Tunnel of Chaos

By Ddraiggoch06

Located beneath the Saradomin statue north-east of Varrock, this tunnel contains two significant portals and is home to several Dagon'Hai NPCs, but no monsters. It is unlocked during the What Lies Below quest by using a pickaxe on the statue.

The north chamber contains a portal to the third level of the chaos altar maze - a chaos talisman or tiara (or equivalent) is required. The west chamber offers a portal to the south-east sector of the Chaos Tunnels. This portal is used for the Hunt for Surok miniquest which unlocks Bork.

Dagon\'Hai Tunnels

Each Dagon'Hai in the tunnel is unique:

  • Mishkal'un Dorn - a precognitive who always answers your question before you ask it.
  • Sil'as Dahcsnu - a mage who, if you challenge him, will make you look foolish if your magic level is below 80.
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis - an oddly nice Zamorakian who politely answers questions.

Thanks to: Pokemama

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