Fishing Trawler

WARNING! If you get sea sick you should know that the screen moves up and down, just like if you were on a real ship. If you can't handle graphics moving around and it makes you feel ill, it would be advisable not to play this game.

This minigame has been rated as Low Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.



To start, it is easier and more fun to go in a team, so bring some friends. On the world select page, Jagex suggests World 116 to find other interested players. The trawler ship can be found in Port Khazard harbour, north of Yanille and south of Ardougne on the east coast. The place could easily be missed as it's not really well known. It's located east of the Khazard Fight Arena.

Trawler Mapard

To start this minigame, you need to talk with Murphy who is wandering around on the docks. He will explain certain things you will need, as well as explaining what you will be doing while on the trawler. Please note, you will need a fishing level of 15 to catch anything while trawler fishing.


Important Information: When you get aboard, its best to get the team you want to go with ready at the same time. Then all you need to do is head to the plank leading to the boat. Click on the plank and you'll get aboard. Once the first person steps on you have one minute for the rest of the team to embark. The game lasts ten minutes, and once this trip leaves, anyone else wishing to take part will have to wait for the first trip to finish. If the team isn't that good it may end sooner.

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What you'll need

How to Trawler fish
Pic Name Description Tradeable
Swamp Paste Swamp Paste Needed to fill the leaks that will appear in the boat. Around 100 per trip per leak mender. Yes
Rope Rope To fix the net when it breaks, which it will. If you have one net mender, s/he will need at least 10-15 ropes. Yes
Bailing bucket Bailing bucket Needed to bail out the water when the boat starts flooding from the leaks. Need only 1 per player. Yes
Coins Coins Useful for buying any supplies you need. Yes

Swamp Paste - buying: The shopkeeper of the general store and the crew members of the charter ships stock unlimited swamp paste, so you can just buy it. Bring money! You can also buy it on the GE. Swamp paste can also be purchased in the Mort'ton general store (see the Shades of Mort'ton quest guide for prerequisites to get there and unlock the store.) Click this Swamp Paste link to see current prices.

Swamp Paste - make your own: Click this Swamp Paste link to learn about making your own swamp paste. The best place to get flour for making swamp paste is in the Sinclair Mansion just north of Seers Village. The kitchen has a barrel of unlimited flour. Just remember you cannot use the barrel of flour unless you have started the Murder Mystery quest.


Rope: The shopkeeper and the charter ship also sell unlimited amounts of rope, so bring money to get some.

Bailing Bucket: The shopkeeper also stocks these, again bring money to buy one. They are inexpensive (less than 20gp).

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The ship and fishing

This is where it can get tricky if you don't know what's going on. To get to this part you will need to speak with Murphy and agree to help him. He will then make sure you wish to go before telling you to jump aboard.

You will notice a green bar on the screen. This is the minigame bar which indicates how much you are helping on the trawler. If the bar ever becomes empty, you will be forced out of the game. To fill the bar, either repair leaks, fix the ripped net, or bail water.

LEAKS. Once aboard you'll be told to get to work. If you wait long enough a leak will spring. Click it to automatically fix it with one of your swamp paste. Try not to waste time and get these filled as quickly as possible.

The water bar along the top of the screen indicates how close the boat is to sinking. Fix your leaks fast and keep bailing to stay afloat! Time left and Catch are there as pieces of information to tell how you the fishing is going and how soon you will return back to shore.

Leak Trawler

RIPPED NET. The net status will tell you if it is either 'Ripped' or 'Ok'. If it's ripped, you can't catch any more fish until it's fixed! To fix this you must move to the rear of the boat and climb up the ladder there.

Quickly click on the net and you'll fix it with a rope from your pack. Be careful as you may get unlucky and not fix it on the first attempt. This part can be annoying as the net may break again before you get back down the ladder. Successful fixes will reward you with 3 Crafting XP. Be ready for a lot of ladder climbing. Some players simply stand nearby so they can repair the net quickly, ensuring the best catch.


BAIL. If you're too slow filling up the leaks the boat will take on water, which means you're going down. You can left click on the bucket which will fill it up, left click again and you will move to the edge of the boat and pour it over the side.

FAILURE. Your team loses if the water bar fills all the way up and the ship goes under. Fortunately this isn't fatal - you will merely end up swimming around in the sunken remains of the ship. The sharks nearby can't reach you, so don't worry about them.

You can swim around to your heart's content, but to get back to land just click on one of the floating barrels which will cause you to swim back to land. This will just tire you out; you will lose a few life points, but it's nothing major to worry about. When you reach land you will find yourself on the shore near the Necromancer's Tower, just south of Ardougne. Head south if you want to have another go at fishing trawler!

If your ship sinks you will not find any items in your nets. However, the ship is again located at Port Khazard; amazing how it gets brought up from the murky depths of the sea.

SUCCESS! You must keep the ship afloat for ten minutes in order to return to the dock with your catch. The display shows how many minutes are left.

When you get back you can inspect the net, which will bring up this window. You can pick and choose what you'd like to take, and you can drag things directly to your bank using the deposit box on the interface! Whatever you didn't take will be left in a pile on the dock, where others can pick it up.

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Fish and items you can catch

Below is a complete list of what you can catch. Remember, you can bank your catch (using the net or the deposit box) and jump right back on the trawler. This is the only method for fishing manta rays, sea turtles, and tiger sharks - but the fishing xp for them is low. You can also get Glistening shells, which boost your exp for the next trip by 60%, and Shimmering shells, which boosts exp for yourself and 9 other players on the next trip by 60%. Shark teeth can be combined using the crafting skill into a Shark's tooth necklace for a 5% exp boost while fishing for sharks. Have fun fishing and trying to catch those rare fish!

The Fish
Pic Name Fishing lvl Fishing exp Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Tiger Shark Tiger Shark 95 80 95 230 250‡
Manta Ray Manta Ray 81 46 91 216 220
Sea Turtle Sea Turtle 79 38 82 212 210
Shark Shark 76 110 80 210 200
Swordfish Swordfish 50 100 50 140 140
Lobster Lobster 40 90 40 120 120
Tuna Tuna 30 80 30 100 100
Edible Seaweed Edible Seaweed 16 1 - - 40
Oyster Oyster 16 10 - - -
Seaweed Seaweed 16 1 - - -
Anchovy Anchovy 15 40 1 30 30
Sardine Sardine 5 20 1 40 40
Shimp Shrimp 1 10 1 30 30

‡ As well as up to a +100 extra Life Points boost.

The Junk
Pic Name Fishing exp. Tradeable
Boots Old Boot 2 No
Buttons Buttons 1 No
Broken Staff Broken Staff 1 No
Empty Pot Empty Pot 1 Yes
Damaged Armour Damaged Armour 1 No
Broken Glass Broken Glass 1 No
Rusty Sword Rusty sword 1 No
Broken Arrow Broken Arrow 1 No

The Extras
Pic Name Tradeable
Shark Tooth Shark Tooth No
Glistening Shell Glistening Shell No
Shimmering Shell Shimmering Shell No
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Tips and tricks

  • The best advice you can get is to take many people. It is very hard to keep the ship afloat with just one person. Take at least three or four. One can stand up on top and fix the net when it breaks, two can fix the leaks and the fourth can bail. The two fixing leaks can also bail when they get time.

  • This is a great way to meet and make new friends. Nothing brings people together like saving each others' behinds on a sinking ship.

  • The quality of fish you receive from the net is based on your fishing level right before you look into the net. Therefore, to get better fish, boost your fishing level, by using an Admiral Pie, for example, right before you check the net to receive better fish. Using this method, you may also receive fish from the trawler you cannot catch yet, given that the level you boost to can catch it (eating an Admiral Pie at 71 fishing allows you to receive sharks, for example, which can be caught at level 76).

  • Running is the must-have thing on the trawler. Make sure you select it from the options menu. It comes in handy when rushing about. Try to make sure that your energy is full when you take a trip, as you will need it. There is a musican north of the Port where you can recharge.

  • Completing the Elite Ardougne Achievement diary and wearing Ardougne cloak 4, replaces junk from the Fishing Trawler with more useful items.
  • Some players believe in waiting till the boat is full of water and then starting to repair it and keep it afloat. They think they'll have a higher chance of catching sea turtles, manta rays and all the other fish, instead of catching the junk that litters the sea bed. However, this has never been proven, and many players disagree.

  • Most of all have fun, it's a great laugh when you take friends and you're all rushing around trying to save the boat.
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