Varrock Museum


The Varrock Museum is located just east of the Varrock Castle and north of the bank. It contains a wealth of knowledge about the history of RuneScape, but they could use your help to finish out the museum. They need you to help develop quizzes, discover artifacts, and share your knowledge from quests you have done. As a reward you will receive experience in various skills as well as Museum Kudos. The amount of Kudos you have earned is displayed in the top-right hand corner of your screen. You will need 100 Kudos to travel to the Dig Site Island (not released yet). The maximum number of Kudos is 198. If you ever get lost or forget where you still need to get Kudos from, speak to the Information Clerk in the north-west corner of the ground floor for prompts on what you can do to gain any remaining kudos.

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Basement - Natural History

The basement is filled with mechanised animals in glass cases. You will need to complete a quiz for each animal by correctly answering three questions about it. It's optional, but if you speak to any Historian in the basement, he will give you a lecture on any of the nearby animals, with all the correct answers (he'll also writhe on the floor comically imitating the animal.) For each quiz you complete you will receive 2 Museum Kudos. There are 14 animals in all. Speak to Orlando Smith right beside the steps in the basement to begin the quizzes. Study each plaque to take the quiz. Don't worry if you miss one, you will just get a different question. Below are all of the correct answers for each animal starting in the north-east corner and working clockwise.

Northern Exhibits
Question: Answer:
Who discovered how to kill lizards? The slayer masters
What order do lizards belong to? Squamata
How do lizards regulate body temperature? Sunlight
What happens when a lizards becomes cold? It becomes sleepy
How many eyes does a lizard have? 3
Lizard skin is made of the same substance as? Hair
Battle Tortoise
Question: Answer:
What is a tortoise's favourite food? Vegetables
How does the tortoise protect itself? Hard shell
What race breeds tortoises for battle? Gnome
If a tortoise had 20 rings on its shell, how old would it be? 20 years
What is the name of the oldest tortoise ever recorded? Mibbiwocket
Name the explorer who discovered the world's oldest tortoise. Admiral Bake
Question: Answer:
Approximately how many feet tall do dragons stand? 12
Which of these is not a type of dragon? Elemental
What is the favoured territory of a dragon? Old battle sites
How long do dragons live? Unknown
What is considered a delicacy to dragons? Runite
What is the best defence against a dragon? Anti-dragonbreath shield
Question: Answer:
How did the Wyverns die out? Climate change
What are the Wyverns' closest relations? Dragons
Which genus does the wyvern theoretically belong to? Reptiles
What is the ambient temperature of wyvern bones? Below room temperature
How many legs does a wyvern have? 2
Where have wyvern bones been found? Asgarnia

Eastern Exhibits
Question: Answer:
Which of these is a snail byproduct? Fire-proof oil
What does ‘Achatina Acidia’ mean? Acid-spitting
What is special about the shell of a giant Morytanian snail? It is resistant to acid
How do snails move? Contracting and stretching
What is the ‘trapdoor’, which snails use to cover the entrance to their shells called? Operculum
How do Mortytanian snails capture their prey? Spitting acid
Question: Answer:
What is snake venom adapted from? Stomach Acid
If some snakes use venom to kill their prey, what do other snakes use? Constriction
Lizards and snakes belong to the same order - what is it? Squamata
If a snake sticks out its tongue at you, what is it doing? Seeing how you smell
Which habitat do snakes prefer? Anywhere
Aside from their noses, what do snakes use to smell? Tongue
Sea Slugs
Question: Answer:
What do we think the sea slug feeds upon? Seaweed
Why has the museum never examined a live sea slug? The researchers keep vanishing
We assume sea slugs have a stinging organ on their soft skin – what's it called? Nematocysts
Off of which coastline would you find sea slugs? Ardougne
In what way are sea slugs similar to snails? They have a hard shell
What are the two fangs presumed to be used for? Defence or display
Question: Answer:
Which have the lighter colour: Karamjan or Harmless monkeys? Harmless
What colour Mohawk do Karamjan monkeys have? Red
What have Karamjan monkeys taken a deep disliking to? Seaweed
What type of primates do monkeys belong to? Simian
There are two families of monkeys. One is Karamjan, the other is? Harmless
Monkeys love bananas. What else do they like to eat? Bitternuts

Southern Exhibits
Kalphite Queen
Question: Answer:
Name the prominent figure in kalphite mythology? Scabaras
What are the armoured plates on a kalphite called? Lamellae
What is the lowest caste in kalphite society? Worker
What are kalphites assumed to have evolved from? Scarab Beetles
Kalphites are ruled by a...? Pasha
Are kalphites carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? Carnivores
Question: Answer:
What is a terrorbird’s preferred food? Anything
Where do terrorbirds get most of their water? Plants
Who uses terrorbirds as mounts? Gnomes
How many claws do terrorbirds have? 4
How many teeth do terrorbirds have? 0
What do terrorbirds eat to aid digestion? Stones

Western Exhibits
Question: Answer:
When do penguins fast? Breeding
Describe the behaviour of penguins. Social
What is the preferred climate for penguins? Cold
Which sense do penguins rely on for hunting? Sight
Which skill seems unusual for the penguins to possess? Planning
How do penguins keep warm? A Layer of fat
Question: Answer:
What habitat do moles prefer? Subterranean
Why are moles considered to be an agricultural pest? They dig holes
Who discovered giant moles? Wyson the Gardener
What is a mole's favourite food? Insects and other invertebrates
Which family do moles belong to? The Talpidae family
What would you call a group of young moles? A labour
Question: Answer:
What is the usual mood for a camel? Annoyed
What is produced by feeding chili to a camel? Toxic dung
Camels: Herbivore, Carnivore, or Omnivore? Omnivore
Which camel byproduct is known to be very nutritious? Milk
If an Ugthanki has one, how many would a bactrian have? Two
Where would you find an Ugthanki? Al Kharid
Question: Answer:
What is special about Morytanian leeches? They attack by jumping
What is the favoured habitat of leeches? Water
What shape is the inside of a leech's mouth? Y-shaped
What contributed to the giant growth of Morytanian Leeches? Environment
Which of these is not eaten by leeches? Apples
How does a leech change when it feeds? It can double in size
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Ground Floor - Dig Site

On the ground floor you will need to clean off specimen rocks to uncover artifacts. The workroom is on the south side of the museum. You will need to have completed the Dig Site Quest and will need tools (which are available from the tool rack on the southern wall of the workroom). Once you have your tools and are wearing your leather boots and gloves walk over to the specimen rock bag and take a specimen. Use the specimen on the specimen table until it is clean and then use it on any archaeologist in the area. The archaeologist will tell you what to do with it: either put it in a display case or put it in the storage crate. You are looking for the five artifacts (each worth 10 Kudos) listed in the table below. Also, you can find an ancient ruby necklace in a specimen rock. Show it to an archeologist and it will unlock an enchantment spell that you can use on a ruby necklace, which will then be able to teleport you to the north side of the Dig Site. Each time you deposit an item in the storage crate, you will get something. It is usually something valueless, but occasionally you may get a 500 xp lamp, an ore, or gp.

Dig Site Artifacts
Pic Name Cabinet Number
Old Symbol Old Symbol 36
Ancient Symbol Ancient Symbol 37
Pottery Pottery 39
Ancient Coin Ancient Coin 44
Old Coin Old Coin 45

Clean Necklace
Clean Necklace Clean Necklace Speak to any archaeologist to unlock the enchant ruby necklace spell which teleports you to the north side of the Dig Site.

Ground Floor Display Case Map
Floor Bottom

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Upper Levels - Timeline

The top floors are full of cases with different artifacts from different periods in the history of RuneScape. The artifacts go from the first age all the way up to the fifth. Each artifact is accompanied by information. If you are a RuneScape history fanatic, this is the place for you. If you just want to quickly get the experience lamps do the following quests and speak to Historian Minas. Below is the table of each required quest and mini-quest listed by display case. You do not have to visit the cases, only speak to Historian Minas.

Timeline Information
Case # Quests Required
3 What Lies Below
(Bring the Dagon’hai History book from Reldo’s library)
7 Hazeel Cult
9 Merlin's Crystal
10 The Grand Tree
13 Meeting History
17 Observatory Quest
20 A Tail of Two Cats
21 Rune Mysteries
23 In Aid of the Myreque
24 Shield of Arrav and Defender of Varrock
25 Demon Slayer
28 Temple of Ikov
Ghostly Robes mini-quest
35 Rune Mysteries
46 Making History
48 Glorious Memories
(Bring the Prophecy Tablet to Minas)
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List of Exhibits/Map

Below is a list of all exhibits on the ground, middle, and top floors. For a list of basement exhibits see the basement section. The ground floor map is in another section of this guide. The upper floors maps of the exhibits are below. Again, you do not have to visit these cases - this is for the curious only.

List of Exhibits
Case # Floor Description
1 Middle Barbarian Village Map
2 Middle Fremennik Weapons
3 Top What Lies Below book
4 Middle Black Knight Armour, some history between the Black and White Knights
5 Middle Bow, Sword and Runes
6 Middle Lumbridge, Bridge
7 Middle Explains Hazeel history
8 Middle Druid stone circle
9 Middle Excalibur replica
10 Top Gnome glider
11 Middle Infinity Armour, History of the Mage Training Arena
12 Top Mage Training Arena guardian
13 Middle 1st Age Tablet
14 Top Map of Edgeville
16 Middle 1st-2nd Age map
17 Middle Telescope
18 Top Phoenix crossbow
19 Middle Various weapons
20 Middle Dragonkin, Robert the Strong
21 Middle Describes Runecrafting
23 Middle Priestly warrior helmets
24 Middle Explains history of Arrav
25 Middle Silverlight sword
26 Top Necromancer defeated
27 Ground Soil Layers
28 Middle Staff of Armadyl
29 Middle Star chart
30 Middle Golem Statuette
Missing if you have stolen it during The Golem quest
31 Middle Symbols of the gods
32 Middle Werewolve, History of the start of the Vampyre rein in Mortania
33 Top Story of White and Black Knights
34 Middle Map after God Wars
35 Top Loss of RuneCrafting knowledge
36 Ground Old Saradomin Symbol
37 Ground Ancient Saradomin Symbol
38 Ground Saradomin Vase
39 Ground Pottery
40 Ground Jewellery
41 Ground Arrowheads
42 Ground Ancient Talisman
43 Ground Dig Site Tablet
44 Ground Ancient Coin
45 Ground Old Coin
46 Top Painting of King Lathas
47 Top Map of Ardougne
48 Top Prophecy Tablets

Upper Floors Maps
Middle Floor
Floor Middle
Top Floor
Floor Top

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You will receive rewards for completing each section of the museum.

In the basement, once you have completed every quiz speak to Orlando Smith and he will reward you with 1,000 hunting and 1,000 slayer experience. You can also accumulate a total of 28 kudos here, used below.

In the basement, in a room under the main stairs, you can visit Mr. Mordaut. Completing A Tail of Two Cats and Ritual of the Mahjarrat earns 5 kudos. Killing the King Black Dragon and Queen Black Dragon earns 5 kudos each. Select talk option 'Can you tell me about dragonkin?' and then the task you completed. After completing all tasks, and gaining 15 kudos, you will be rewarded with a dragonkin lamp which grants 25k slayer xp.

On the ground floor you will receive item rewards for depositing artifacts into the storage crate and you can also get the clean necklace to unlock a new enchantment spell. You can also accumulate a total of 50 kudos here, used below.

On the upper floors timeline area, you will be rewarded with three 1,000 experience lamps and one 10,000 experience lamp as you recount your adventures to Historian Minas. To get all four lamps you must have completed all of the quest requirements as well as the Ghostly Robes mini quest. You will also accumulate kudos here, depending on how many of the required quests you have completed.

Finally, there are rewards for all of these kudos you've earned. You get one-time experience bonuses from the Information Clerk depending on how many Museum Kudos you have. These are cumulative, so you will receive the ones from the lower levels as well as the higher. See the table below for detailed information on the one time experience from the clerk.

Clerk Cash In
Kudos Skills Experience Gained
51+ Mining 1,000
101+ Crafting
151+ Crafting

There are an additional 10 Kudos available for playing the Shattered Heart minigame.

If you happen to get an Ancient effigy but are unable to open it, you may trade it to Historian Minas on the first floor for a 5000 experience lamp.

Thus, the total rewards from the museum, assuming you have done all of the quests and required activities, earning the total 198 points, are as follows:

Completing Museum
Skill Based On Experience Gained
Crafting 101+ kudos, 151+ kudos 6,500
Mining 51+ kudos, 101+ kudos 3,500
Hunter 14 Basement quizzes, 151+ kudos 5,000
Prayer 151+ kudos 4,000
Slayer 14 Basement quizzes, 151+ kudos 5,000
Smithing 151+ kudos 4,000
Free Choice all Quest kudos (75) 13,000
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Special Thanks to: Alauda & Jaffy1

Thanks to: abs, Adamskii, Amie Thyst, Artemis_42, Bard_Bow_Man, bluehooloovo, bombaybad345, Drakolord7, Ducky, dude_of_war4, fertjuh3, Fire_Slyzer, Flower_Killa, Howlin0001, Jaffy1, Juhniz, jw125, Lady_Shahdie, leedragon8, luit, misterxman, pinkladybugg, pizzar456, pokemama, PumpkinKing, Red_Tanya, sharane, Sined_Starbo, Siobhana, sk8ermaster, Speedyshel, star_in_the_sky, Teemupets, the49ronin, Toma_Levine, Trixstar, V2_Crisis, Vulxai. Warriormonkx, wyvren2000, XxCavalierXx

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