Tirannwn Tasks

This minigame is very dynamic, involving different levels of tasks. Because of this, the minigame risk ratings are given in the task summaries (found at the beginning of the Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite task listings).



The Tirannwn Tasks contain tasks that can be completed by low, medium, and high level players.

What to wear is for you to decide, using your best judgement based on the tasks in the set.

In general, Jagex allows players to use stat boosting items (such as potions, pies, ales or Evil Dave's stew) to increase a stat to do a task. However, player assists do not work.

In the Achievement menu in the Noticeboard interface, you will see tasks from the Tirannwn area. If you click on an individual task, it will bring up more information on the task. All the tasks are listed further down in this guide.

Each time you finish a task, you will get a message in the top central part of your window stating that you've completed a task. Open the Task List and you'll see a small check mark next to that task. If you do not have the requirements for a task, a small lock will appear in the corner of the task.

Note: Items in your toolbelt have not been listed in this guide.

You can perform the tasks in any order and at any level (Easy, Medium, Hard or Elite) that you wish (except for the one task in the medium set that requires you to claim the rewards for the easy set).

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Easy Tasks

Easy tasks follow this criteria:

  • Easy-ranged quest requirements.
  • Easy-ranged skill requirements.
  • Easy to medium level of difficulty.


Skills: 10 Mining, 50 Thieving, 52 Magic, 52 Slayer, 56 Agility.

Quests: Desert Treasure, Fairy Tale Part II, A - Cure a Queen, Mourning's Ends - Part 2, Regicide, Roving Elves, The Path of Glouphrie, Underground Pass

Items: Iban's staff, Mourner gear, tyras helm, tiny elf crystal, crystal chime.

Recommended Items: Combat gear and food.

Completed Easy Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
E1 Iban You From Hurting Me! Underground Pass 50 Magic
Kill a disciple of Iban while using Iban's staff.
E2 Driven, Underground None 50 Thieving
Navigate the Underground Pass, using the thieving shortcuts and talking to Klank on the way through about his gloves.
E3 Arandar-bout Way Regicide None
Enter through the gates of the Arandar Pass while wearing a full set of Mourner gear.
E4 Blowing Your Own Trumpet Regicide None
Get Gwir in Lletya to remind you about your previous adventures in the elven lands.
E5 The Motherlode Regicide None
Use the Tirannwn lodestone.
E6 Tyrassed to Impress Regicide None
Wear a tyras helm inside Tyras Camp.
E7 Lime Ordeal Regicide 10 Mining
Mine limestone at the mountains of Arandar.
E8 Leaf Me Alone Regicide 56 Agility
Attempt to pass a leaf trap.
E9 Fairy Liquid Underground Pass, Fairy Tale Part II, A - Cure a Queen None
Teleport to the fairy ring in the poison waste (DLR).
E10 Stand Still, Eluned! Roving Elves None
Have Eluned recharge a teleport crystal for you in Isafdar.
E11 Casting Shadows Mourning's Ends - Part 2, Desert Treasure 52 Magic
Kill a shadow in the Temple of Light with a shadow spell.
E12 Sick and Twisted The Path of Glouphrie 52 Slayer
Kill a Warped Terrorbird or Tortoise in the Warped Poison Waste dungeon

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Medium Tasks

Medium tasks follow this criteria:

  • Medium-ranged quest requirements.
  • Medium-ranged skill requirements.
  • Medium level of difficulty.


Skills: 40 Strength, 44 Herblore, 56 Agility, 57 Farming, 60 Attack, 60 Woodcutting, 64 Summoning, 65 Runecrafting, 70 Fletching, 76 Fishing, 77 Hunter

Quests: Eagles' Peak, The Feud, Spirits of the Elid, Fairy Tale Part II, A - Cure a Queen, Missing My Mummy

Items: clean harralander, 1 yew log, 1 bowstring, box trap, raw pawya meat, death rune, pure essence, death tiara, pouch, 128 spirit shards, crimson charm, bagged plant

Recommended Items:

Completed Medium Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
M1 Harrowed Lands Underground Pass You must have claimed the rewards from the easy Tirannwn task set.
48 Herblore
Make harralander tar in the Poison Waste using tar sourced in Tirannwn.
M2 Bowing Out And About Mourning's Ends - Part 1 60 Woodcutting, 70 Fletching
Create a yew shieldbow from scratch in the elven lands.
M3 An Act of War Regicide 60 Attack, 40 Strength
Purchase a halberd from the Tyras Camp, then use it to kill an elf in the Elf Camp.
M4 Sharks Are Good for the Elf Deadliest Catch 76 Fishing
Bank a shark fished from the elven lands using the Elf Camp deposit box.
M5 Gnome Roaming The Prisoner of Glouphrie None
Exit Tirannwn through the Galarpos Mountains.
M6 Mufflebirds Regicide 56 Agility
Attempt to pass a poison bolt trap.
M7 The Circle of Life Underground Pass 77 Hunter
Use Pawya meat in a grenwall trap.
M8 Papa Pawya Mourning's Ends - Part 1 66 Hunter, 57 Farming
Trap a pawya in the elven lands using a papaya you have harvested from your own tree.
M9 Pretty And Witty And Dead None 65 Runecrafting
Create death rune from at least 20 pure essence whilst wearing a death tiara at the Death Altar.
M10 Light Transit Mourning's Ends - Part 2
Enter the Temple of Light using a teleport crystal.
M11 Stranger and Stranger Regicide 64 Summoning
Create a stranger plant pouch at the Well of Voyage.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Hard Tasks

Hard tasks follow this criteria:

  • Higher-ranged quest requirements.
  • Higher-ranged skill requirements.
  • Higher level of difficulty.


Skills: 42 Fletching, 44 Construction, 70 Attack, 70 Mining, 70 Ranged, 75 Crafting, 75 Woodcutting, 75 Prayer, 75 Farming, 75 Mining, 76 Hunting, 77 Agility, 77 Herblore, 79 Summoning, 81 Divination, 85 Slayer, 88 Summoning

Quests: Regicide, Bringing Home the Bacon, Desert Treasure, Plague's End

Items: crystal bow, crystal dagger, juju farming potion (3), harmony moss, light creature pouch, bacon, bread, chocolate dust, bracelet of clay, blissful shadow core, cleansing crystal.

Completed Hard Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
H1 Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 1 Regicide 79 Summoning
During the Amlodd Voice of Seren: Create a Titan's Constitution summoning scroll.
H2 Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 2 Plague's End 50 Agility, 70 Ranged
During the Cadarn Voice of Seren: Use a crystal bow to damage a Cadarn elf.
H3 Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 3 Plague's End 75 Woodcutting
During the Crwys Voice of Seren: Cut a magic log in the Crwys district.
H4 Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 4 Plague's End 77 Agility
During the Hefin Voice of Seren: Complete one lap of the Hefin Agility Course successfully.
H5 Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 5 Plague's End 70 Attack, 50 Agility
During the Iorwerth Voice of Seren: Use a crystal dagger to damage an Iorwerth elf.
H6 Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 6 Plague's End 75 Farming, 77 Herblore
During the Meilyr Voice of Seren: Craft a perfect juju farming potion using moss you harvested yourself.
H7 Sing-Along-a-Seren Verse 7 Plague's End 70 Mining
During the Trahaearn Voice of Seren: Mine an adamantite or runite rock.
H8 What A Rush Plague's End 85 Slayer
Play a non-reward game of Rush of Blood.
H9 The Diplomatic Approach Plague's End None
Find and speak to the elf lords and ladies from each of the eight clans inside the walls of Prifdinnas.
H10 Hefin And Puffin' Plague's End 77 Agility
Take a shortcut on the Hefin Agility Course.
H11 Long Way From Home Plague's End 88 Summoning
Complete the Hefin Agility course with a light creature familiar summoned.
H12 Because You're Iorwerth it Plague's End None
Defeat an Iorwerth warrior while under the influence of the Iorwerth prayer altar.
H13 Cadarn Tootin' Desert Treasure, Plague's End None
Swap to the Ancient spellbook at the Cadarn grimoire, then defeat a Cadarn elf using Ancient spells.
H14 A Face in the Clouds Plague's End, Bringing Home the Bacon None
Bring bacon, bread, and chocolate dust to Seren.
H15 Brace For Additional Impact Plague's End 75 Mining
Use a bracelet of clay while mining soft clay in the Ithell district in Prifddinas.
H16 Thank You, Deer Plague's End None
Exchange a familiar pouch for shards with Lord Amlodd.
H17 Disco Impling Plague's End 76 Hunter
Do a dance in the Impling Collector's house with at least ten other implings present.
H18 Can I have some Morvran? Plague's End 85 Slayer
Complete a Morvran slayer task that has been both preferred and extended.
H19 B Sharp, not Flat Plague's End 75 Crafting
Play and retune each of the harps in the Ithell Harmonium.
H20 Casting a Shadow Plague's End 81 Divination
Throw a blissful shadow core into the Amlodd crater.
H21 A Clean Slate Plague's End 75 Prayer
Cleanse the Corrupted Seren Stone with at least one crystal.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Elite Tasks

Elite tasks follow this criteria:

  • Experienced-ranged quest requirements.
  • Very high-ranged skill requirements.
  • Elite level of difficulty.


Skills: Level 99 in all skills or all quests completed and level 90 in all skills

Quests: All quests completed or level 99 in all skills

Items: elder seed, bowstring, Grand ranging potion

Completed Elite Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
X1 99 With a Flake Plague's End 99 in any skill or completed all the quests
Unfurl a flag in the Max Guild garden or jump for joy if you have already unfurled them all.
X2 Robot of Sherwood Plague's End 95 Thieving
Pickpocket a Trahaearn elf while wearing the Trahaearn exoskeleton set.
X3 The Crested Guest Is Best Plague's End, Fate of the Gods You must have earned the Crest of Seren.
Visit Seren and bow or curtsey whilst wearing the Crest of Seren.
X4 Ace of Dungeons Plague's End 95 Dungeoneering
Complete a Daemonheim dungeon while you have one of the gorajo cards active.
X5 Weave Come A Long Way Plague's End 90 in all skills
Make a level 90 milestone cape using a loom in Prifddinas.
X6 Properly Metal Plague's End, Blood Runs Deep, The Branches of Darkmeyer, The Elder Kiln 95 Slayer
Get to wave 15 in a Gold or Platinum wave of the Rush of Blood D&D.
X7 Respect Your Elders Plague's End 90 Woodcutting, Farming, and Fletching
Chop a log from an elder tree you have grown in the Prifddinas farming patch, then fletch it into a shortbow.
X8 Xena-Phile Plague's End 75 Crafting, 90 Smithing, 92 Thieving
Sing an attuned crystal chakram from an attuned seed in the Ithell area of Prifddinas.
X9 A Screwball Scramble Plague's End 85 Agility
Use the advanced cliffside scramble shortcut while navigating through the Arandar Pass.
X10 The Expensive Range Plague's End 76 Herblore, 81 Minining, 89 Crafting
Create a Grand Ranging potion in a crystal flask from nothing but raw ingredients.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.



Once you have completed the Tirannwn task set, you are rewarded with a quiver.

All Easy Tasks complete

After completing all the easy tasks speak to the Elf Tracker to receive a Tirannwn quiver 1 and additional rewards:

When worn:

  • Allows you to always pass through leaf traps successfully.
  • Holds up to 20,000 ammo of any single type.
  • Acts as a crystal chime for the warped creatures in the Poison Waste Dungeon.
  • Grants access to a shortcut deeper into the Poison Waste Dungeon.
  • 5% chance of tortoise shell being noted.
  • 5% damage boost against Mourners.
  • Ability to teleport to Lletya, and to Eluned, wherever she is in the forest.

At all times:

  • Access to an elf to whom you can sell your limestone near the limestone rocks.
  • 15 free swamp tar per day from the Lletya General Store

Experience Lamp: 10,000 XP

Pic Name Stats
Prayer Bonus Melee Crit Ranged Crit Magic Crit
Tirannwn quiver 1 Tirannwn quiver 1 1 0 0 0

All Medium Tasks complete

After completing all the Easy and Medium tasks, speak to Gwir in Lletya to receive an upgraded Tirannwn quiver 2 with more abilities and additional rewards:

When worn:

  • Prevents poison from traps in the forest.
  • 5% damage boost against shadow creatures.
  • Teleport to Tyras Camp and Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon.

All times:

  • Access to a new mushroom patch near Tyras Camp.
  • An increase to 30 swamp tar per day from the Lletya General Store.
  • 5% chance of not using a charge on your crystal bow and wards.
  • The ability to catch grenwalls without baiting traps

Experience Lamp: 30,000 XP

Pic Name Stats
Prayer Bonus Melee Crit Ranged Crit Magic Crit
Tirannwn quiver 2 Tirannwn quiver 2 2 0 0 0

All Hard Tasks complete

After completing all the easy, medium and hard tasks, speak to Arianwyn in the Cadarn area of Prifddinas to receive an upgraded Tirannwn quiver 3 and additional rewards:

When worn:

  • The Corrupted Seren Stone is easier to cleanse.
  • 5% damage boost against elves.
  • Teleport to the Death Altar and Elf Camp.

All times:

  • Lord Amlodd grants 10% more shards back when exchanging pouches
  • Eilwynn will exchange your divination chronicles.
  • Lunet has a daily stash of battlestaves.

Experience Lamp(s): 40,000 XP

Pic Name Stats
Prayer Bonus Melee Crit Ranged Crit Magic Crit
Tirannwn quiver 3 Tirannwn quiver 3 3 0 0 0


All Elite Tasks complete

After completing all the easy, medium, hard and elite tasks, speak to Elen Anterth at the Max guild in Prifddinas to receive an upgraded Tirannwn quiver 4. Completing the elite tasks gives all the following benefits plus previous ones:

When Worn:

  • Ability to take a portrait at the photo booth with the head of one of the 8 elf lords.
  • Double the blossoms harvested from the crystal acorn tree.
  • 5% damage boost against dark beasts.

All times:

  • Daily logs from Coeden.
  • A chance to not use charges on a most wanted card.
  • 5% chance of not using a charge on your attuned crystal bow and wards.

Experience Lamps: 2 x 60,000 XP and 1 x 40,000 XP

Other rewards: 50 crystal motherlode shards, a random non-attuned half charged crystal weapon, 10 cleansing crystals, 1000 harmonic dust, 100 corrupted ore

Pic Name Stats
Prayer Bonus Melee Crit Ranged Crit Magic Crit
Tirannwn quiver 4 Tirannwn quiver 4 4 0 0 0
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