Varrock Sewers

By Eeeeediot

It's entrance is via a manhole cover in the road running adjacent to the east side of Varrock Palace. It has a wide choice of monsters - mainly for the low to mid-level warriors. The rune spawns by the north ladder are Body and Mind runes. The ladder leads to a bear cage in the palace. The Deadly Red Spiders and Moss Giants are popular by people training their combat, gathering prayer xp or collecting red spider eggs. This dungeon is in the free world as well - happy scaping!

Agility Shortcut: Level 51, pipe to Edgeville Dungeon

varrock sewers Moss Giants (Level 42) Moss Giants (Level 42) Deadly Red Spiders (Level 34) Deadly Red Spiders (Level 34) Giant Spiders (Level 27) Skeletons (Level 25) Zombies (Level 24) Ghosts (Level 19) Scorpions (Level 14) Skeletons (Level 21) Giant Rats (Level 6) Rats (Level 1) Giant Rats (Level 6) Giant Rats (Level 6) Zombies (Level 13) Zombies (Level 13) Agility shortcut - Pipe contortion to Edgeville Dungeon (Level 51)

Dungeon Monsters
Rats: Level 1
Giant Rat: Level 2, Level 6
Zombie: Level 13 / Level 24
Scorpion: Level 14
Ghost: Level 19
Skeleton: Level 21 / Level 25
Giant Spider: Level 27
Deadly Red Spiders: Level 34
Moss Giant: Level 42

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