The Pit

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Welcome to the Pit. Participate in wacky games of luck and speed for the sole purpose of entertaining your kidnapping hosts, Scrambles and Snotgut! Earn Agility XP for participating, and maybe even a Gorilla mask if you do well! There are no requirements to play.


Getting to the Pit

To get to the Pit, all you need to do is start running laps at an agility course of your choice. Each time you complete a full lap of the course, there is a chance the Talent scout will wave you over. There will be a green arrow above his head, and you will receive game messages in your chat box to this effect. Make sure you quickly dismiss any familiars you have and unequip any items in your left and right hand slots, and then talk to the Talent scout. Do this quickly; if you take too long, the Talent scout will lose interest in you.

Note: Make sure to unequip your greegree if you are training at Ape Atoll. The Talent scout will not talk to you while you're in monkey form.

Thepit Talentscout

After being selected to go to the Pit, you will not be eligible for another chance at the Pit for half an hour after you return, even if you leave the event early. If you have an Agility skillcape, you can play at any time you like by talking to the Talent scout directly. However, you will earn significantly reduced XP if you get there by using this method instead of running laps.

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The Talent scout will knock you out after you speak with him, and take you to an area to meet Scrambles and Snotgut. They will explain what you have to do for your assigned event, and throw you into the Pit. Note that you will only participate in one event per invitation, and you have no choice what event this will be. You will need luck and speed to win!

Crate Expectations!

Thepit Crate Expectations

In this event, there are sixteen crates in the room. You are allowed to search five crates, in the hopes that one of the crates you search will contain the key. This game is based on luck, though you do have a time limit in which to search the crates.

Floor is Lava!

Thepit Floorislava

In this event, there are several crates scattered about the room. Your goal is to hop from crate to crate to get to the opposite side of the room. Some of the crates, however, will break once you land on them. It is impossible to tell which crates will and won't break - this is pure luck. Complete this event before time runs out.

High-low There!

Thepit High-low There

The object of this event is to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the current one. The current number is displayed on the bar at the top of the screen. Hit the green “-” button to guess that the next number will be lower. Hit the red “+” button to guess that the next number will be higher. Get six right in a row to win.

This is a game of chance, though you must also make sure you finish before the time limit is up. Although the numbers that come up are random, based on probability you should guess “higher” if the current number is between 1 and 5 and guess “lower” if the current number is between 6 and 10 to have better chances of completing the event successfully.


Thepit Karaoke

The mere mention of karoake makes Snotgut so angry that he begins rampaging, causing large rocks to fall from the ceiling. In this event you must dodge the falling rocks for the full duration of the event. If at any time you get caught, you will fail the event. You have a very short amount of time to avoid a square which rocks are about to fall on, as evidenced by the first small chunks that fall, followed by large boulders. In the bottom left of the picture above, you can see some small chunks of rock falling. To maximize your chances of success at this event, try to stay in an open area, and leave yourself several directions in which to run.

Punch the Hungry Sheeps!

Thepit Sheep

A sheep has eaten the key and you have to get it back! Unfortunately the sheep is mingling with its flock. Your goal is to punch five sheep and hope that one of them is the one that has eaten the key. There is no way to tell which sheep is the one that ate the key, but make sure to punch your five sheep within the time limit.

Put the Thing in the Other Thing!

Thepit Put The Thing In The Other Thing

When you arrive on the floor of this event, there will be a variety of shapes on the floor, as well as three indents on the far side of the room. Your goal in this event is to correctly match the shapes to the indents. There will be more shapes than indents on the floor, and several of the shapes will not belong to any of the indents. Make sure you finish before time runs out!

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Winning your event gives four times the amount of experience you get for losing. Note that if you used your Agility skillcape to play, you will not receive any experience if you lose. When you win you will only gain the amount of experience other players would receive upon losing. The amount of experience for winning or losing varies depending on the course you were doing laps on and the event you were given at the Pit.

The tables below show the experience rewards for each event and course. Note that the values in italics are estimated values based on those that are currently known. As such, they may deviate from the actual value by around 2 experience.

Experience for winning
Course Crate Expectations Floor is Lava High-low There! Karaoke! Punch the Hungry Sheeps! Put the Thing in the Other Thing!
Agility Pyramid 2682 1914 3444 3066 2107 2376
Ape Atoll 5074 3624 6525 5799 3987 4494
Barbarian Outpost (standard) 1674 1194 2148 1913 1314 1482
Barbarian Outpost (advanced) 6913 4938 8888 7900 5431 6123
Dorgesh-Kaan 5796 4140 7452 6624 4554 5133
Gnome Stronghold Course (standard) 908 648 1168 1038 713 804
Gnome Stronghold Course (advanced) 6090 4350 7830 6960 4785 5394
Werewolf Agility Course 4122 2945 5301 4712 3240 3651
Wilderness Course 5333 3809 6852 6093 4191 4723

Experience for losing & Skillcape players
Course Crate Expectations Floor is Lava High-low There! Karaoke! Punch the Hungry Sheeps! Put the Thing in the Other Thing!
Agility Pyramid 894 638 1148 1022 702 792
Ape Atoll 1691 1208 2175 1933 1329 1498
Barbarian Outpost (standard) 558 398 717 637 438 494
Barbarian Outpost (advanced) 2304 1646 2962 2633 1810 2041
Dorgesh-Kaan 1932 1380 2484 6624 1518 1711
Gnome Stronghold Course (standard) 303 216 389 346 238 268
Gnome Stronghold Course (advanced) 2030 1450 2610 2320 1595 1798
Werewolf Agility Course 1374 980 1767 1570 1080 1217
Wilderness Course 1777 1269 2285 2033 1396 1575

Additional rewards
If you manage to win your event and go through the door on the opposite side, you'll find yourself in the rewards room. It's a dark, cave like place, and it seems as if Scrambles and Snotgut live here.

The first time you win an event, you will be awarded a gorilla mask. Talk to the Talent scout once you leave the rewards room to claim it. If you ever lose it, you can get a replacement from him.

Gorilla Mask

No matter whether you win or lose your event, you will be granted an experience reward. If you win your event, you will not only get a better experience reward, but Scrambles will also offer you the choice of gambling your experience. You can get it doubled, unchanged, or halved. To gamble, open the gambling crate next to Scrambles, otherwise exit the room. If you used your Agility skillcape to play you will not be given the chance to gamble.

Thepit Gambling Crate
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