Swept Away

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Maggie's encampment, west of the Draynor Lodestone


Items: Falador Teleport Runes or Explorer's ring 3 for Cabbage teleport.

Monsters: None

NPCs: Aggie, Betty, Gus, Hetty, Lottie, Maggie

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1. Brews and Brooms
Items Required: None

Speak to Maggie the witch at her encampment west of the Draynor Lodestone and tell her something smells interesting. She is attempting to make an amazing 'brew', but can not while her skeletal oxen Babe is feeling ill. Offer to help and she will ask you to get Hetty in Rimmington, Betty in Port Sarim, and Aggie in Draynor to enchant her broomstick. She gives you the broomstick to take with you.

2. Hetty
Items Required: Broomstick
Items Suggested: Falador teleport runes, Explorer's ring 3 for Cabbage teleport or Charged Amulet of glory

Head to Rimmington, which is located just south of Falador, and speak with Hetty about enchanting the broomstick. Before she can use her famous theurgical broom ointment, she will need you to fetch a newt for her. Go down the trapdoor just south of her house and speak with Gus the delivery ghoul.

Gus mixed up the labels on the crates, so he will only give you a newt if you help him figure out which crate needs which label. Due to the magical nature of the newts and toads, you can only take one creature out of one crate to check what it has. Extract one creature from the crate marked as having newts and toads. Put the label for only the animal that you got on that crate. Put the label for both newts and toads on the crate that claims to have the creature you did *not* extract from the first crate. Put the last label on the last crate.

When you have successfully labelled all the crates, take a newt from the newt crate. Go speak to Hetty to exchange the newt for the broom ointment. Use the broom ointment on the broomstick.

5. Betty
Items Required: Broomstick

Head north-east to Port Sarim and speak with Betty in her rune store. She needs her wand to enchant the broomstick, so she will send you into her cellar to retrieve it from her magically locked chest. Go down the trapdoor and speak with Betty's apprentice Lottie about retrieving the wand. She reveals that you will not be able to open the chest until Betty's menagerie is entirely sorted out into the proper enclosures.

You can only move one creature at a time, so do the following to put every creature in its proper pen:

  1. Move the blackbird into the holding pen in the north room.
  2. Move the rat from the spider pen to the blackbird pen.
  3. Move the spider from the reptile pen to the spider pen.
  4. Move the lizard from the rat pen to the reptile pen.
  5. Move the rat from the blackbird pen to the rat pen.
  6. Move the blackbird from the holding pen back to the blackbird pen.

Open the chest next to Lottie and search it to obtain Betty's wand. Take the wand back to Betty and she will enchant the broomstick.

8. Aggie
Items Required: Broomstick

Head east to Draynor Village and speak with Aggie in her house. She will need to take you to a more open, private place to do her enchantment. Agree to teleport there and speak to her once you arrive. She needs you to sweep away four lines of sand to leave behind four small triangles. Sweep away the north-western line, the two middle lines, and the south-eastern line. This will enchange your broomstick.

SA AggieSolution

Now speak to Aggie to return to her house.

10. Maggie
Items Required: Broomstick

Return to Maggie west of the Draynor Lodestone and tell her the good news that the broomstick is enchanted. Agree to stir the cauldron, then use the broom on it. Speak to Maggie again and she gives you a bowl for you to get up to ten bowls of goulash.


Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you completed Sheep Shearer and/or Witch's Potion while they were still quests, you will only receive 1 Quest Point.
  • Each bowl of goulash will provide 10 times your skill level in experience to a skill of your choice, exactly like a genie lamp.
  • You can go to the three witches in whatever order you wish to enchant the broomstick.
  • After the quest, you can take your broomstick to a number of witches around RuneScape for additional rewards:
    • The Sorceress's Apprentice in Al Kharid will enchant the broomstick to teleport you to the Sorceress's Garden.
    • Ali the Hagg in Pollnivneach will award you with 1,997 Magic Experience (Level 33 Magic Required).
    • The Old Crone east of the Canifis Slayer Tower will award you with 7,139 Magic Experience (Level 53 Magic Required).
    • Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle will award you with 10,338 Magic Experience (Level 73 Magic Required).
    • Kardia in the Underground Pass will award you with 14,979 Magic Experience (Level 93 Magic Required).
    • Potions or boosts can be used to achieve the required magic level for the bonus xp.
  • After completing the quest, you can give Maggie's assistant Wendy some Magic unguent so you can have her make your cat(s) purple.
Purple Cat Puzzle

Go to the basement of the rune shop in Port Sarim again and speak to Lottie. Get your compass pointing north so that the room has the holding pen at the top of the map. Move the animals in the directions shown:

  1. Blackbird up
  2. Bat right
  3. Spider up
  4. Snail left
  5. Bat down
  6. Lizard left
  7. Rat up
  8. Bat right
  9. Lizard down
  10. Spider right
  11. Snail up
  12. Lizard left
  13. Bat left
  14. Rat down
  15. Spider right
  16. Bat up
  17. Lizard right
  18. Snail down
  19. Bat left
  20. Spider left
  21. Rat up
  22. Lizard right
  23. Spider down
  24. Blackbird down

Reward: Speak to Lottie and open the chest to get the Magic unguent. Give it to Wendy, Maggie's apprentice. Use any cat or kitten on Wendy and she will make it purple - but this is not reversible! Any hellcat type will revert to an ordinary purple type.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Special thanks to: cease, Cowman_133, Howlin1, pokemama

Thanks to: Dark_Aura, Georgelemmons, halo2_rocks7, Helios Gamos, Huge Brain, Jaffy1, Omnitec, tenblade, Xena Dragon

Last updated: 09-Nov-2013

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