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Waterfiends are most notably known for their high crimson charm drop rate. They are arguably the most popular method of charm collecting and can be found in the Ancient Cavern and Chaos Tunnels. It is important to remember that Waterfiends have high defence levels and are much weaker to crush attacks. Weapons with a crush option should be used against them.


Waterfiend - Level 115 - Summary (Bestiary Profile)
Waterfiend Life points: 1280 Maximum Hit: 119 Attack Styles:
Ranged and Magic
Method Summary
There are multiple recommended methods used for Waterfiends; melee is generally most effective. The method which yields the most charms is Chaos Tunnels, followed by Ancient Cavern-Dharoks, then regular melee and then ranged. It is always recommend to use the method that appeals to your strengths. For example, if you don't have the levels to fight the Chaos Tunnel Waterfiends, don't try it.
Waterfiends have two types of attacks, Ranged and Magic. It is wise to remember their Ranged attack is much more accurate than their Magic; therefore, it is recommended to pray Protect from Ranged if your defence is low and wear magic defence based armour (Dragonhide, Karils, ect).
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Ancient Cavern

The Ancient Cavern is only accessible after talking to Otto, north-west of Baxtorian Falls, and completing Barbarian Training.

The easiest way to get inside, near waterfiends, is by Fairy Ring teleport (BJQ). The fairy ring can only be accessed after starting Fairy Tale part II, and after fixing it by using five mushrooms and a spade on it.

The "front door" entrance is a whirlpool, located south of the Barbarian Outpost and north of Baxtorian Falls. The only other way of gaining entrance is by Ferocious Ring teleport - Kuradal.

Baxtorian Falls Ancient Cavern Map
Whirlpool Ancient Cavern

There are two different Waterfiend locations inside. One is north of the fairy ring and the other is west of the stairs after you fall into the whirlpool. Both locations are not near any Mithril Dragons but are near Brutal Green Dragons; watch out for dragonfire!

Chaos Tunnels

The Chaos Tunnels are located in low level Wilderness. It is considered the most dangerous of Waterfiend locations because it is a multicombat area. The Waterfiends can be found in the north-western part of the tunnels. You can view a map of the Chaos Tunnels here; it is quickest to enter through the Gargoyle rift at 44.

Frozen Fortress

Waterfiends in the Frozen Fortress drop two charms at a time but do not drop them as frequently, resulting in a somewhat lower charm rate compared to Waterfiends found elsewhere. They're also a bit out of the way and there aren't as many spawns. They do, however, offer 2.5% more XP per damage dealt and they typically aren't as crowded.

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Karils Setup
Waterfiends setup with Karil\'s
This setup is a great balance of attack and defence bonuses. You should pray piety or turmoil; with a unicorn you do not need protect from ranged, with a bunyip you do, unless you have soul split.
Waterfiends inventory
Above Gear Above Inventory
Void Setup
Waterfiends setup with void
Void is offence-heavy, but is vulnerable against ranged attacks. It is the best way to kill waterfiends and it is recommended if you have a unicorn or soul split.

Chaotic MaulChaotic maul This weapon has the highest crush attack and the highest strength bonus in the game, and despite its low speed it is the best weapon for fighting Waterfiends. The slowness also means you need less soul split flashes for the same amount of health compared to other weapons.
Saradomin SwordSaradomin
This weapon is the all around best weapon non-chaotic to use against Waterfiends. It has high crush and strength and it's fast. It only trains strength.
Zamorakian SpearZamorakian
This weapon is only very slightly worse than the Saradomin sword. The stats and speed are very comparable and it can only train controlled.
Ancient StaffAncient staff The ancient staff, primarily a mage's weapon, is surprisingly good when coupled with a dragon defender.
Saradomin GodswordGodsword The Godsword has fairly high stats, but it's painfully slow and two-handed. It is not recommended to use it.
Tzhaar-ket-em -Mace-Tzhaar-ket-em The "TzHaar mace" makes a fair combo when used with a defender and a Berserker Necklace but it's very weak. You also lose a significant amount of accuracy and defence bonus.


  • The unicorn is the best healing familiar in the game, but healing familiars like Bunyips, Fruit Bats and Ice, Moss and Fire Titans can substitute with enough defence or food.
  • In most cases a Saradomin Godsword would be a worse choice of healing special than an Enhanced Excalibur would be; especially since it is slow and compromises your damage output. Korasi's sword is a better special attack weapon for those with enough healing at their disposal.
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Requirements and Recommendations

Attack and Strength: 80+ is recommended
Defence: 90+ is recommended
Prayer: 40+ is required, 70+ is recommended
Summoning: 88+ is required

Dharoks Setup
Waterfiends Setup Dharoks
The setup is based on prayer and attack bonuses
Protection Prayer Only
With Piety
Waterfiends Inventory Dharoks Waterfiends Inventory Dharoks with Piety
This inventory will last two unicorns (108 minutes). The amount of prayer potions should last the 108 minutes using protect ranged only, as well as the extreme/super potions. This inventory will only last one unicorn (54 minutes). The amount of prayer potions should last 54 minutes using protect ranged and piety only, as well as the extreme/super potions.
Above Gear Above Inventory

Dharoks Strategy

Using Dharoks is extremely dangerous and requires much attention, but rewards you with the fastest crimson charm output compared to any other strategy inside of the Ancient Cavern.

The key to staying alive is to use the Protect from Ranged prayer. The reason being, even when having a much higher ranged defence than magic, the Waterfiends' ranged attack is much more accurate and they use it far more often, therefore you would take more damage if praying protect from magic.

Bringing a unicorn stallion is a must, no other healing familiar will do a well enough job; meaning no titans, bunyips or fruit bats. The only possible way to use Dharoks at Waterfiends is to bring a beast of burden familiar filled with prayer potions and food.

Once you're ready and start attacking, do not use protection prayers, just so you can get to low life points. At 99 defence, one should stay at or above 200 life points and at 70 defence, one should stay at or above 350 life points; gauge yourself within those guidelines.

Bringing an Enhanced Excalibur or (extreme/super) defence potions is a must; unicorns heal very well, but will not be effective with a low defence. Piety is also extremely helpful; not for just maxing your hit, but because it also gives a 25% boost to defence.

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Chaos Tunnels - Strategy

Requirements and Recommendations

Attack/Strength: 90+ Recommended
Defence: 95+ Recommended
Prayer: 70+ Required, 95+ Recommended
Summoning: 89+ Required, 95 Strongly Recommended
Herblore: 88+ for Extremes; 96+ for Overloads
Magic: 80+ Recommended

Chaos Tunnel Setup
Waterfiends setup for the Chaos Tunnels
This setup requires a balance of offence, defence and prayer.
Overloads / 95 + Prayer 95+ Prayer 70+ Prayer
Overloads and Super Prayers Waterfiends Inventory Chaostunnels 95 Waterfiends Inventory Chaostunnels 70
High level, costly inventory, but extremely effective. If you seem to be running out of extremes too soon, take out one Rocktail and one Prayer Potion and bring an Extreme Attack/Strength. Lower defence should bring more rocktails.


95+ Prayer

Once you enter the Waterfiends area turn on the Turmoil, Deflect Missiles and Berserker prayers. Remember, once your life points become low, pray Soul Split to heal. Don't worry about eating all of your Rocktails during the time the Waterfiends are aggressive because Soul Split is more than enough to heal later on.

The key to killing the Waterfiends fast is to use your familiars scrolls as much as you possibly can. The Iron Titan is the most effective familiar here is because its special is crush-based.

Since it's all multi-combat, it's possible to get too many Waterfiends attacking you. To avoid this, stand near or as close as you can, to the western wall.

70+ Prayer

If you do not have 95+ prayer to use turmoil, you can instead use piety with regular prayers; however, you will not last as long. Always pray Protect from Missiles and Piety; do this because your only source of healing is the rocktails you brought. Use your familiar's scrolls as much as possible and always have it attacking.

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Ranged is not as effective as melee, but is still a good method to use if you lack strong melee skills. Ranging is only recommended to use in the Ancient Cavern.

Ranged Setup
Waterfiends Setup Ranged Void
This setup is offence-heavy. You need all offence you can get and it is not recommended to range waterfiends at all without this gear. Always pray eagle eye or rigour and keep your ranged level potted high.
Safespot Inventory
Waterfiends Inventory Ranged Ranged potions are highly recommended, the prayer potions are for eagle eye/rigour and the food is for when the waterfiends are aggressive.


The trick to killing Waterfiends without taking damage is to trap them behind something and stand far enough away, that they cannot attack; this is easy to do because their attack ranged is very short. Using safespots is only feasible in the Ancient Cavern, and there are safespots in both east and west areas. If you have at least a bunyip, this is not recommended as it takes time and thus decreases kill speed.

Waterfiend Ranged Safespot 1 Waterfiend Ranged Safespot 3 Waterfiend Ranged Safespot 2

These pictures are in the north-eastern area of the ancient cavern, using to rocks to block the waterfiends from getting close to you.

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Tips and Drops

  • Bunyips work well in the Ancient Cavern; their Swallow Whole special allows you to eat raw fish. Waterfiends' raw fish drops are fairly uncommon though.
  • Bringing Alchemy runes can help profit your trip. Waterfiends drop many items like adamant chainmails, rune medium helms and water battlestaves which can add up over a course of a trip.
  • Waterfiends are among the greatest monsters to kill when using the triple charm reward from Familiarisation. The best choice being the Chaos Tunnels, then Dharoks, then regular slaying in the Ancient Cavern.

Drop Summary


Waterfiends are most well known for their crimson drop rate. Almost every drop will have a charm and 90% of the time, it's a crimson charm. This, arguably, makes them the best monster to kill to gain charms.

At high levels, it is possible to get up to 130 crimson charms per hour in the Ancient Cavern or up to 200 crimson charms per hour in the Chaos Tunnels.


A great thing about Waterfiends is a lot of their drops are noted; which is one of the main sources of gaining profit each trip. Noted drops that should be collected are:

  • Mithril Arrows
  • Water Orbs
  • Seaweed
  • Snape Grass
  • Mithril Ores
  • Blood Runes
  • Death Runes

Rare Drops

Rare drops are not stackable but are still worth keeping because of their sell price. These drops include:

  • Rune Medium Helmets
  • Half Keys
  • Ranarr Herbs
  • Water Battlestaves
  • Water Talimans

Waterfiends will typically break-even or profit unless you use extravagant degrading items like Vesta's spear. Using the Piety or Turmoil prayers to speed up your kills will increase your profit.

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