Varrock Tasks

This minigame is very dynamic, involving different levels of tasks. Because of this, the minigame risk ratings are given in the task summaries (found at the beginning of the Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite task listings).



The Varrock Tasks can be completed by low, medium, and high level players, so anybody can play!

What to wear is for you to decide, using your best judgement. For example, if you were going to fight a monster you would want armour and weapons. However, if you do not plan to do anything involving fighting and will be in a safe area, then lightweight clothing is suggested. (For more information on monster fighting, view the guides in our Monster Hunting guides.)

In general, Jagex allows players to use stat boosting items (such as potions, pies, ales or Evil Dave's stew) to increase a stat to do a task. However, player assist does not work.

In the task menu, you will see six recommended tasks from the Varrock area. To view the entire list of tasks, click Open Task List. If you click on an individual task, it will bring up more information on the task. All the tasks are listed further down in this guide.

Each time you finish a task, you will get a message in the top central part of your window stating that you've completed a task. Open the Task List and you'll see a small check mark next to that task. If you do not have the requirements for a task, a small lock will appear in the corner of the task. Once you have completed all the tasks of this region or you do not have requirements for any of the other tasks, minigames will appear in the task list.

You can perform the tasks in any order and at any level (Easy, Medium, Hard or Elite) that you wish. To help players plan effectively, a map showing the location for each task is available. It shows a code number for each task, which matches the lists in this guide. Check the map, bring what you need and you're on your way!

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Varrock Task Map
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Easy Tasks

Easy tasks follow this criteria:

  • Can be completed with little difficulty.
  • Little or no quest requirements.
  • Low skill requirements.


Skills: 15 Mining, 13 Agility, 8 Crafting, 10 Construction, 20 Fishing

Quests: None

Completed Easy Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
E1 "Strike a Pose" - Have Thessalia show you what outfits you can wear. None None
From Varrock centre, go a little south until you see Thessalia's Clothing Shop. Choose the "Change-Clothes Thessalia" option.
E2 "Essential Facilitator" - Have Aubury teleport you to the essence mine None None
From Varrock east bank, go south until you get to Aubury's Rune Shop. Choose "Teleport Aubury" and you will have completed another task!
E3 "Doing the Ironing" - Mine some iron ore in the Mining spot, south-east of Varrock. None 15 Mining
From Varrock east bank, leave the city through the east exit, and head south. Soon you will find a mine with various rocks. Mine an iron ore and another task will be finished.
E4 "Plank You Very Much" - Make a plank at the sawmill. None 100 Coins
From Varrock east bank, leave the city through the east exit, and head north. Chop a normal tree on the way if you don't have a log. When you get to the Sawmill Operator, purchase a normal plank for 100 coins.
E5 "Making Learning Fun!" - Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security. None None
Head to Barbarian Village and go down into the Stronghold of Security. If you have completed this before, you can take the portal near the entrance to the end of the room. If not, you will have to go through the maze. When you get to the end, go down the ladder.
E6 "Jumping-off Point" - Jump over the fence, south of Varrock. None 13 Agility
From Varrock Centre, leave Varrock through the south exit, and follow the path. Soon you will find an Agility shortcut arrow. Jump over the fence and the task will be completed.
E7 "Lumbering Around" - Chop down a dying tree in the Lumber Yard. None None
From where the Sawmill Operator is, climb over the broken fence to enter the Lumber Yard. Then just cut any dying tree.
E8 "Read All About It" - Buy a copy of the Varrock Herald. None 50 Coins
Talk to Benny in Varrock Centre and buy a Varrock Herald from him for 50 coins.
E9 "Dog and Bone" - Give a stray dog a bone. None Bones (Any kind)
There are stray dogs all around Varrock. Find one and use a bone on it.
E10 "Pot Stop" - Make a bowl on the pottery wheel then fire it in the pottery oven, all in the Barbarian Village. None 8 Crafting, Soft clay
Get some Soft clay and head to Barbarian Village. Go inside the building with the Pot icon on the mini map. Use your Soft clay on a Potter's Wheel and make a Bowl. Then use the Unfired bowl with the Pottery Oven.
E11 "On the Ragged Edge" - Enter Edgeville Dungeon using the entrance to the south of Edgeville. None None
From Edgeville bank, go south and down the ladder to enter the dungeon.
E12 "Relocation, Relocation, Relocation" - Move your player-owned house portal to a different location using the Varrock estate agent's. None 5K coins minimum
From Varrock east bank, go north until you get to the Estate Agent and then move your house anywhere (Cost varies from 5K to 25K).
E13 "It Belongs in a Museum" - Speak to Haig Halen after obtaining at least 50 kudos. Varies Varies
Go to Varrock Museum which is north of Varrock east bank and if you already have 50 kudos, then talk to Haig Halen. If not, then read about how to earn kudos in the Varrock Museum guide.
E14 "Journey to the Centre of the Earth Altar" - Enter the Earth Altar using an earth tiara or talisman. None Earth Talisman or Tiara
The Earth altar is located near the Lumber Yard. If you are having trouble getting an Earth Talisman, kill Earth Wizards south of Falador. Their only drops are Ashes, Earth Runes, and Earth Talismans so it won't take long. Make sure you keep the talisman after completing this task.
E15 "Jackanory" - Have Elsie tell you a story. None Cup of tea
If you don't have a Cup of tea, you can steal one from the stall near Varrock east bank, or buy it from there. Go north from Varrock east bank and go to the Church. Go up one flight of stairs to Elsie, and ask her to tell you a story.
E16 "Limey" - Mine some limestone near Paterdomus, the temple to the east of Varrock. None 10 Mining
Exit Varrock through the east exit and head north-east towards the earth altar. Go out the gate east of it and follow the path until you see a mine on the north side of the road. (Near where you start the Rag and Bone Man quest.)
E17 "Sherpa's Delight" - Catch a trout in the river to the east of Barbarian Village. None 20 Fishing
Go to Barbarian Village and Lure at one of the fishing spots.
E18 "Stick the Knife In" - Venture through the cobwebbed corridor in Varrock Sewers. None None
Go into Varrock sewers and go through it until you reach a part with a web blocking your way. Click the web to Pass through it.
E19 "King of the Castle" - Find the highest point in Varrock. None None
Go to Varrock church (or the north west corner of the castle) and go up all the stairs to reach the top level.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks click here.

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Medium Tasks

Medium tasks follow this criteria:

  • Middle-ranged quest requirements.
  • Middle-ranged skill requirements.
  • Medium to high level of difficulty.


Skills: 21 Agility, 49 Magic, 40 Thieving, 60 Combat, 20 Firemaking

Quests: What Lies Below, Started Rat Catchers, Tree Gnome Village, Gertrude's Cat, Garden of Tranquillity, A Soul's Bane, Enlightened Journey, Some of Fairy Tale Part II, Cure a Queen, Dragon Slayer, 33 Quest Points

Completed Medium Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
M1 "Double-strength Weaksauce" - Have the Apothecary in Varrock make you a Strength potion. None 5 Coins
Limpwurt Root
Red spider's eggs
Go talk to the Apothecary who is in between the Clothing and Sword shop and ask him to make you a Strength potion.
M2 "Champion!" - Enter the Champions' Guild. 33 Quest Points None
Go south from Varrock and enter the Champions' Guild.
M3 "What Lies Below?" - Take the Dagon-Hai shortcut to the chaos portal. What Lies Below Chaos Talisman or Chaos Tiara
Enter the Saradomin statue north-east of Varrock into the Dagon-Hai lair. Go to the end and take the portal to the Chaos Altar.
M4 "With a Ten-foot Pole" - Get a full complement of rats on your rat pole. Started Rat Catchers Kitten or Cat
Rat Pole
Catch 6 rats and put them on your Rat Pole. If you've lost it, talk to Phingspet or Grimesquit in Varrock Sewer.
M5 "Can't Make an Omelette" - Escape from the spider lair in Varrock Sewers with some red spider's eggs. None None
Go through Varrock sewers up until you get to the part with Deadly Red Spiders. Take a Red spider's eggs from the ground.
M6 "Point of En-tree" - Use the spirit tree north of Varrock. Tree Gnome Village None
The spirit tree is located in the north-east corner of the Grand Exchange area.
M7 "Unlocking Your Emotions" - Perform the four emotes from the Stronghold of Security. None Completed Stronghold of Security
Use the 4 Stronghold of Security emotes (Idea, Stomp, Flap, and Slap Head).
M8 "A Lick of Paint" - Select a colour for a new kitten. Gertrude's Cat
Garden of Tranquillity
100 coins
Ring of charos (a)
Go to Gertrude's house west of Varrock wearing your ring, and ask to buy a new cat. Select the Charm option in the dialog to be able to choose the colour. You don't have to buy a kitten, just getting to the selection screen completes the task.
M9 "For Fast Transactions" - Use the Agility shortcut in the Grand Exchange. None 21 Agility
Go to the north west corner of the Grand Exchange area and climb-into the Underwall tunnel.
M10 "You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry" - Enter the A Soul's Bane rift. A Soul's Bane None
Go out the gate east of the earth altar and then south-south-west to find the rift from A Soul's Bane quest. If you have never done the quest, you will need a rope to go down.
M11 "Return to Senntisten" - Teleport to the Digsite using a digsite pendant. None 49 Magic
Learned how to make a Digsite pendant at the Varrock Museum
Make a Ruby necklace and enchant it. Then teleport to Digsite. If you cannot enchant a Ruby necklace, you must go to Varrock Museum and learn how.
M12 "Promised the Earth" - Craft an earth tiara on the Earth Altar. None Earth Talisman
If you kept that Earth Talisman from before, go back to the Earth Altar and use your Tiara on the altar. If not, kill the Earth Wizard south of Falador for one.
M13 "Royale With Thieve" - Pickpocket a guard in the Varrock Palace courtyard. None 40 Thieving
Go to Varrock Palace and pickpocket one of the guards there.
M14 "Like a Varrocket" - Use the Teleport to Varrock spell. None 25 Magic
3 Air, 1 Fire, and 1 Law rune
Use the Teleport to Varrock spell. House portals and Teletabs don't work.
M15 "Challenge Vannaka" - Get a Slayer task from Vannaka. None 60 Combat
Finish the Slayer assignment you have (if any), and then talk to Vannaka for a new Slayer assignment.
M16 "Flatpack Backpack" - Buy twenty mahogany planks from the Sawmill Operator in one transaction. None 20 Mahogany logs
30K coins
Go to the Sawmill Operator and buy 20 Mahogany planks from him at once.
M17 "Master Scrumper" - Pick a fruit from the White Tree. Garden of Tranquillity None
Go to the Varrock Palace garden and pick a White fruit from the White tree.
M18 "Engage" - Use the hot air balloon to travel from Varrock to somewhere else. Enlightened Journey
Balloon Routes
20 Firemaking
A normal log
Go to the Lumber Yard and near it will be a hot air balloon. Take it to any location. Entrana or Taverly are easy if you brought a normal log. (You must have unlocked the Varrock route to use this balloon.)
M19 "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" - Get a cat training medal from Gertrude. Gertrude's Cat Kitten/Cat
Have your kitten or cat catch 100 rats. Sewers such as Varrock's are loaded with tiny rats. Evil Dave's lair in Edgeville is another popular location. You will automatically congratulate your cat periodically, stating that it has caught 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 rats. When you reach 100, go talk to Gertrude. If you own a kitten, consider waiting for it to grow into a cat before attempting this task. A cat has a much higher rate of success than a kitten. Alternatively, if you have completed Rat Catchers Quest, you can use a wily or lazy cat. Remember that overgrown cats do *not* catch rats.

If you already own a cat training medal prior to starting this task, you must obtain another from Gertrude in order to complete it. Simply drop your existing medal before talking to Gertrude to have her offer you a new one.
M20 "Dial V For Varrock" - Dial to the fairy ring west of Varrock. Started Fairy Tale Part II, Cure a Queen Dramen Staff/Lunar Staff
Get to the Zanaris fairy ring and go to DKR. You only have to do some of the quest to have access to the fairy rings.
M21 "The Body Shop" - Browse through Oziach's Armour Shop. Dragon Slayer None
Go a little north of Edgeville to Oziach and trade him.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks click here.

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Hard Tasks

Hard tasks follow this criteria:

  • Upper-ranged quest requirements.
  • Upper-ranged skill requirements.
  • High level of difficulty.


Skills: 70 Farming, 51 Agility, 73 Smithing, 32 Cooking, 66 Crafting, 40 Construction, 25 Magic, 57 Woodcutting

Quests: Family Crest, Desert Treasure

Completed Hard Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
H1 "Burning Bush" - Pick poison ivy from your bush Farming patch in Varrock None 70 Farming
Poison ivy seed
Plant a Poison Ivy Bush in the bush patch south of Varrock, west of the Champion's Guild. This plant never becomes diseased, so you cannot pay a farmer to watch over it. Come back in 150 minutes (2 and a half hours) when the bush is fully grown and pick a berry. (Unfortunately, you cannot receive assistance to complete this task, although you MAY boost your level with potions, items, or summoned creature's boosts.)
H2 "But It Won't Warp You Anywhere" - Use the pipe shortcut in Varrock Sewers, near the moss giants. None 51 Agility
Go down to Edgeville dungeon and go to where Vannaka is. Near him is the pipe shortcut.
H3 "Lighten Up" - Trade furs with the Fancy Dress Seller for a spottier cape. None 2 Dashing kebbit fur
800 coins
Go to the Fancy Dress Seller who is past the gate near the Tea stall and buy a Spottier cape from him. Getting the furs from another player is allowed - you are not required to catch your own (level 69 Hunter).
H4 "Put Your Smithing Hat On" - Smith an adamantite medium helm on the south-east anvil in Varrock, next to Aubury's Rune Shop. None 73 Smithing
An Adamant bar
Go to the south anvil in Varrock and make an Adamantite medium helmet. (Unfortunately, you cannot receive assistance to boost your level, although you may boost it with potions, etc.)
H5 "Kudos on the Kudos!" - Speak to Orlando Smith when you have achieved 153 kudos. None Completed most aspects of Varrock Museum
If you have 153 kudos, talk to Orlando Smith in the basement of Varrock Museum. If not, complete the other activies to earn more kudos.
H6 "Who Ate All the Pie?" - Talk to Romily Weaklax and give him a wild pie. None 32 Cooking
Chef's Hat/Cooking Cape
Go to the Cooks' guild and give Romily Weaklax a Wild pie. Getting a Wild pie from another player is allowed - you are not required to make your own.
H7 "Battle of the Elements" - Craft an air battlestaff. None 66 Crafting
A Battlestaff
An air orb *OR*
An unpowered orb,
3 Cosmic, and 30 Air runes
Use an Air orb with the Battlestaff. Buying an air orb from another player is allowed. If you do not have a finished orb, go to Edgeville dungeon and into the Wilderness part. Go north-west to the ladder near the Black Demons and climb up to the Air Obelisk. Use the Charge Air Orb spell (level 66 Magic) on the obelisk. Then use the air orb on the Battlestaff.
H8 "Changing Rooms" - Give your player-owned house a fancy stone or tropical wood finish at the Varrock estate agent's. None 40 Construction
15k Coins minimum
Go to the estate's agent in Varrock and have him change your finish to Tropical Wood (15K gp) or Fancy Stone (25K gp). If your house already has one of these finishes, then you must change it to the other one.
H9 "Keeping Tabs on Varrock" - Make a Varrock teleport tablet on a mahogany lectern. None 25 Magic
Soft clay
Varrock teleport runes (1 Law, 1 Fire, 3 Airs)
Go to your house study and make a Varrock teleport tablet at a mahogany lectern (either demon or eagle will do). If you do not have 67 Construction, then use someone else's house and lectern.
H10 "Hand-Me-Downs" - Obtain a new set of Family Crest gauntlets from Dimintheis. Family Crest None
Talk to Dimintheis who is near the Fancy Dress Shop for some new gauntlets. If you already have a pair, first destroy them and then ask.
H11 "Waka-Waka-Waka" - Make a waka canoe near Edgeville. None 57 Woodcutting
Go north-east of Edgeville and across the bridge to the canoe station near the fairy ring. Cut down the tree, then shape a Waka canoe out of it.
H12 "Living on the Edge" - Use the Home Teleport spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook to teleport to Edgeville Desert Treasure None
Go back to the Pyramid and change spell books. Then use Home Teleport. It is suggested to use the Camulet or the Pharoah's Sceptre to get to the Pyramid faster.
H13 "Intersceptre" - Use the skull sceptre to teleport to Barbarian Village. None None
If you have a Skull sceptre, use it and teleport to Barbarian Village. If you don't have one, go back to the Stronghold of Security and get all 4 Sceptre parts.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Elite Tasks

Elite tasks follow this criteria:

  • Very-high skill requirements.
  • Very-high level of difficulty.


Skills: 80 Woodcutting, 92 Firemaking, 15 Farming, 80 Magic, 95 Cooking, 92 Prayer, 88 Smithing, 69 Fletching, 78 Runecrafting (possible at level 66 and above with some luck)

Quests: What Lies Below, Nomad's Requiem, All Fired Up, The Temple at Senntisten

Completed Elite Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
X1 "Stick a Bork In Him, He's Done" - Defeat Bork. What Lies Below The Hunt For Surok
Recommended to have a high combat level
Travel to the Chaos Tunnels in the Wilderness just north of Edgeville and enter the portal to fight Bork (level 130) from the North-Western most room. It's recommended to use protect from melee prayer and possibly armour with good magic defence. Bork can be fought once per day.
X2 "Nomadness" - Speak to Zimberfizz about swapping your Soul Wars cape for one of a different colour. Nomad's Requiem Blue cape -Soul Wars- or Red cape -Soul Wars-
Talk to Zimberfizz on the Soul Wars island in order to swap your Soul Wars cape for a different colour, to either red or blue.
X3 "Double Jointed" - Complete a large job at the sawmill. None 80 Woodcutting
Go to the Sawmill, located next to the Lumberyard, north-east of Varrock. Select a large job from the board on the wall near the entrance. A Crystal saw is recommended for bonus experience.
X4 "It All Adze Up" - Using an inferno adze, incinerate a log cut from a tree you've grown in Varrock Palace's garden. All Fired Up 92 Firemaking
61 Woodcutting
15 Farming
Inferno adze
Chop down a tree already grown up in the tree spot located in Varrock Palace's garden with an Inferno Adze until a log is incinerated. Any Farming tree will work.
X5 "Mind Your Back" - Get a member of the Dagon'hai's mind control spells to backfire on him. What Lies Below 80 Magic
Go into the Tunnel of Chaos underneath the Saradomin statue East of Varrock. Talk to Sil'as Dahcsnu in the second room on the right and tell him that you are their leader. He will then test to see if you are a strong mage, and with a Magic level of 80, his spell will backfire on himself.
X6 "Red, Red Pies of Summer" - Bake a summer pie in the Cooking Guild
-make pie dough
-make pie dish
-make unbaked pie
-bake pie
None 95 Cooking
A Pie dish
Pot of flour, Bucket of water
A Strawberry, Watermelon, Cooking apple
Go to the Cooks' guild and make Pastry dough out of the Pot of flour and Bucket of water. Use the Pastry dough on the Pie dish and make a pie shell. Add the Strawberry, Watermelon, and Cooking apple to the shell to make a Raw summer pie. Cook it to receive a Summer pie. Possible to burn the Summer pie, so you might want to be prepared to make an extra. Everything must be done inside the Cook's guild.
X7 "Splitting Headache" - Defeat a skeleton at (or just pray at) Senntisten Altar with Soul Split enabled. The Temple at Senntisten 92 Prayer
Travel to the Senntisten Altar and with the Soul Split, the Curse, enabled, defeat a skeleton or pray at the Altar.
X8 "A Bolt From the Blue" - Smith and fletch ten rune bolts within Varrock
-smith ten rune bolts
-fletch ten rune bolts.
None 88 Smithing
69 Fletching
A Rune Bar
10 Feathers
Go to an anvil in Varrock and smith a Rune bar into 10 Runite bolts (unf) and use 10 Feathers on them while staying in the city.
X9 "A Ton of Earth" - Craft 100 or more earth runes simultaneously. None 78 Runecrafting (possible with as low as level 66 Runecrafting with some luck)
At least 25 Rune essence in your inventory
Access to the Abyss or a Talisman or Tiara that can give access to the Earth Altar.
Go into the Earth Altar and Runecraft 25 or more Rune essence from your inventory, simultaneously, to make 100 Earth runes. This is possible to do with as low as level 66 Runecrafting, but luck is needed to make the extra Earth runes. With a Runecrafting level lower than 78, 28 Rune essence are recommended in order to finish the task.
Note that the boost Explorer rings occastionally offers at elemental altars does not count towards the 100 earth runes.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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  All Easy Tasks complete

After completing all the easy tasks speak to Rat Burgiss to receive the Varrock armour 1 and additional rewards:

While worn:

  • The chance of smelting two bars at once when smelting ores up to and including steel in Edgeville
  • The chance of mining two ores at once when mining ores up to and including coal
  • Increased chance of receiving skull scepter parts in the Stronghold of Security, and provides 10 charges rather than 5

At all times:

  • Naff, Zaff's apprentice, will sell you up to 16 battlestaves a day
  • The Varrock Teleport spell may be toggled between the Varrock market square and south of the Grand Exchange (speak to Rat Burgiss to have this done)

Experience Lamp(s): 1000 XP (Level 30+)

Keep in mind that smelting two bars at once is just a time saver - it gives no more nor less xp and bars. Your chat box will show, "The magic of the Varrock armour enables you to smelt 2 bars at the same time."

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Varrock armour 1 72 ?

  All Medium Tasks complete

After completing all the medium and easy tasks speak to Reldo to receive a Varrock armour 2 and additional rewards:

While worn:

  • The chance of mining two ores at once when mining ores up to and including mithril in Edgeville
  • The chance of smelting two bars at once when smelting ores up to and including mithril
  • The chance of smithing at a slightly faster rate

At all times:

  • Naff will sell you up to 32 battlestaves a day
  • The Varrock Teleport spell may be toggled between the Varrock market square and south of the Grand Exchange (speak to Rat Burgiss or Reldo to have this done)

Experience Lamp(s): 5000 XP (Level 40+)

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Varrock armour 2 ? ?

  All Hard Tasks complete

After completing all the hard, medium and easy tasks speak to Vannaka again to receive Varrock armour 3 and additional rewards:

When worn:

  • The chance of mining two ores at once when mining ores up to and including adamantite
  • The chance of smelting two bars at once when smelting ores up to and including adamantite in Edgeville

At all times:

  • Access the Cooks' Guild without a Chef's hat
  • Access to the Cooks' Guild bank
  • Bork's drops are more generous
  • Naff will sell you up to 64 battlestaves per day
  • The Varrock Teleport spell may be toggled between the Varrock market square and south of the Grand Exchange (speak to Rat Burgiss, Reldo, or Vannaka to have this done)

Experience Lamp(s): 10,000 XP (Level 50+)

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Varrock armour 3 144 960


All Elite Tasks complete

After completing all the elite, hard, medium and easy tasks speak to Vannaka again receive Varrock armour 4 and additional rewards.

When worn:

  • Five free bolt enchantments per day (up to and including ruby bolts)
  • A free daily teleport to Bork is available

At all times:

  • Naff will sell you up to 80 battlestaves per day
  • Varrock's estate agent offers half price housing costs
  • Access to the log storage boxes near the Fired Up beacons

Experience Lamp(s): 3x 40,000 XP (Level 88+) & 30,000 XP (Level 65+)

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Varrock armour 4 195 1200

Congratulations on completing the Tasks for the Varrock area!

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