Troll Invasion

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Located on the north-west edge of Burthorpe is the gatehouse where the Imperial Guard is standing guard against the troll horde coming down from the plateau overlooking the city. If you speak with Captain Jute here, he will offer you the chance to aid in the defence of the gatehouse once a month by either repairing the gatehouse or taking on the trolls yourself for a significant experience reward, which you can repeat for practice at any time.

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Repairing the Gatehouse

Your goal while aiding the defence of the gatehouse through repairs is to withstand the invasion force of 1500 trolls for as long as possible. You do not need to bring anything with you when working on repairs as you will be given the tools you need when starting. However, as you will be spending much of your time running, it is suggested that you bring the following:

  • Fifteen free inventory spaces
  • Weight reducing gear
  • As few other items as possible

While working on the gatehouse repairs, a special status window will be displayed, telling you all the information you need to know about the status of the gatehouse and the troll invaders. Due to the size and location of the status window it is not recommended to use the fixed display mode during this Distraction and Diversion. When the trolls are launching a sneak attack on the gatehouse a notification will appear at the bottom of the status window, identifying the current attack.

TI Statusbox

Your work at maintaining the gatehouse consists of maintaining the ballista, oil drums, barricades, and walls of the gatehouse through the following set of activities:

Task Description XP Reward Trolls Killed Morale gained
Repair Wall Repair the walls both on the ground floor and the upper level in order to reduce the damage the gatehouse has taken and to restore some health. 10 Construction* 10 5
Repair Barricade Repair the barricades on the ground floor to reduce the damage the gatehouse is taking and to restore some health. 10 Crafting 10 5
Repair Ballista Repair the Ballista so it can help defend the gatehouse. 10 Construction* 10 5
Light the Ballista ammunition Deals additional damage to the trolls. 10 Firemaking 10** 5**
Fill the Oil drums Attacks trolls that make it to the gate of the gatehouse. In order to fill the Oil drums you must fill the buckets provided using the oil well to the east. 0 10** 5**

*This experience is only gained once a player owned house has been purchased from a real estate agent.
**These values are for each time you perform the action, which can be more than one at a time.

TI Gatehouse Map

Additionally to help your in your mission against the troll threat, every minute you are granted 10 morale points in addition to the points generated by your efforts, which may be used to receive assistance from the Imperial guard. All the boosts cost 75 morale points for thirty seconds, with no restriction on using the boosts simultaneously; however a boost may not be used for a minute following being activated. These boosts are accessed from a tab named 'Special Attacks' which temporarily replaces the emotes tab while in this D&D.

Name Effect
Second Wind Prevents damage to walls, barricades, and the Ballista.
Double Kill All actions kill twice as many trolls.
Caffeine Hit Repairs take half as long and negates the effect of weight on running. Counters the running effects of the Slow-mo and Oil Spill sneak attacks.
Extra Hands Broken items do not damage the gatehouse health.

Beware though, as your Troll enemies will launch sneak attacks with increasing frequency, reducing your defences in one of several ways:

Name Effect Suggested Counter
Clobbering Time! Damages all portions of the gatehouse. Extra Hands
Armoured Trolls Repairs do not kill trolls. None
Slow-mo Run energy is set to 0. Caffeine Hit
No Well Prevents buckets from being filled at the oil well. None
Oil Spill Drains the oil drums and prevents running on the upper floor. Caffeine Hit
Fire in the Hole! Increases the damage for broken parts of the gatehouse. Extra Hands
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If you choose to fight the trolls then the first time you play this D&D you will have to fight off twenty waves of trolls. After you have fought for any amount of time on the twenty waves, the next time you go to fight the trolls, you'll have the option to through only seven waves of trolls. This option, however, is harder*.

In the north-east corner of the game area there is a potion table that allows you to raise your stats back up to their normal level. You can drink from this five times each wave, unless Dynamite destroys the potion table. If this happens then you will be on your own for the reminder of the waves. In the north-west corner of the game area there is a path that the troll Poorly Cooked Karambwan tends to wander to. If you go past the torches, unseen and untouchable trolls will throw boulders at you. You cannot protect yourself against these attacks. The only thing you can do is to wait for Poorly Cooked Karambwan to walk out of that area or attack him with magic or range. You can lure the trolls towards the east where the archers on the wall will attack them. Below is a table that show which trolls you will find during the waves.

* While being harder, it is currently unknown how much greater the reward is for attempting the harder seven waves of trolls compared to the easier twenty waves.

Easy waves (20) Hard waves (7)
Wave: What to expect: Wave: What to expect:
1 Mountain troll 1 4 Mountain trolls, 3 Troll rangers
2 Troll ranger
3 Troll ranger, Mountain troll
4 Troll ranger, 2 Mountain trolls 2 Troll ranger, 2 Mountain trolls, 3 Poorly Cooked Karambwan
5 Poorly Cooked Karambwan
6 Poorly Cooked Karambwan, Mountain troll
7 Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan 3 Wizard, 2 Troll rangers, Mountain troll, 2 Troll generals
8 Troll general
9 Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Troll general
10 Troll ranger, 2 Troll generals 4 2 Wizards, Troll father (and runts), 2 Mountain trolls, Troll general, 2 Poorly Cooked Karambwan, Troll ranger
11 Wizard
12 Wizard, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
13 Wizard, Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan 5 Wizard, Troll general, 2 Mountain trolls, 2 Troll fathers (and runts), 2 Poorly Cooked Karambwan
14 Dynamite, Troll father (and runts)
15 Troll general, Mountain troll, Troll father (and runts), Poorly Cooked Karambwan
16 Wizard, Troll father (and runts), Troll ranger, Mountain troll 6 Dynamite, Wizard, 2 Summoners, Troll ranger, Mountain troll, 2 Poorly Cooked Karambwan, Troll father
17 Dynamite, Summoner
18 Dynamite, Wizard, Summoner, Troll father (and runts), Troll ranger, Mountain troll
19 Dynamite, Wizard, Troll father (and runts), Troll ranger, Mountain troll 7 Dynamite, Cliff, Wizard, Troll father (and runts), Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
20 Cliff

Some trolls should be killed before others to make life easier for you. If one type of troll isn't on your current wave, skip that one and move onto the next troll on the list.
Dynamite > Summoner > Wizard > Cliff > Troll ranger > Troll father > Troll general > Mountain troll > Troll runts/summoned familiar > Poorly Cooked Karambwan

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Troll Note:
  TI Mountain Troll Mountain troll The mountain trolls attack with melee and are fairly easy to kill.
  Troll Ranger Troll ranger Troll rangers attack with range and have a special attack that hits through prayer and can hit hard. The beginning of this attack is the troll bending down to the ground. It then picks up a rock, swings it around in a circle and lets go of it. If you don't move a few squares away (or turn on the protect from range or deflect missiles prayer) then you will take damage.
  Kamabwan Poorly Cooked Karambwan Poorly Cooked Karambwan is a troll that wanders around game area. He isn't aggressive, but he is sick and the longer you are in close proximity to him the more he will lower your stats. He also has a tendency to wander to the north-west of the game area.
  TI Troll General Troll general Troll generals can hit very hard, so turning on protect from melee or deflect melee would help.
  Wizard Wizard Wizards can teleport you around the arena and summon vines from the ground to do damage to you if you stand on them. They also use standard magic attacks.
  Dynamite Dynamite These trolls are in a sense the most dangerous trolls as they will automatically walk toward the healing elixir and blow it up. If these trolls are on a wave it is highly recommended to attack them before they get to the healing elixir.
  Troll Father Troll father Troll father attacks with a range attack and he will summon three troll runts. If you attack the runts while their father is still alive, the father can and will heal the troll runts.
  TI Troll Runt Troll runt Three troll runts are summoned by the troll father. It is advised to kill the troll father before you attack the troll runts because the troll father will heal them.
  Summoner Summoner The Summoner will summon some familiars, either a Bunyip or a Granite lobster. You must kill the familiars to move onto the next wave.
  Cliff Cliff Cliff attacks with all three attack types (melee, range and magic). If you attack him with melee and pray against melee you will take minimal damage. The main damage will then be from his magic attack.
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After your first try every month you will receive a reward book for your efforts. The book will give you the ability to choose one skill to receive the reward XP. The amount of reward XP you gain is determined by your performance in that attempt, and the current level of the skill you choose to receive the reward XP in.

Spin Ticket

Additionally, starting your first attempt of Troll Invasion once per month will reward you with a spin ticket for the Squeal of Fortune.

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Tips and Tricks

  • It is possible to lure Cliff over to the archers by stepping onto his square, as he will back up to continue attacking you. The archers are capable of hitting massive damage which can be particularly useful for his higher level versions.
  • If you choose to defend the gatehouse, players who have completed the As a First Resort... quest may wish to take a dip in the Oo'glog Salt Water Pool just prior to taking part. The effect of the pool will give you unlimited run energy for a time period of 10 to 30 minutes. Alternatively, players who have purchased the Surefooted or Greater Surefooted auras through the Members Loyalty Programme can activate the aura for infinite run energy for a time period of 20 or 40 minutes respectively.
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