The Warriors' Guild

Warriors Guild Cyclopes (Level 56,76) Cyclopes (Level 56,76) Cyclopes (Level 56,76) Cyclopes (Level 56,76) Cyclopes (Level 56,76)

All Warriors Guild mini-games are High Risk and Prayers/Curses are disabled within the Guild. If you die, you can lose items.



The Warriors Guild is a members only guild located just west of the Burthorpe soldier training grounds and the pub. It is south-west of the castle.

To enter the Warriors guild, your attack level plus your strength level must be over 130. However, a pure can enter by achieving 99 attack or 99 strength.

Inside, the guild offers 6 different training areas, 3 shops, and a bank. The goal is to gain experience and Warrior Guild tokens, which are needed to enter and fight the cyclopes on the top floor of the guild. Each training minigame gives a different type of token, shown in the display on the right side of your screen.

The sapphire games necklace offers a teleport to the nearby Troll Invasion game, within easy walking distance. Alternatively, the combat bracelet teleport choice drops you just outside the guild door.


Ground Floor

The ground floor offers 2 shops, a bank, and two training minigames.

Lilly runs the Warrior Guild Potion Shop, selling attack, defence, and strength potions. Next door is Lidio's Warrior Guild Food Shop, which sells trout, bass, pizza, potatoes with cheese, and stew. Prices are controlled by the Grand Exchange.

Animated Armour Combat TrainingAnimated Armour Combat Training: You will need to bring a spare platebody, legs, and full helmet (a matched set) that will be used to create a monster for you to fight. Also bring a melee weapon and whatever armour and supplies you wish to risk in battle. Use the spare armour on the animation point and then fight the animated armour like you would fight any other monster. The experience gained is normal; you get the regular experience determined by hits dealt and fight style. Reward tokens are based upon the type of metal armour animated.

Animated Armour
Armour Type Level Hits Tokens
Bronze 11 100 10
Iron 23 200 20
Steel 46 400 30
Black 69 600 40
Mithril 92 800 50
Adamant 113 990 60
Rune 138 1200 80

Note: The armour you animate to train against has a chance of breaking. The higher the level of armour you use, the less likely this is. If training on armour below black, it is advisable to have a reserve set to replace items that may get broken.

Dummy Attack Training

Dummy Attack Training: This room is similar to a whack-a-mole game, but with a combat flavour. Stand in the centre of the room, and different dummies will pop out of trapdoors around you. Each dummy in this room can only be affected by a certain attack style: you must use that specific type of attack or you will take some damage and will not get experience or tokens for hitting it. The attack types include: Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled, and Defensive, but also Stab, Slash, or Crush. You will obviously need two weapons in order to make all of these attacks, or you may just choose to focus on some of them. You earn 15 attack experience and 5 tokens for each dummy you attack correctly. The Information Scroll beside the entrance lists which type of attack to use on each dummy, and for convenience the dummies are shown by location in the picture below (oriented north).

Attack Dummies
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First Floor

On the First floor (second floor in USA) there are three more training areas and an Armoury shop.

The shop on this floor is Anton's Warrior Guild Armoury which sells battleaxes, chain mail, daggers, maces, medium helmets and swords. Anton will also buy any of the items he sells, at the usual descending scale depending on player stock.

Capapult Defence Training

Catapult Defence Training: The training master will supply you with a special shield for this game - no other equipment is useful. When you enter and climb the steps, the catapult launches different shaped projectiles at you and you must choose the correct style to defend yourself from the objects. Click on the picture of the object on your defence style screen that matches the object being thrown at you. If you fail to choose the correct style you will be dealt some damage. You get 4 tokens and 10 defence experience for each successful block.

Shot-put Strength Training

Shot-put Strength Training: You get experience and tokens for each successfully thrown shot-put, but the amount depends on the length and weight of the throw. The balls in the northern cage are lighter than those in the southern cage so give less experience and tokens. However, throwing the heavier balls will increase your failure rate. There are three different techniques you can use to throw the shot. In order of difficulty, they are standing throw, step and throw, and spin and throw. You will throw farther on average with a more difficult technique, but the chance of failure is increased.

In order to improve your throws, it is advisable to use some ground ashes. To make these you need to take some ashes left after burning any type of log, then use them with your pestle and mortar to grind them.

Keg Tag Minigame

Keg Tag Minigame: This clandestine game is in a storage room just south of the shot-put game. You need to balance kegs on your head, and then tag the coloured furniture in the order shown at the top of your screen. Go to any of the upright kegs and click on it to put it on your head. You can balance more than one keg on your head to receive more tokens, but you have a higher chance of dropping them all. You receive your tokens when you drop your kegs.


Second Floor

The second floor (third floor USA) is a large training area in which you can kill Cyclops (level 56 and level 76). After every Cyclops you kill, there is a chance that a Cyclossus (level 156) will appear. These elite Cyclops require a rune or dragon defender to kill, and have a higher chance of dropping dragon defenders. There are two ways to enter the area: single token mode and multi token mode.

Single token mode: If you only want to participate in one training minigame, you should use the single token mode. In this mode, you need at least 200 tokens of one type to enter, and 20 are consumed each minute.

Multi token mode: Multi token mode requires that you use all 5 training minigames, but offers several bonuses.

  • You spend 3 of each type of token a minute, which is a total of 15
  • The chance of recieving any defender is increased
  • You will have a greater chance of fighting a cyclossus (who are much more likely to drop dragon defenders)
  • You will have a +2 damage bonus every hit against all cyclopes and cyclossuses
  • Any noted drops you receive will be for the maximum amount

Once the number of tokens you are carrying falls below 20 for single token mode or any token falls below 3 in multi token mode you are informed that your time is up. At this point you have approximately 1 minute before you are whisked out of the door and told to be a bit quicker next time you are asked to leave.

In order to be admitted to the room you need to speak to Kamfreena, standing at the doorway, and have the require amount of guild tokens. The first time you enter she will tell you that she will release Cyclopes who could drop a bronze defender. Once you obtain a bronze defender you need to exit the room and speak to her again in order for her to release the Cyclopes carrying the next level of defenders. The order of release is bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, rune, and finally dragon. Each time you need to exit the room and speak to her in order for the next level to be dropped.

If you die and lose your defender you will need to start all over again, so a good idea would be to bank a defender of the last level you reached, while you work for the next one. Once you get a rune or dragon defender, it is worthwhile getting a spare to ensure you stay at that level if you should happen to lose it.

Defenders cannot be sold or traded.

Many players have reported that wearing a Ring of Wealth appears to increase the chances of a Cyclops dropping a defender.

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