You will probably need to bring quite a bit of food for him, as well as food for yourself (because you will need to take the hits instead of him). He is the most likely to reward you with high level reward tokens, but it depends on how well you do in the events. Rolayne Twickit
Level 20* Level 40 Level 80 Level 99
New Hips - Rolayne gains the ability to run and fight. Walking stick - Rolayne will give you a cosmetic reward; the Walking stick. Not dead yet - Rolayne gains the ability to deal twice his normal damage. Well aged - Rolayne gains the ability to cast wind strike.

Burgh de Rott Ramble Escorts
Easy Dean Vellio
Dean Vellio Dean can defend himself and fight most enemies. However, seeing as he will have little trouble in the trek, he will tend not to not give out the best rewards. Dean Vellio 2
Level 25 Level 60 Level 75 Level 80*
Backpack - Dean gives you a cosmetic reward; the Rambler's backpack. Butcher - Dean gains the ability to use his weapon's special attack. Daredevil - Dean gains an extra point of attack speed. Abyssal - Dean gains the ability to use an abyssal whip, and his armour is upgraded.
Medium Jayene Kliyn
Jayene Kliyn Jayene is able to defend herself fairly well, but will probably need some food to keep her alive if she is attacked. As a medium level escort, your reward depends largely on which paths you choose to take. Jayene Kliyn 2
Level 25 Level 50 Level 75* Level 99
Trained - Jayene gains an extra point of attack speed. Twin fire - Jayene gains the ability to fire two arrows at once. Darkness - Jayene gains the ability to use a dark bow. Druidic - Jayene gives you the Ouroboros pouch, a Druid Pouch with unlimited uses.
Hard Smiddi Ryak
Smiddi Ryak Smiddi is very weak, with very low defence, but she will fight back when attacked. It is strongly recommended to bring a good amount of food for her, and watch her carefully. Since she is so hard to defend, however, she is most likely to give out the best rewards. Smiddi Ryak
Level 20 Level 60 Level 92* Level 99
Scream - Smiddi screams, stunning enemies nearby. Raspberry - Smiddi blows a raspberry, lowering the defence of nearby enemies. A&E - Smiddi gains the ability to cast Heal Other on you. She does this when you are low on health. Heal - Smiddi gives you a reward; The lunar 'Heal other' spell will restore approximately 25% more health.

Before beginning your trek, you will have the option to trade your companion food. This functions like a normal player trade screen, with the maximum amount of food that can be given being the standard inventory amount; 28. This can also be done during the trek and can be useful for opening up some inventory space. Any type of food that you can eat is accepted. At the start of each trek the companion will be at full health, so all food you trade to your companion will be stored in their storage. Companion Trade Screen During the trek, your companion will eat some of the food you gave them if their health drops below 50%. If you want to know how much food your companion has left, simply trade him or her and check the amount of free inventory slots. As long as you don't teleport out of the game, all foods that were unused are automatically transferred to the next companion, so nothing goes to waste! 

If your companion is injured and you trade him or her some food, it will be eaten immediately. If the companion is at full health and you trade him or her some food, it will be stored in their storage.

Companions gain experience to level in two ways: fighting and event completion. For most companions allowing them to inflict as much damage as possible is the fastest way to level, however Smiddi Ryak and Rolayne Twickit are very poor fighters and receive greater experience for event completion in compensation for this.

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Choosing a Route

After giving a traveller supplies, agree to guide the citizen or mercenary on their trip. He or she will ask you to choose which route to take.

When you begin your trek, you will enter an area with a three-way fork in the road.

  • The west path to the left is the easiest, with the least amount of events, lowest level enemies, and the greatest chance to escape without killing all of the enemies. Rewards are typically lower.
  • Straight ahead, heading north, is of medium difficulty, usually with more and harder tasks and enemies, and less chance of escape. Rewards are average, depending on the events and your companion.
  • The east path to the right is the most difficult, with more events, requiring you to kill all enemies (no evading), and face the most challenging events. This route is more likely to give the maximum rewards.

There are two options when picking your path. The first is "continue-x," with x being the difficulty level of the path. Clicking this option will prompt a dialogue between you and your NPC. He/she will either ask you if you want to continue forward, or if they are of proper level, will give you a hint as to what lies ahead. The second option is "quick-continue," which skips this dialogue and puts you right into the next event. Here are the possible hints, and the corresponsing event it leads to:

Hide Hints / Show Hints:

Easy Hints

  • I can see some sort of vampyric creatures down there. They won't give in without a fight. - Vyrewatch, Juvinates
  • I can see strange, dark shapes slinking around in the Myre ahead. Tread carefully if we go that way. - Nail beasts
  • Oh no! I can see a fair few ghasts this way. We should be careful. - Ghasts
  • What in the name of Guthix is this? I can see injured people ahead this way! - Starving Travelers
  • There is something moving around ahead and I fear I heard the hiss of a snake... - Snakes
  • That's the town of Mor'ton up ahead and it looks like it's in trouble. We should be ready to fight if we head that way. - Riyl Shadows
  • Do you see that? There seems to be some sort of broken bridge ahead. - Mixed bridge
  • It looks like that nature spirit's grotto is surrounded by ghasts ahead! - Burning Grotto
  • Do you see that river down ahead that way? it looks like we'll have to get over it if we go that way. - Vine rope swing
  • Wow, there's a nasty-looking bog that way. Careful; the mud can be treacherous! - Bog
  • Hmm... I can see a strange man wandering around up ahead. - Abidor Crank

Medium Hints

  • The curse of Morytania is strong that way. There are vampyric creatures lurking ahead. - Vyrewatch
  • I can't see properly, but there are some slimy trails on the floor. - Giant snails
  • It looks safe ahead, but there is a bit of water we'll have to traverse if we want to go this way. - Vine rope swing
  • Watch out. There are spectral beings floating around that way. - Ghasts
  • I can just about make out a graveyard down there. It looks like it could be an ambush. - Skeleton graveyard
  • You'll need to be handy with repairs to head this way, if we are to cross the river. - Woodcutting bridge
  • Tread carefully this way. I'm pretty sure a snake slithered across the Myre in the distance. - Snakes
  • I can see Mort'ton, and the villagers look to be in trouble! - Asyn Shadows
  • It's difficult to see, but I think there are people ahead. It doesn't look good. - Starving travelers
  • There's something moving up ahead, but I can't make it out properly. - Abidor Crank
  • The nature spirit's grotto is this way, and it looks like he's under attack! - Burning Grotto
  • Be careful if we go this way. I can see some things sneaking around. - Nail beasts
  • There doesn't seem to be much moving this way, except perhaps the floor! - Bog
  • Well that's the exit of the swamp, but it's not without danger. There are creatures ahead! - Vyrewatch, Juvinates

Hard Tasks

  • It looks like some wandering adventurers have had a run in with ghasts up ahead. They might need our help. - Starving travelers
  • Ghasts! We'll need to have our wits about us to get past these. - Ghasts
  • There's a swamp boat this way that I'm sure will speed up our journey - Tentacle and head monster
  • There's a nice-looking bridge this way... Well, it would be nice if we could cross it! - Mixed bridge, Woodcutting bridge
  • Nasty! Do you smell that? There's definitely a bog this way. Even though I can't see it, I can smell it! - Bog
  • Nail beasts! You don't see them much these days. We'll be in for a big fight if we choose to go this way! - Nail beasts
  • Looks like we've got a fight on our hands if we head this way. I can see Filliman ahead and he's in trouble! - Burning Grotto
  • Careful this way, too; it's a strange graveyard. I've heard that the dead still stir in the area. - Skeleton graveyard
  • Mort'ton is under attack and it doesn't look good! It'll be a tough fight this way into the town. - Shade
  • Careful! I can see vampyric creatures skulking around up ahead. - Vyrewatch, Juvinates
  • It's the gates out of Mort Myre, but getting out alive will be a challenge. - Vyrewatch, Juvinates
  • There's a river this way and I can't see a clear way across it, I'm afraid. - Vine rope swing
  • Did someone order the snail? - Giant snails
  • Hmm, it looks to be empty. No, wait... There is a man walking around up ahead. - Abidor Crank
  • There are some massive snakes mover around ahead, should be an interesting fight. - Snakes

Handling more events results in a better reward. Dealing with a combat event is worth more than dealing with a non-combat event. The hard route is more likely to give the maximum rewards. You may get the maximum reward on the other routes too, but the chances are smaller simply because you will not face as many difficult events.

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Journey Events

During events, there are multiple paths that you can take. Right behind where you walk in, there is the Escape option. If you choose to escape, you are abandoning your mission, and will find yourself in the area of the swamp corresponding to the event's map location. The Continue-trek option (usually on the side opposite your entrance) will lead you on with your journey. You can only continue if you have completed an event. The Evade-event options (usually on the left and/or right of the area) will permit you to continue your journey by just skipping the event. However, it's not as simple as that. Evading an event:

  1. Increases your chances of adding an extra event to your trek.
  2. Decreases your reward.
  3. Can only be done once you've completed at least 50% of the event.

NOTE: If you log out or get disconnected during an event, your companion will be where you left off, waiting to continue. If you teleport out and abandon your mission, any food you gave your companion will be lost.

There are three different types of events that come up while you are trekking: friendly, combat (aggressive), and challenge (obstacle). The following tables list what they are and how to handle each situation.

Friendly Events
Abidor Crank
Abidor Crank Abidor Crank will appear as an event occasionally. He will heal you and your companion, and turn all of your rotten food into stews. When he heals you he will bump your LP with 150 and your defence with 12, even if this means they get to above their maximum.

In most combat events (shade, snail, swamp snake, nail beast, ghast, juvinates), the difficulty of the path you take will affect how many enemies will attack, and how strong they are.

  • When you take the hardest path you will meet 5 enemies at each combat event.
  • When you take the medium path you will meet 4 enemies at each combat event.
  • When you take the easy path you will meet only 3 enemies at each combat event.

If your companion is attacked by an enemy, you must attack the enemy NPC as quickly as possible so it will start attacking you instead. The special attack of a ddp(++) is extremely useful (except for juvinates of course, there you use your silver or blisterwood weapon of choice).

Combat (Aggressive) Events
Juvinate Easy:
level 28
level 70
level 104
A group of juvinates attacks you. You *must* use a silver weapon to fight them - other weapons are ineffective. Possible silver weapons include any blisterwood weapon, a rod of Ivandis, flail of Ivandis, silver sickle(b), wolfbane dagger or blessed hatchet. If your companion is attacked by a juvinate, you must act quickly. Your companions cannot attack juvinates due to them not having a silver weapon.
Trekking Ghast Easy:
level 28
level 63
level 91
A group of ghasts will appear and attack you. If you don't have a druid pouch, you will need to wait for your companion to make them visible with their pouch in order to attack them. Hitting them once will draw their attacks away from your companion. If you have run out of pouch items, use your silver sickle(b) to cast bloom on nearby swamp debris and collect the items to refill your pouch.
Trekking Shade Easy:
level 42 Riyl shadows
level 110 Asyn shadows
level 84 Shades
While you are walking through Mort'ton you can be attacked by a group of shades. Shades can be killed using any weapon. The gadderhammer is very effective, and the Salve amulet will improve your stats. Be prepared with your food; shades can hit hard and like to attack the person you are escorting. These shades drop remains which can be cremated in the usual manner for xp and rewards (see the Shades of Mort'ton minigame guide.) There will be three citizens in the houses, which, if you act quickly enough, can be saved, and will reward you by boosting your combat stats, healing your life points to full or restoring all your prayer points.
Swamp Snake
Trekking Swamp Snake Easy:
level 42
level 84
level 98
Swamp snakes usually attack in packs. Beware, they are high level and hit hard. Once you have killed them you can use a knife on them to get 2-5 snake hide for crafting.
Giant Snail
Trekking Snail Easy:
level 84
level 114
level 146
Giant snails use ranged based attacks. Wearing a snelm gives good defence against their range attacks. Alternatively, if you have protect from ranged prayer, use it while you battle these monsters with the weapon of your choice. Be careful, they can hit hard. Hitting them once will draw their attacks away from your companion, but be wary, as if your companion attacks them they will re-target your companion. They may drop a snail shell or perfect snail shell, which can be sold to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan (see minimap). He also gives crafting experience for a perfect shell.
Tentacle and Head Monster
Trekking Head Beast Hard: Four level 97 tentacles and one level 100 head
This monster is only found on hard routes. It is actually 5 parts: You must kill all 4 tentacles first. If you kill the head while 1 or more tentacles still are alive, the head will respawn at full health. You must kill all the parts in order to go on. Once you have defeated them, click the boat to continue your trip. Right click on the boat if you want to escape the event (abandoning your mission with no reward.) You will be slightly south-west of the swamp boaty travel point. NOTE: If you poison one part of the monster, all parts become poisoned.
Nail beasts
Trekking Nail Beast Easy:
level 42
level 84
level 98
This monster is very aggressive and will often come at you in packs. For every attack, the monster hits three times which can be deadly to your companion. This beast drops Nail beast nails, which can be used in Herblore. It may drop a Talon beast charm, used as a summoning secondary ingredient, and also drops big bones. Sometimes, a long or curved bone will be dropped, which can be sold to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan (see minimap).
Trekking Vyrewatch Easy:
level 49
level 91
level 97
You will only encounter these after completing the Legacy of Seergaze Quest. These can only be killed or damaged while using the Flail of Ivandis or blisterwood weaponry, therefore your companions cannot fight them. They may take a while to kill, and can hit fairly hard. Using the Ivandis Flail Special will freeze them in place temporarily. You may also use a Guthix Balance potion. These will drop Vyre Corpses which can be cremated using pyre logs in the Columbarium beneath Paterdomus to receive items.
Skeleton Graveyard
Temple Trekking Graveyard Medium & Hard: level 18 and level 89
The skeleton graveyard event seems intimidating at first, as there are a lot of enemies to face. Don't fear, however, as this event can be passed without engaging in any return combat. Simply run through the graveyard and let all the skeletons target you, then lure the into the centre area of the graveyard. Once they're all surrounding the tomb, click on the tomb to "release energy." This will result in a blast of holy energy passing over a radius of one square outside the fence, killing every skeleton within the boundary (as shown in the picture). If you happen to miss a few skeletons, don't fret, as you get two charges of this holy energy. If you happen to miss any after this second pulse, you'll need to finish off the ones that are left.

Challenge (Obstacle) Events
Log bridge Without Undead Lumberjacks: Either grab a hatchet from the backpack on the floor or just use your hatchet to chop down three trees to get logs. With the hatchet equipped, use the logs or planks with the gap in the bridge. Once all three logs or planks are placed you will be able to cross the bridge.
With Undead Lumberjacks: Three Undead Lumberjacks will appear out of the water and attack you or your companion. These can be killed to obtain planks, which can be used (as above) instead of logs. You can also obtain one piece of Lumberjack clothing from them per event. To finish the challenge quickly, the trees can also be chopped instead.
Bog You will find yourself on one side of a bog that has firm and unfirm patches of marshland. Use a sharp device (knife, hatchet, dagger, weapon - even an abyssal whip!) on the spiny bush to get a branch, and use it to feel the firmness of the floor. Continue to feel around for firm ground until you have made it completely across the marsh. If the ground is firm, your character will automatically step onto it. You can lose your branch in the bog, so it is advised to cut off more than one if you have room for it.
River If you find yourself having to cross a river without a bridge you are at the river event. If you don't have a knife, search the backpack sitting on the ground to get one. Use the knife to cut three vines off the smaller tree. Wind the vines together to make a rope and use the rope on the larger tree to swing across the river.
Campsite During the campsite event, multiple people are lying on the ground in stages of sickness (sick, very sick, then ghastly - after that they turn into ghasts). On easy routes there are 3 sick people, medium gets 4, and on hard routes there are 5 sick people. Cut down a tree and light a fire, then kill snails and use their meat on the fire to cook them. Use the cooked meat with the humans to heal them. Follow these steps swiftly, though: you don't have very much time before the humans turn into ghasts (turning this into a combat event). You may also use your own food on the humans to heal them - almost any food seems to work, even bananas, oranges, slices of watermelon, strawberries, and papayas. Baskets of fruit are a compact solution. If you do not have a tinderbox, ask the sick people; they will give you one. If you do not have a hatchet, then your companion can provide you with one.
Burning Grotto In this event, you will find yourself at the nature grotto, only the swamp grass surrounding the grotto is in flames. Speak to the nature spirit, or right-click and select "Water-power", and then click the burning swamp grass to extinguish it. You cannot fail this event.
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When you successfully complete a trip you will receive a reward token. The reward token will be blue, yellow, or red, depending on the difficulty of the paths you take. Blue tokens give the lowest reward, then yellow, and red gives the best. These tokens can be redeemed at any time. Rewards vary based on the level of the reward token, but the rewards you can receive are set into 8 categories.

Bluetoken Yellowtoken Redtoken

Rewards are noted (except for seeds which stack). Here is a list of all rewards:

Item Amount
Coal and Iron Blue: 7-21 Iron, 14-42 Coal
Yellow: 10-30 Iron, 20-60 Coal
Red: 20-60 Iron, 40-120 Coal
Bowstring Blue: 30-90
Yellow: 40-120
Red: 70-210
Silver bar Blue: 55-165
Yellow: 75-225
Red: 120-360
Pure essence Blue: 50-150
Yellow: 70-210
Red: 100-300
Watermelon Seeds Blue: 2-6
Yellow: 4-12
Red: 5-15
Raw Shark Blue: 8-24
Yellow: 10-30
Red: 18-54
Herbs Blue: 10-30 low herbs (Up to Harralander)
Yellow: 3-11 medium herbs (Ranarr to Kwuarm)
Red: 2-7 high herbs (Snapdragon and up)
Level: Experience:
Level One (Blue) 1100-1650
Level Two (Yellow) 2035-3025
Level Three (Red) 4015-5005

Tomes are reward books that give experience to a certain skill. The level of the tome determines the amount of experience given. You may get experience in Agility, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, Thieving or Woodcutting. The skill that receives the experience is random.

Additional rewards can be claimed after your escort reaches a certain level, or by reaching a certain total level between all the escorts. These can be claimed at the noticeboards where you begin either minigame, and are as follows:

  • Pazuzu reaches level 85: Ability to claim Constructor's gloves.
  • Zachory reaches level 25: Ability to claim Constructor's boots.
  • Rolayne reaches level 40: Ability to claim a Walking stick.
  • Dean reaches level 25: Ability to claim a Rambler's backpack.
  • Jayene reaches level 99: Ability to claim an Ouroboros pouch.
  • Smiddi reaches level 99: Upgrades the Heal other lunar spell both inside and outside the minigame.
  • 100 total levels: Unlock a shortcut that allows you to travel straight from Paterdomus to the Nature Grotto upon opening the swamp gate.
  • 200 total level: Ability to claim a Constructor's hat.
  • 300 total level: Ability to claim Constructor's trousers.
  • 400 total level: Ability to claim Constructor's garb.
  • 500 total level: Adds the option to teleport to Burgh De Rott to your Games necklace.
  • 594 (max) total level: Ability to purchase the Ghast familiar. This familiar costs 50,000 gold, requires level 87 Summoning and will grant prayer XP for any damage it inflicts. Also prevents food decay while in the swamps.

As mentioned in the "Undead Lumberjack" combat event, you may also receive a piece of Lumberjack clothing! The outfit consists of a hat, shirt, pants, and boots. Wearing single pieces will slightly increase your experience per log when woodcutting, and wearing the complete outfit will give more.

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