Treasure Trails - NPC Locations

In treasure trails you will sometimes get a clue saying something like "Speak to ....". This is a little list of the different NPCs (non-player characters) that you can find on treasure trails. To the left of each name there is a picture of what each NPC looks like in the game.

NPC Locations
NPC Location NPC Location
ArheinArhein At the ship in Catherby Bartender Blue MoonBartender Blue Moon Inn, Varrock
Bartender Rusty AnchorBartender Rusty Anchor Black HeatherBlack Heather Bandit Camp, Wilderness
BrimstailBrimstail Gnome Stronghold, east of the bridge on the west side of the Stronghold. Enter the hollowed rock, which leads to his cave. Brother KojoBrother Kojo (Monk) Ardougne Clock Tower
DonovanDonovan Upstairs, Sinclair Mansion (north-west of Camelot) DoricDoric At the house with anvils, north-west Falador, just east of the gate to Taverley.
EllisEllis The Tanner in Al-Kharid, North of the furnace GaiusGaius Burthorpe (north-east), 2-handed sword seller
General BentnozeGeneral Bentnoze Goblin Village HajedyHajedy North Brimhaven, near the docks (ship to Ardougne)
HansHans Lumbridge Castle HazelmereHazelmere House on the green-spiders island east of Yanille, upstairs
JeedJeed Middle of Duel Arena, East of Al-Kharid Kangai MauKangai Mau Inside the Shrimp and Parrot Pub/Restaurant in Brimhaven
KarimKarim (Kebab Seller) Al-Kharid Kebab Store King BorlenKing Bolren Centre of Tree Gnome Maze
LoweLowe Lowe's Archery Store, Varrock LuthasLuthas Karamja Banana Plantation
Mistress FaraMurphy Port Khazard MurhpyMurphy Port Khazard
NedNed Draynor Village OracleOracle Ice Mountain
Party PeteParty Pete Party Hall, Falador RefereeReferee Gnome-Ball course, Gnome Stronghold
RoavarRoavar Bar in Canifis. LousiaStaff of Sinclair Mansion (Louisa) Sinclair Mansion, north of Camelot
Sir KaySir Kay Camelot Castle SquireSquire White Knight's Castle, Falador
UliziusUlizius At the gate to Mort Myre Swamp in Morytania, south-west of Canifis. You must have completed the Priest in Peril quest to access this area. ZekeZeke Al-Kharid, Scimitar Shop
Zoo KeeperZookeeper Ardougne Zoo



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