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Treasure trails are one of things in RuneScape that will give you hours of fun. You don't have the slightest idea what kind of treasure you'll get, or when you'll get it. If you like adventures, be sure to do some treasure trails. Treasure trails are members only, but some of the rewards can be used by both F2P'ers and P2P'ers.

To begin a treasure trail, you'll need a clue scroll. Clue scrolls are dropped by certain kinds of monsters when you kill them. Below is a list of the monsters that drop clue scrolls. They are divided into four categories. Refer to the rewards page for more information about the different categories. The higher the category, the better the potential reward if you complete the trail.

Jagex has so many monsters that drop the four different level clues that it would be unwise to list them all here. Instead there are links below (to the Bestiary) for you to click so you can see what monsters drop the level clue scroll you want.

Clue Dropping Monsters
Any level clue
Clue scroll (easy)
Clue scroll (medium)
Clue scroll (hard)
Clue scroll (elite)

There are also a couple of other ways you can get clue scrolls. These ways can sometimes be more fun, because when you DO get a clue scroll, it's always a nice surprise. Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members will often get you a Clue scroll (easy) and if you're brave enough to venture into the Zogre Cavern West of Gu'Tanoth, it's possible to get a key from one of the monsters that inhabit these dim caves. Use the key on the coffins in the area, and maybe, you just might find....a clue scroll! If you're not up to the task of killing the nearby monsters, try thieving the coffins instead. You can occasionally find Clue scrolls (easy) this way as well.

You can also get clue scrolls from Shade Chests. The kind of chest will determine which level clue scroll you can get, but in general, the higher the shade, the higher the clue level. For example, you may get a Clue scroll (easy) from a chest requiring a brown key. But, if you have a silver key, you may end up getting a Clue scroll (hard). Here's a list of shade chests and the level of clue scroll you can get from each:

  • Bronze chests - Clue Scroll (easy)
  • Steel chests - Clue Scroll (easy) and Clue Scroll (medium)
  • Black chests - Clue Scroll (medium)
  • Silver chests - Clue Scroll (hard)

Refer to our Shades of Mort'ton Guide for more information on burning shades, getting keys and accessing shade chests.

Clue scrolls can also be found in caskets while big net fishing, received as rewards from Manage Thy Kingdom and the Evil Tree, or bought with Pieces of eight at the Trouble Brewing Minigame.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm on the right locations, but I can't find anything! How come?
If it's a coordinates clue, make sure you have the sextant, chart, watch and clue in your inventory, or else you will not find anything when digging. Keeping these items in the bank doesn't work. If you never received a sextant, watch and chart, go see the Professor in the house North of the Observatory. Refer to the Coordinates page for more information.

If it's a normal clue, make sure you have your clue with you.

2. I've been killing this monster for ages, and I STILL haven't gotten a clue! Why?
First, check your inventory and bank. You will not get a clue scroll if you already have one in your bank/inventory, no matter how many monsters you kill.

Also, make sure the monster you're killing actually drops clues. Check the Bestiary or the Basics section at the beginning of this guide for a list of monsters that drop clues. Otherwise, you'll just have to be patient! Clue drops are purely random; you may get 3 in one day by killing the same monster, or you may not get any for 3 weeks!

3. If I drop my clue because it's too hard or I can't figure it out, can I get another one?
Yes. Dropping your clue does not prevent you from getting more clue scrolls. It's like you never had it in the first place.

4. Which treasure trails rewards are F2P?
All the trimmed and god armour is F2P. Non-members can buy these items from members and wear them like any other armour. The other special items that come from treasure trails (boots, hats, headbands etc.) are P2P only.

5. Can I have more than one clue at a time?
No you can't. You cannot pick up another clue before you've either dropped or completed your current one. Monsters will not drop clues if you have one in your bank already.

6. Does the ring of wealth help with clues?
Jagex have updated the ring and have confirmed that the ring of wealth makes the drop rate of clues from monsters slightly higher, and it helps you receive rarer rewards when doing a Treasure Trail.

7. Can clue scrolls or the sextant, watch and chart be traded?

8. Do I keep my clue scroll if I die?
Yes, you do keep your clue scroll should you die.

9. What do I do if I lose my sextant, watch or chart?
If you lose your sextant, go back and ask Murphy in Port Khazard for another one. If you lose your watch, go speak to Brother Kojo at the Clocktower, and if you need another chart, go speak to the Professor in the house North of the Observatory. Make sure you have a coordinates clue in your inventory before trying to get a replacement chart, though. Otherwise, the Professor will NOT give you a replacement. You don't need to have a coordinates clue to get a replacement sextant or watch.

If you have level 28 crafting and you have access to a player-owned home with a workshop, you can also make a new watch and sextant yourself. You cannot make a replacement chart. To get a new chart, you'll have to go back and visit the Professor again.

10. If I see someone drop a clue scroll, can I pick it up?
No. Clue scrolls are not tradeable, nor can they be picked up from the ground if someone dies or drops it. Only the person that received the scroll in the first place can solve the treasure trail the scroll belongs to.

11. Do I have to do the Observatory Quest to get the sextant, watch and chart?
No. Formerly, if you started the quest and never finished it, the Professor wouldn't talk to you about treasure trails until you completed the quest. This has been fixed - he now asks if you want to talk about the quest or Treasure Trails. Also, you do not have to do the Clocktower Quest before getting your watch from Brother Kojo.

12. I've tried speaking to the Professor over and over again about getting Treasure Trail help and the sextant, watch and chart, but all he talks about is his broken telescope and his planks. What's going on?
First, you must have a coordinates clue with you when you first speak to the Professor. If you don't, he won't talk about treasure trails at all. If you have the coordinates clue with you, try examining the clue before you speak to him. If this doesn't work, then you may have started the Observatory quest at some time and not finished it. You should therefore finish the quest, then talk to the Professor again. Remember - if you choose the wrong option when you speak to him, that is, if you click on anything other than the Treasure Trails option, you end up starting the Observatory quest if you haven't started it yet.

13. Why won't Murphy and Brother Kojo give me the items I need?
You must speak to the Professor in the house North of the Observatory BEFORE asking Murphy for the sextant and Brother Kojo for the watch. If you didn't get sent to Murphy and Kojo by the Professor, they won't help you. Also, make sure you have your coordinates clue in your inventory when you speak with them. If you've already spoken to the Professor, AND you have your clue with you and Brother Kojo STILL won't help you, refer to FAQ 9. above.

14. I know that members get trimmed armour from Treasure Trails, but I'm a non-member, and someone offered to trim my armour. How can I trim my armour myself?
You can't trim armour. Members can't trim armour. Nobody can trim armour. There is no such skill as armour trimming. Trimmed armour, whether plain or gold, can only be obtained by completing a Treasure Trail or by burning Vyrewatch remains. You can, however, purchase trimmed armour from other players, even if you're not a member.

If anyone offers to trim your armour, or they tell you they're a member and armour trimming is a new member skill, don't believe it. It's a scam, and they will steal your armour. You should report the person by using the "Report Abuse" button at the bottom of your playing screen.



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