Death of Chivalry, The

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak with Sir Owen at the Edgeville Monastery.


Items: 5 free inventory spaces, combat gear and food for your level.


Skills: Level 80 Strength and Level 65 Prayer for extra members-only rewards after quest completion


Various enemies with lifepoints and special attacks that scale to your level. They are not weak to a specific combat style.

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This quest is fully voice-acted! Turn on your sound for the full experience.

Obtaining the mission
Items Required: 5 free inventory spaces
Items Suggested: 7 additional free inventory spaces for picking up items later

Speak to Sir Owen in the rose garden at the Edgeville Monastery. Respond with any of the four given responses. He reveals that he was sent by Sir Amik to meet a contact here. Continue to chat with him - you will be interrupted by Saradomin's sudden arrival in the garden.

Choose any of the four dialogue options as you progress through the conversation. Saradomin has a quest for you and Sir Owen. The Kinshra, or Black Knights, have discovered a terrible weapon last used in the God Wars. He needs the two of you to prevent them from using it.


Infiltrating the fortress
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Pick up and equip the suit of armour Saradomin spawns to your south-west, then speak to him again. You are impersonating Captain Dulcin, the current overseer of the Black Knights' Fortress. Sir Owen will pretend to be your prisoner. Grant Saradomin permission, and he will teleport you to the fortress.

Your instructions are to proceed to the tallest tower of the fortress and retrieve the weapon. You will need act like a high-ranking Black Knight and answer the questions of the various people in the tower while generating as little suspicion as possible. Reaching a suspicion level of 100 will get you kicked out of the fortress, and you will have to start over. Begin by attempting to open the portcullis and answering the fortress guard's first question. No matter your answer to this first question, your suspicion level will be raised to 25. The best answers for each question are listed in the table below.

Character Question Number Best Response
Portcullis Fortress Guard 2 He is my prisoner.
Portcullis Fortress Guard 3 No, I have something... special planned for him.
Lieutenant York 1 Are you suggesting I cannot handle a mere knight of Saradomin?
Staircase Fortress Guard 1 What do you want, maggot?
Staircase Fortress Guard 2 By whose orders?
Hierophant Marius 1 Yes
Hierophant Marius 2 I shall return after I deal with this Temple Knight.
Staircase Fortress Guard 2 1 I am bringing him to the tallest tower.
Staircase Fortress Guard 2 2 We need him to recover the weapon of power, as you know.
Lieutenant Graves 1 Stand aside. I will handle this.

After satisfying the portcullis guard, proceed north to speak with Lieutenant York. After dealing with him, go north-west and speak with the guard by the staircase. He will allow you up the stairs after your conversation.

Now on the first floor (second floor U.S.) head east through the dining area and then south down the hallway. Hierophant Marius will grab your attention. Finish talking to him and head up the stairs to the south-east. Praying at the altar on your way will further reduce your suspicion level by 5.

The last person you must talk to before reaching the captain's quarters is Lieutenant Graves. He will offer to guard Sir Owen for you; answering with any of the three responses will yield the same result. Searching the lieutenant yields 250 gp. You can choose either to tie him up or allow Sir Owen to kill him; it will not affect the rest of the quest.

The Tower
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Head north into Captain Dulcin's quarters and pick up a journal from his desk. From there, take the stairs up to the attic tower. Instead of finding the weapon Saradomin referred to, you find a damaged ritual circle. Sir Owen believes the only way to move forward is to repair the circle and complete the ritual.

Deathofchivalry Tower

The items needed to repair the circle are scattered around the tower room.

  1. Read and pick up the grimoire to the north of the large table in the tower to learn the symbol in the center of the circle.
  2. Search the wardrobe on the west wall to obtain a letter.
  3. Search the shelf to the north of the wardrobe to obtain a stick of chalk.
  4. Search the box of candles on the south wall of the room to obtain three red candles.

Head back to the circle and repair it by re-drawing the symbol. Proceed to replace and light the three candles around the circle. Now you will have to chant the correct words over each candle. Start with the north-west candle and proceed clockwise around the circle. Finishing the ritual opens up a portal in the tower. Head over to the chest in the room, which now functions as a bank chest. Deposit the armour Saradomin gave you and get out combat gear and food for fighting enemies scaled to your level. They have no weaknesses. When you're ready, head into the portal.

Through the portal
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Good combat gear, supplies, and food, as well as 3 free inventory spaces

The portal leads you to the Tomb of the Fallen, a crypt for warriors of Saradomin who died in the God Wars. You will find three Black Knights torturing a damsel. Defeat the three of them and then search their bodies for some gp and a key to her cage. She introduces herself as Dawn, a sister of St. Elspeth. She shares some information with you, namely that the Black Knights have found a weapon protected by holy barriers that can only be breached by the freely given blood of the virtuous. Choose any of the three options for what to do with her now that you've rescued her - whatever you choose, she will remain in the hall.

Pick up the handwritten message lying on a crate. Optionally, you can search the supply crate nearby for 200 water and 100 fire runes. Head into the next room through the door to the east.

Through the door, you find yourself in the crypt, filled with countless skeletons of warriors of Saradomin. Open the portcullis in the eastern hallway to proceed, earning 125 Strength xp in the process.

Test of virtue
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Good combat gear, supplies, and food

Past the portcullis, you will find the spirit of a long-dead centaur in the center of the next room. Her name is Fern; she is the guardian of the Wand of Resurrection. She tests those who would wield it. You must fight and kill her to prove your worthiness.

Fern's lifepoints will scale according to your level. She has no weaknesses and fights using ranged. She occasionally uses her special attack, charging at you with a powerful spell. This can easily be avoiding by running around the room until she stops. Once you defeat her, the first barrier to the wand will be lowered. After defeating her, your progress in the room will be saved. This is a good time head back through the portal to re-supply if necessary.

The second test
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Good combat gear, supplies, and food

Approaching the wand, you are met by a puzzle surrounded by the bodies of Dawn's companions. To solve the puzzle, you must flip over a tile and find its matching tile somewhere around the edge of the puzzle square. There are eight pairs of images; Sir Owen will describe each image to you as you flip them over. If you flip two tiles over and they do not match, they will be turned back to their blank sides. You can make up to 8 incorrect guesses before the puzzle will reset itself. Once you have completed the puzzle, the second barrier will be lowered.

Deathofchivalry Puzzle

Solution to the puzzle.

The third test
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Good combat gear, supplies, and food

To breach the final barrier either you or Sir Owen must give a blood sacrifice. It does not matter which one of you does it. After the sacrifice is given, a cut scene will play.

After the cut scene, run back to the room where you fought Fern. Converse with Dawn again, and then defeat all of the undead she raises. Once again, they have no weaknesses. Searching Sir Owen grants you have the option of saying a prayer for him. You can also loot his body for his shield, but it will be given to you at the end of the quest as a reward even if you don't pick it up now. Head north and open the portcullis once again.

The final fight
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Good combat gear, supplies, and food

Dawn waits for you on the other side of the portcullis. Talk to her and then fight. Dawn's lifepoints will scale to your level, and she has no weaknesses.

She has two special attacks she uses besides her standard magical attack. The first is a purple spell which will shove you off the platform. The second is the most deadly; she summons a purple cloud which will rapidly drain your lifepoints if you do not run out of it. The purple cloud is proceeding by concentric circles radiating out around you. When you see these circles, it is your cue to run a short distance away. These purple clouds become more frequent and last longer as her health decreases.

Every time you take Dawn down 25% of her lifepoints, she will summon an impenetrable force shield around herself, and raise skeletons to fight you. The skulls at the top of the screen will show how many you have left to defeat. You must defeat these skeletons before her force shield will dissipate, allowing you to do damage to her again. Once you defeat her, loot her body to retrieve the wand, the key to Dulcin's journal, and a skull. Head back to where Sir Owen lies through the open portcullis to the south.

Saradomin waits for you there. He will ask for the wand to resurrect Sir Owen. Make your decision on whether or not to trust Saradomin with the wand, and a cut scene will play.

When discussing rewards with Saradomin, you can either choose to head back to the monastery or stay in the Tomb for further exploration, where there are further rewards to be had in the crypt room. If you choose to be teleported out, the skull of remembrance provides a teleport back to the tower of the Black Knight's Fortress.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Membership grants the following extra rewards by looting the four intact coffins in the Tomb of the Fallen:
  • Templar cosmetic override outfit
  • Ancient Combat lamp that gives 3,500 Combat XP (requires level 40 strength and level 40 in the chosen skill)
  • Gilded cabbage, kicking it 30 times to gain 10,000 Prayer XP in the form of bonus XP (requires level 60 strength)
  • Ancient Prayer lamp that gives 60,000 Prayer XP (requires level 80 strength and level 65 prayer)

Quest points: 3

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The environment in this quest is rich in sources of lore and the history behind this quest. You can investigate the tapestries on the ground floor of the fortress, as well as the paintings scattered throughout the building for further information. You can also examine the looted tombs and the piles of skeletons in the Saradominist crypt for information.
  • If you respond during the quest with the utmost loyalty to Saradomin, there is the possibility he will entrust the wand to Sir Owen at the end of the quest, rather than hanging onto it for the time being. Most dialogue paths will result in the latter.
  • Using the skull of remembrance on Dawn will allow you to fight her again and unlock the Captain Dulcin cosmetic override outfit.


Written by: Aurhora

Thanks to: DownToFletch, Howlin1, Warriormonkx

Last updated: 15-Jan-2014

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