Wizard's Tower Map

By Jimmyw3000

The map below guides you around the Wizard's Tower, south of Draynor Village. It shows you where the NPCs are, item spawns, and any special features, as well as their uses.

Wizard\'s Tower


NPC Floor Uses
Sedridor Basement Rune Mysteries. After completion of Rune Mysteries, he will teleport you to the Rune Essence Mines
Isidor Basement Myths of the White Lands
Professor Onglewip Ground Floor A possible customer in the Gnome Restaurant Minigames.
Wizard First Floor He will make you Splitbark Armour
Traiborn First Floor Demon Slayer, Recipe for Disaster, Defender of Varrock
Wizard Mizgog Top Floor Imp Catcher
Wizard Grayzag Top Floor None


Feature Floor Uses
Altar Map Basement When a talisman is used on this, the location of the alter that talisman locates to is shown on the map.
Fairy Ring Ground Floor One of the rings on the Fairy Ring network. (Code: D I S)
Runecrafting guild entrance First Floor Entrance to the Runecrafting guild

Chicken: Level 1
Wizard: Level 9
Lesser demon: Level 82

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Last updated on: 11-Nov-2012

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