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The Nexus is a Distraction and Diversion in which you help to purify the Lumbridge swamp from invading corruption. Players with a low prayer level will find this D&D most useful, but players of any level can take part. Located in the dark and eerie swamp south of Lumbridge, it has corruption and impurities seeping out of it. Evil spirits have been hibernating under the swamp, and a purge is needed to cleanse the swamp of its impurities. There are no requirements to use the Nexus, just talk to Ysondria to obtain a charmed sack and you can get started.

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The Nexus is located North-West of the bridge to Al Kharid, and South-West of the Lumbridge graveyard, in the Lumbridge swamp. A convenient method of getting there is to use the Lumbridge lodestone.

Nexus Location
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Purifying the Nexus

Talk to Ysondria to acquire a charmed sack. Once you have the sack, walk over to the pit with the evil energy trying to claw its way out. Click on the opening with your charmed sack in your inventory to begin siphoning the evil energy out. Once the sack is full (you'll get a message and your character will stop siphoning) walk over to one of the four pillars to start purifying. Your charmed sack will hold up to 15 charges when you first begin, increasing up to 25 charges as you progress.

Surrounding the Nexus are relics. On each relic are four bowls. The table below states the colour of these bowls, along with colour the stream becomes.

Bowl colour Power Stream colour
Gold Fealty White
Silver Order Blue
Bronze Battle Red
Pewter Chaos Purple
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Banishing the Grotesques

It's uncommon, but sometimes when all of the streams are a different colour, the streams will combine and turn orange. There is nothing to be concerned with; at first. The first time this happens, nothing will happen. Once this happens at least 5 times, a horribly hideous creature has a chance to pry its way out of the Nexus. The grotesque cannot be attacked, but can be banished by the power of your Prayer! To do so, simply click on the grotesque to use the power of your Prayers against it! This can be done once per player. Please keep in mind, that when the streams merge into the one orange colour, the relics will become immune to one of the powers. At this point you can no longer channel that individual power and must channel another. You can tell which power the relic is immune to by referring to the coloured icon above it.

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The reward for taking part is prayer experience. The total amount of experience you can get from the Nexus is exactly enough to get a player from level 1 to level 40 prayer (that is up to 37,224 prayer experience total before you're no longer able to siphon the Nexus). The amount of experience scales up as a players prayer level increases, capping at level 40. A player with level 40 (or higher) prayer will get get 2.1 experience for collecting the corruption from the Nexus and 21 experience for putting it in a bowl.

In addition to this, the amount of charges the charmed sack holds will increase to 25 charges, instead of the original 15.

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