Troll Stronghold

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Entrances to Troll Stronghold are located both west of Trollheim and east of the golden apple tree in the Fremennik Province, check out the world map to see where they are. The Troll Stronghold is only accessible during and after the Troll Stronghold quest which has a requisite for the Death Plateau quest. The stronghold is also involved in the Eadgar's Ruse and Troll Romance quests.

Troll Generals seem to be the most popular to kill in the stronghold. Being so large and easy to manipulate and position makes them prize targets for halberd style melee training. Not to mention they sometimes drop granite shields and rune warhammers. Twig and Berry, the jail guards, are also easily manipulated.

On the surface of the stronghold is a farming patch where you can plant herbs. You may only do this after completing My Arm's Big Adventure. My Arm watches over your herbs for free when planted here, so they will never disease.

You can also acquire Goutweed in the stronghold which can be traded for normal herbs from Sanfew in the town of Taverly. At the moment, when traded, you get random herbs equal to the amount of goutweed you traded. So you can decide if it's worth the trouble of navigating through the troll guards to the Goutweed crate.

Hover over a floor name on the right to reveal it on the left.

Karamja Volcano Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Troll General (level 171) Troll General (level 171) Troll General (level 171) Arrg (level 171) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Mountain Troll (level 69 & 71) Burnt meat Berry (level 71) Twig (level 71)

Dungeon Monsters
Mountain Troll: Level 69 / Level 71
Berry: Level 71
Twig: Level 71
Troll General: Level 171
Arrg: Level 171

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