Tormented Wraith Hunting Guide

This area has been rated as HIGH-RISK. The Tormented Wraith is a formidable opponent and can deal heavy damage to unprepared players.



The Tormented Wraith is a vengeful spirit that roams the parallel spirit world version of the Dark Warrior's Fortress unlocked after completing the Summer's End quest. It is unique in that it can only be harmed if you are wearing a form of the BLACK armour and weapon set. You have limited choices for armour and weapons to suit your style of attack, which will be discussed later.

Tormented Wraith Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 129 Tormented Wraith Life points: 1500 Maximum Hit: 216 Attack Style(s): Melee
Experience Summary
If one considers the potential profit, the experience gained at the Tormented Wraith is reasonable. It has a notable amount of life points good for rangers, warriors, and mages alike.
Drops Summary
The drop rates of the rare items are slightly low when compared to other monsters, but this is balanced by the high value common drops such as noted planks and prayer potions.
Special Notes
Full black must be worn all during the fight. Additionally, players cannot change any of their other wielded equipment while fighting the wraith. Despite its level, it has a very powerful melee attack and will rip most players apart if not protected against. The Tormented Wraith is VERY weak to magical spells!
Notable Drops
Holy elixir, Spirit shield
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Minimum and Recommended Levels

The following recommendations are by no means a requirement. It depends on your individual ability, and the amount of players participating. Below are some guidelines to take into consideration:

Minimum Suggested Levels

  • 70+ Ranged, or 70+ Attack and Strength, or 70+ Magic (depending on your chosen style)
  • 80+ Constitution
  • 43+ Prayer to Protect from Melee attacks

Recommended Levels

  • 80+ Ranged, or 80+ Attack and Strength, or 80+ Magic
  • 90+ Constitution
  • 70+ Prayer to be able to bless graves and use prayer longer
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Preparing for Battle

You will need a variety of items to successfully kill the Tormented Wraith. They are listed below:

What To Bring:

  • Required: Full black armour and Weapon - see the setup pictures for what combinations to use specific to each attack style.
  • Required: Jennica's Ring - this is required for accessing the Spirit World portal!
  • Prayer Potions - Without prayer, you will not survive for very long! You don't need to take a large amount, as the wraith commonly drops them.
  • Salve Amulet(e) (Melee only) - Use this or its unenchanted equivalent as your amulet if possible. Its advantages are extremely helpful!
  • Super Attack and Strength, or Ranging Potion - Be able to do as much damage as possible.
  • Nature and Fire Runes/Fire Staff - The wraith drops a number of black items that accumulate in your inventory. It is best to High Alch these to make some extra cash.


For your armour and weapon setup, you MUST be wearing black items in the helmet, chest, leggings, weapon, AND shield slots in order to be allowed to attack the wraith. The slots that require black armour or weapon pieces are highlighted in the picture below.

Wraith Requiredslots

Permitted Items in Each Slot:

  • Helm: Black med helm, black full helm, elite black helm
  • Chest: Black chainbody, black platebody, elite black platebody
  • Legs: Black platelegs/plateskirt, elite black platelegs
  • Weapon: Black darts, black knives, black dagger, black hatchet, black claws, black battleaxe, black spear (2h), black sword, black longsword, black scimitar, black warhammer, black 2h sword, black halberd (2h) and poisoned equivalents
  • Shield: Black sq shield, black kiteshield, black 2h weapon (counts as both), black defender

Free choice: Cape, Necklace, Gloves, Boots, Ring

It is possible to use the Elite Black equivalents that are obtained during the While Guthix Sleeps quest. The elite black platelegs give less negative attack bonuses to magic and ranged than their normal counterparts. Two-handed black weapons DO count as taking up both the hand and shield slots. Note that you CANNOT use black dragonhide armour whether or not you choose to range the wraith.


Magic Setup

Magic Setup
Wraithmage 2
The wraith is extremely weak to magical attacks. Despite the fact that you will be wearing melee armour, it will take damage almost every time you cast your spell. Bolt spells are a cost-efficient alternative to the higher level spells if used with the Chaos Gauntlets. You can also use the Crumble Undead spell, which is another cheap yet effective spell versus the wraith.

Helmet: Black med helm > Black full helmet
Necklace: 3rd age amulet > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Cape: God cape (Mage Arena) > Ardougne Cloak(3) > Fire cape > Skill cape(t)
Quiver: N/A
Chest: Black chainbody > Black platebody
Legs: Elite black platelegs > Black platelegs/plateskirt
Weapon:Black claws > Black dagger (although you will not be using it)
Shield: None (If using Black claws or Black 2h) > Black defender > Black square shield > Black kiteshield
Gloves: Chaos gauntlets (bolt spells only) > Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8 > Regen bracelet / Culinaromancer's gloves 7 > Combat bracelet
Boots: Infinity boots > Wizard boots > Mystic boots > Lunar boots
Ring: Seer's ring > Explorer's ring


Melee Setup

Melee Setup
Despite your armour, you will need to use the Protect from Melee prayer to block the Wraith's attacks. This setup shows how to make the best of the available black armour and weapons.

Helmet: Black full helmet > Black med helm
Necklace: Salve amulet(e) > Salve amulet > Amulet of fury
Cape: Fire cape > Ardougne Cloak(3) > Skill cape(t)
Quiver: N/A
Chest: Black platebody > Black chainbody
Legs: Black platelegs/plateskirt
Weapon: Black scimitar
Shield: Black defender > Black square shield = Black kiteshield
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8 > Regen bracelet / Culinaromancer's gloves 7 > Combat bracelet
Boots: Dragon boots > Rune boots > Rock climbing boots
Ring: Warrior ring > Berserker ring > Explorer's ring

Ranging Setup

Ranging Setup
Depending on your level, it may be more effective to use ranged attacks. Below is the most suitable combination for ranging. Black crossbows and black bolts do NOT work against the Tormented Wraith.

Helmet: Black med helm > Black full helmet
Necklace: Amulet of ranging > Amulet of fury
Cape: Accumulator > Attractor
Quiver: N/A (there are no qualifying weapons that use ammunition)
Chest: Black chainbody > Black platebody
Legs: Elite black platelegs > Black platelegs/plateskirt
Weapon: Black knife
Shield: Black defender > Black square shield = Black kiteshield
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8 > Regen bracelet / Culinaromancer's gloves 7 > Combat bracelet
Boots: Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots
Ring: Archer's ring > Explorer's ring


Getting to the Tormented Wraith

Use a Glory Amulet or other form of Edgeville teleport to go to Edgeville Bank, and follow the green route. Alternatively, you can teleport to Varrock and run from there (blue route), or use the Bounty Hunter teleport to come via the red route. If you have Ancient Magicks, you can use the Dareeyak teleport to reach the ruins just northwest of the Dark Warriors' Fortress (purple route).


Once inside the fortress, go into the central outdoor area and stand somewhere in the green square (shown below). Right-click "operate" Jennica's Ring while equipping it and you will be teleported to the Spirit Realm.

Wraith Entry

It is wise to have one of your black items unequipped before entering to avoid being attacked immediately after entry. Take your time to prepare inside the Spirit Realm; you are totally safe from the wraith if you aren't wearing all of your black items. Once you're ready for the fight, simply wear the item again.

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As shown in the picture below, simply face the Tormented Wraith head on with "Protect from Melee" prayer active. Use the appropriate boosting prayers for the attack style you are using. Although there used to be safespots for ranging or maging, they were removed from the game in 2009.


If at any time you need to retreat to safety, open the door, walk one square inside, and close it, else the wraith may follow you inside. Unequip one black item in between kills to avoid taking hits by surprise when it respawns. You can exit the Spirit World area at anytime by either climbing up one of the ladders in the castle or leaving through the front door.

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The Tormented Wraith will occasionally drop a Spirit Shield or sometimes even a Holy elixir.

You can use the Elixir (with 85 Prayer) on a Spirit Shield to create a Blessed Spirit Shield. If you don't have 85 Prayer, you can talk to Brother Jered in the Monastery, who will charge you a large sum of money for the work. If you don't want to use it for a shield, you can sell it on the Grand Exchange for a nice profit! For a full list of the wraith's drops, view the Tormented Wraith Bestiary entry.

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Tips and Tricks

  • The wraith is an excellent source of blue charms.
  • Since familiars can't wear black armour, they are unable to attack the wraith.
  • For low levels, duoing or trioing the Tormented Wraith can be both fun and more efficient!
  • If you die, remember that you will need Jennica's Ring to return to your gravestone, so always remember to retrieve it at the Wilderness Farm before going back for your items!
  • Use crowded worlds so the Tormented Wraith will respawn much faster.
  • Note that the previous safespots have been removed from the area.
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