Zamorak's Fortress

This area has been rated as EXTREMELY HIGH-RISK. You should never attempt to fight K'ril Tsutsaroth with items you are not willing to risk losing, and while there, you should expect your death as a possibility at all times.



Please refer to the general God Wars guide for the basic mechanics of God Wars Dungeon.
The evil contained within Zamorak's Fortress casts a darkness which no light source can pierce. Zamorak's champion, K'ril Tsutsaroth, is the highest levelled out of the four God Wars Dungeon bosses, and is the only one with a true special attack. He is also poisonous, as well as being considered a greater demon (allowing you to make use of the 15% bonus to attack and strength of a black mask or slayer helm if you have a task of greater demons!). To enter Zamorak's Fortress, you will need to have level 70 Constitution. Upon crossing the bridge, your prayer will be completely drained.

K'ril has three separate attacks. His first attack is a melee attack, which can hit around 400. His second attack is a magic-based attack that can hit 200's. Finally, his special attack, which will only kick in if you are praying melee, will hit through prayer, drain prayer, and can hit around 500. This is not a reason to not pray melee however, as his regular melee attack is fairly strong and hits often. Just keep your life points high and ALWAYS pray melee while under attack by K'ril Tsutsaroth. All of his attacks only hit one person. While fighting K'ril, you can be poisoned. His poison hits starting at 160. Prized drops from K'ril and his minions include his Godsword hilt, Godsword shards, and the Zamorakian spear. If using the Trollheim teleport to arrive at the dungeon, use this strategy to keep a full inventory: Teleport to Trollheim, drop two food items, teleport back to a bank, get 2 more of the items dropped, and then teleport back to Trollheim. You should now have a full inventory.

Items which give protection from Zamorak followers:

Summoning pets/familiars can also protect you from Zamorakian followers, such as, Zamorak hawk and Spirit zamatrice.

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Since K'ril's attacks only hit one person, the best way to fight him is by making use of the tank method. In this method, one player will enter first, praying melee. This is usually the highest levelled player in the group. His outfit will emphasize magic defence, and he will suffer all damage from K'ril Tsutsaroth. Other players should emphasize attack bonus, while still having fair defence to protect from the minions, and in case K'ril turns on them from spawning or killing the tank. These players do not necessarily need to pray protection prayers, as all of K'ril's attacks are focused on the tank, but if you find you are being hit often, then praying magic is usually your best bet. The tank should always enter the room first and engage K'ril. Fighting K'ril in the North-East corner is usually preferable, as the minions will often focus on other players. Then, and only then, should the rest of the team enter. After killing K'ril Tsutsaroth, the minions should be killed in this order: Balfrug Kreeyath (while praying magic), Tstanon Karlak (praying melee), and finally Zakl’n Gritch (praying ranged). Then, everyone but the tank should go to the very north-eastern corner. K'ril spawns near the centre of the room. The tank should engage him as soon as possible. While tanking, if you need to eat or drink a potion, run quickly under him, eat, and then attack him. With practice, you can avoid getting hit while eating.

Good places for killcount include: Imps and Ice Fiends near the entrance to the Dungeon (a Saradomin item is required), any Zamorakians near the entrance (these are usually in combat and thus can be killed without suffering much damage; a Saradomin item is required), or imps inside Zamorak's Fortress.


Suggested Levels (warrior)

  • 80 attack, strength, and defence
  • 70 prayer

Suggested Levels (tank)

  • 80 attack, strength, magic and defence
  • Access to turmoil and overloads

Keep in mind that these are suggested minimum levels. You can kill K'ril with lower levels, but you will perform much better with higher levels, and it is also much easier to find a group with higher stats. In a larger group, you can get away with lower stats. Having 70 prayer to bless teammates graves, as well as for piety, is highly recommended. Having 52 summoning for a spirit terrorbird to carry extra supplies is recommended, and higher levelled Beasts of Burdens or combat familiars are also an aid. Your familiar will follow you to the other side of the bridge. Ranging and meleeing are both good choices. Magic is only worth using with full Virtus and Storm of Armadyl.

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Recommended equipment (warrior):

Note: Items are listed from the best to the worst

Warrior Equipment

Note: Starred items are Zamorak items that will protect you from his minions outside the boss room. Having one is necessary.


  • It's recommend to only use void in large teams, since it has such low defense.

Recommended Inventory (warrior)

  • 8 Prayer potions
  • 2 super attack and super strength potions
  • Teleport
  • Summoning Pouches(optional)
  • Super anti-poison
  • Rest Food (sharks recommended)*

*Note: You should share food with your tank, who will suffer much more damage than warriors.



Recommended equipment(tank):

*Note: Starred items are Zamorak items that will protect you from his minions outside the boss room. Having one is necessary.

Zamorak Teamtank If your ranged level is higher than your melees, you can still tank K'ril: Zamorak Rangetank-1

Recommended inventory (tank)

  • 19 Saradomin Brews
  • 7 Super Restores
  • Super anti-poison
  • Teleport
  • Summoning pouches (optional)
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Soloing Zamorak has both drawbacks and benefits over teams. It's much easier to start a trip, and you get to keep all your drops yourself, although your trips are much shorter, and usually more expensive. There are also higher requirements, as well as being more dangerous as you cannot rely upon your team to bless your grave.

Recommended Levels:

  • 90 Attack, Strength, and Defence
  • 70 Prayer
  • 52+ summoning
  • 80 Magic

The strategy is similar to acting as the tank in a team. You will pray melee, emphasize magic defence, and fight the boss. However, godswords help much more on killing the boss, and you need to deal much more damage, while taking more damage than in a team. You will use sharks instead of brews and restores.

Recommended equipment (Solo):

Zamorak Magesolo

Note: Starred items are Zamorak items that will protect you from his minions outside the boss room. Having one is necessary.

Recommended Inventory (Solo):

  • Super Defence, Super Attack, and a Super Strength potion
  • Three Prayer Potions
  • Super anti-poison
  • Teleport
  • Summoning pouches (you need one summoned and one extra to cross the ice bridge)*
  • Rest Sharks

*Note: Optional, but recommended. Familiar choice varies.

Solo Inventory

Praying Piety as well as melee protect can speed up your kills and limit damage, but it does use many more prayer points. It's up to personal preference. Using a summoned familiar helps the most during solo runs: you can use a Terrorbird or Tortoise to greatly increase your inventory.

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While fighting as a team in this multicombat area, use the LootShare chat system to ensure honest reporting of monster drops. Not only will this system report your team's drops for everybody within the chat (with at least the minimum set rank), but will also increase each individual's chances of getting drops, as opposed to drops being limited to only one or a few individuals who consistently do the most damage.

To have a chance at the drops from the LootShare system, you must be within 16 squares of the killed monster, also make sure that your rank is set high enough to have a chance for team drops if you are in a team using LootShare.

If the Clan Chat owner has the Coinshare option enabled, all those entitled to recieve lootshare drops will have it activated. Coinshare is only applied to certain drops. The drop will be converted to coins and all lootshare members will receive an equal split if K'ril Tsutsaroth or any of his minions drop any of these items:

  • Godsword shard 1, 2, or 3
  • Zamorakian Spear
  • Zamorak Hilt
  • Dragon Med Helm
  • Steam Battlestaff
  • Shield Left Half (dragon)

Please refer to our New Members P2P guide for a listing of all worlds the Lootshare system is enabled upon. Note that worlds can change frequently and Jagex's world select page should be your point of reference for Lootshare worlds.

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Zamorak is the easiest boss to kill as a regular warrior, but is more difficult to tank than Bandos, due to his special and the fact that magic attacks are harder to defend against than ranged ones. Killcount can be had on very low-leveled creatures, and you can suffer next to no damage if you are not tanking. It is usually one of the least crowded bosses. Please note that this is an introduction for newcomers: this is just one of the multitude of strategies applicable in God Wars. Good luck!

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