Witch's Potion Guide

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Hetty the witch has been brewing up a potion lately, and not just any old potion either. To start the mini-quest head to Hetty's house in Rimmington and speak with her. Tell her you are looking for work. Now it is time to gather her ingredients. Aside from the rat rail, these can be collected beforehand. Refer to the item map below to obtain all the items.

Witchs Potion Map  

Eye of Newt:

Head to the magic shop north-east of Rimmington in Port Sarim and buy an Eye of Newt from Betty (for 3gp)


Burnt Meat:

Head to the crafting guild and enter the cow area next to it. You do not need to enter the crafting guild to get to the cows. Kill one of the cows and take the raw beef. You may want to get two in case you eat one accidentally. Head to the cooking range just north of Hetty and cook the raw beef on the range.

Note: If the meat does not burn use it again on the range and it will burn.


Rat Tail:

Head to the Archery shop directly west of Hetty's house, kill one of the rats and pick up the rats tail it drops. You can obtain this item only if you have started this quest.


Finishing the Potion:

Now that you have all of the items required to finish the potion head back to Hetty and speak to her, then drink from the cauldron to be rewarded 325 Magic XP


Tips and Tricks:

  • This is a very good mini-quest if you are just starting and want to get the first 3 levels of magic instantly.
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