Trollweiss Mountain Access Dungeon

By Cowman_133

This dungeon filled with level 120 aggressive Ice Trolls is the only way to get to the top of Trollweiss Mountain. This dungeon is accessed during Troll Romance to obtain Trollweiss for Ug and during The Curse of Arrav to access the dungeon on Trollweiss Mountain. There aren't many other uses for the dungeon. You cannot re-enter the dungeon from Trollweiss Mountain after you exit the crevasse.

Trollweiss Mountain Access Dungeon
Ice Troll (Level 120) Ice Troll (Level 120) Ice Troll (Level 120) Ice Troll (Level 120) Ice Troll (Level 120)

Dungeon Monsters:
Ice Trolls: Level 120, Level 120, Level 120

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