Waterbirth Island Dungeon

By Mindesto

Thanks to Eeeeediot

The entrance to this dungeon is located on the inner curve of the crescent moon shaped Waterbirth Island. The island is accessible only by boat from Rellekka's most southwest dock. Talk with Jarvald.

The dungeon is filled with a multitude of Dagannoth monsters, or dagger mouths as the Fremenniks like to say. The main entrance chamber is loaded with melee style Dagannoths. On the eastern side of the antechamber lies three doors leading to three different sectors; each of which exercises a different style of attack. The doors require two people standing on each of the two circular pads on the outside of the door to be opened.

The northern chamber consists of a melee style attack while the middle is focused on magic and the southern, range. It would be wise to have an appropriate prayer level to guard against the attacks of any chamber you enter.

All of the chambers lead to a central room which requires the use of your ranged or magic skill to clear an obstruction to access the room. It is impossible to access this room without the help of atleast 2 other people. This central room holds a ladder that leads up to a Fremennik boy named Askeladden and down to the darker recesses of this underground labyrinth.

Choose a Sublevel: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Waterbirth Island Dungeon

Once you've penetrated the room the leads down, a whole new onslaught awaits you. The labyrinth of passages that eventually lead to the King Dagannoths are riddled with many many aggressive monsters. The monsters style of attack vary from room to room so be on your toes. Bring lots of food and prayer potions, you will need them.

This whole dungeon was designed for groups. You need a group of people to even enter the best part of the dungeon. So I suggest coming with a group of friends you can trust. Even with a group, come prepared to die; it is that deadly. Most of this dungeon is multi-combat. Have fun.

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