Baxtorian Waterfall Dungeon

By Ryl

You will need to have started the Waterfall quest to access this dungeon in north Kandarin (members only). You will need a rope and Glarial's amulet (from the quest). To enter you will have to ride the raft from the house above Baxtorian falls (north of the Tourist centre). You will crash on an island and use the rope on the rock downstream. Once you have pulled yourself over, use your rope on the dead tree at the edge of the waterfall. You will lower yourself down onto the Ledge. You must have Glarial's amulet with you (either in you inventory or worn) before you enter so that you can open the gates. The shadow spiders will drain your prayer. The Fire giants are the only real attraction here. Enjoy the prayer xp from the big bones, and the loot!

Baxtorian Waterfall Dungeon Fire Giants (Level 85) Fire Giants (Level 85) Shadow Spiders (Level 46) Skeletons (Level 58) Skeleton Mages (Level 19)

Dungeon Monsters
Skeleton Mages: Level 19
Shadow Spiders: Level 46
Skeletons: Level 58
Fire Giants: Level 85

Thanks To: Brainymidget, Cowman_133, Darkblade986, Ginger Warrior

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