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Sometimes you might get a clue scroll, and when you open it to read it, all you see is a map. Your task is to find out where that place is, and then, like the pirates always do, take the steps shown on your map and dig where X marks the spot. To dig, you'll need your trusty spade (a spade in your toolbelt will work). Here's a list of the different maps:

Map Location Map Location
Tt Map Loc Champguild West side of Champions Guild, South of the mining area. Two paces to the EAST of the tree Tt Map Loc Draynorvillage

Draynor Village

Tt Map Loc Lumberyard Lumberyard, North-east of Varrock. You must have started the Gertrude's Cat Quest to enter the lumberyard Tt Map Loc Barbvillagefalador Between Falador and Barbarian Village, to the South of the path
Tt Map Loc Varrockeastmine Varrock East Mine, halfway between the North-east edge of the mine and the wall to the North Tt Map Loc Goblinobservatory Goblin village near the Observatory
West Ardougne West Ardougne, West side. North-east house in the group of 12 houses in the middle near the Underground Pass entrance. You must have started the Plague City Quest to enter West Ardougne. Tt Map Loc Dwf Inside the Dark Warriors' Fortress in the wilderness, South-west corner of the interior open-air square
Tt Map Loc Clocktower Clocktower, South of the Ardougne Castle Tt Map Loc Mcgrubors McGrubor's Wood, to the West of Seers Village
Tt Map Loc Westmcgrubors Sir Galahad's house, West of Mcgrubor's Wood Tt Map Loc Craftguildpenisula Hobgoblin area, on the island peninsula West of the Crafting Guild
Tt Map Loc Yanille Behind the Anvil House in Yanille Tt Map Loc Necromancertower West of the Necromancer's Tower, just to the North of the Tower of Life
TT Remmington Map Building in West Rimmington Tt Map Loc Wizardtower Wizard's Tower South of Draynor Village
Tt Map Loc Lvl50wild Level 50 wilderness, directly to the West of the larger volcano, to the South-east of the Agility Course Tt Map Loc Morttonroad On the road to Mort'ton, South-west of the fishing spots and North of the Haunted Mine. You must have started the Nature Spirit Quest to enter Mort Myre Swamp to walk to Mort'ton.
Tt Map Loc Lighthouse Island with the Lighthouse, to the South-west of Rellekka. Take the second path that heads South Tt Map Loc Miscellania Miscellania, just to the East of the entrance to the Castle grounds. You must have completed the Fremennik Trials Quest to take the boat to Miscellania.
Tt Map Loc Chaosaltarkhazard Chaos Altar West of the Khazard Battlefield (south west of Ardougne), dig right behind the altar Tt Map Loc Sinclairmansion On the Eastern side of the path that leads from Sinclair Mansion to the Fremennik Province (Rellekka)
Tt Map Loc Northfalador North of Falador, right near the statue Tt Map Loc Southlegends Just to the South of the Legends Guild entrance, to the North-east of Ardougne
Tt Map Loc Eastrangedguild Just to the East of the Ranging Guild Reserved for future map clue Reserved for future map hint


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