Thieves' Guild

The Thieves' Guild is located in the cellar under the house north of the Lumbridge furnace. It is run by Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger and Chief Thief Robin. There are no requirements to enter the Thieves' Guild, but without completing the related quest and capers mentioned below, the undeveloped guild will have no function for those who visit it.

Players can expand the guild through the Buyers and Cellars Quest and by completing the Guildmaster's assigned capers afterward:

  1. From Tiny Acorns
  2. Lost Her Marbles
  3. A Guild of Our Own

In its finished state, the Guild can be a useful training ground for all manner of aspiring criminals.

Thieves\' Guild
 Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals (General Store)  Mr. Pinsworth (Bank)  Advanced Pickpocketing Trainer (Blackjacking/Coshing)  Pickpocketing Trainer  Safe-Cracking Trainer  Locks & Traps Trainer  Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger  Chief Thief Robin  


Just within the entrance of the guild, Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger and Chief Thief Robin await new recruits. They can be spoken to for information concerning the guild. They also play important roles in the Buyers and Cellars Quest and the capers which follow it to unlock guild features.

The "Mark 1" dummy found in the same room can be pickpocketed freely for experience by very low-level thieves. Higher-level thieves are prevented from training on the dummy, although by demonstrating their Thieving prowess to the Guildmaster after a few successful pickpocketing attempts, players can earn a one-time reward of 2000 experience.

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Hanky Points

The guild features an unusual training tracking feature: "hanky points". These can be turned in for an experience reward.

The maximum number of hanky points that a player can earn each week is based on skill level, thus affecting the amount of experience rewarded.

For example, a maximum of 84 hanky points can be collected at level 99 Thieving, 76 at level 83 (earns 7144 XP), 68 at level 69, 48 at level 19. You can still earn xp after you've earned your maximum hanky points.

To turn in the points or check your current amount or maximum, speak to any of the trainers in the main room of the guild.

The number of hanky points earned for an individual Thieving Minigame is based on its' difficulty:

Thieving Minigames - "Hanky Points" and Experience Yields
Required Skill Level Required Minigame Hanky Points Experience
Buyers and Cellars 1 Pickpocketing NPCs 1 up to 66 XP
Buyers and Cellars 15 Cell Door (north) 0 210 XP
Buyers and Cellars 26 Chest (north) 1 30 XP
Buyers and Cellars, Lockpick 35 Cell Door (south) 0 280 XP
Buyers and Cellars, Lockpick 35 Chest (south) 4 180 XP
From Tiny Acorns, Blackjack 24 Blackjacking (AKA Coshing) 4 up to 178 XP
Lost Her Marbles, Lockpick 41 Wall Safe 1 75 XP

Note: The experience gained from pickpocketing and blackjacking in the Thieves' Guild is relative to a player's Thieving level. The values listed above are maximums; they are obtained at level 99 Thieving, so lower-level players will gain a lesser amount of experience while training via pickpocketing or blackjacking.

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Main Room

Past the Guildmaster and Chief Thief, the main room of the guild can be found. Here, players can train their Thieving skill through several different methods. After the Buyers and Cellars quest, there are dummies (and a trainer) to be pickpocketed, and the chest room to be looted.

Dummies can only be pickpocketed by players up to level 5. However, all players can demonstrate their competence one time, and speak to the trainer to get a one-time experience bonus.

After completing the From Tiny Acorns caper (level 24 thieving required), there will be volunteers to be blackjacked. Those wishing to Blackjack (also known as coshing) must equip a Rubber blackjack. This can be purchased at the guild store, or from other players.

After the Lost Her Marbles caper (level 41 thieving required), there will be safes to be cracked. This requires a lockpick. The safes are trapped, so players will take life points damage for failing. Bringing food is a good idea.

Simply speak to the four trainers spread throughout the room for information pertaining to each of their Thieving specialties, if needed.

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Chests Room

The chests room appears after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest. It contains six locked cells, each containing a chest. The experienced earned here is fixed; it does not depend on skill level.

The north cell doors can be unlocked at level 15, and earn a generous 210 xp, helping lower level players move up fast! The north chests in the cells require level 26 to open, but they earn only 30 xp anyway. One hanky point is earned for this minigame.

The southern cells and chests require a lockpick to open. The doors require level 26, and return 280 xp but no hanky points. The southern chests require level 35, give 180 xp, and 4 hanky points. (Only 1 point is earned if the extra quest capers have not been completed.)

There are two drawbacks to this room. One is that any cell or chest opened takes a while to close again, and other players' minigames also leave them open. Going temporarily to the Main room to pickpocket, and using a quiet world are advised. The second drawback is that several failures may occur before succeeding, which slows down the experience a bit.

Chest Room Minigames - "Hanky Point" and Experience Yields
Cell Door (north) Chest Cracking (north) Cell Door (south) Chest Cracking (south)
0 Point & 210 XP 1 Point & 30 XP 0 Points & 280 XP 4 Point & 180 XP

Players looking to earn "Hanky points" as quickly as possible are advised to use either the Pickpocketing or Blackjacking methods, as these are generally faster than cracking the chests or safes.

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Additional Features

Other features that can be added to the Thieves' Guild include a Store and a very handy Bank in rooms west of the main room.

Unlocking the store requires 41 thieving and completion of the Lost Her Marbles caper. The store (Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals) stocks Thieving supplies such as lockpicks and blackjacks. It also serves as a General store, buying items from you.

Unlocking the Bank requires 62 thieving and completion of the A Guild of Our Own caper. Since there is no loot obtained in the guild, there's no need to deposit anything, but players taking damage at wall safes may need to leave to stock up on food.

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