In Pyre Need

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: Speak to the Priest of Guthix south-west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony (slightly north-west of Fairy Ring AKQ).


Skills: Level 52 Crafting, Level 55 Firemaking, Level 53 Fletching

Items: Eight empty inventory slots. (Priest gives you three items.)

NPCs: Brian Twitcher, Phoenix

Walkthrough hide »

Items Required: None

1. Talk to the Priest of Guthix to have him beg you to help the Phoenix, which roosts in the cave next to him. After a short explanation of the Phoenix's powers, he will reveal that this time, the Phoenix was severely injured before it could complete the ritual of rebirth. In order to rescue the Phoenix from eternal death, you must complete the ritual in its place.

2. Agree to help the Priest of Guthix.

3. Ask about the ritual to receive an explanation and a set of necessary tools - secateurs, knife, and tinderbox. You need these every time you enter the cave.

Note: If you leave the cave at any time during the quest, you will have to start over from this point in the quest.

The Cave
Items Required: Secateurs (or Magic secateurs), Knife, Tinderbox, five empty inventory slots

4. Enter the cave and head to the green area showing on your minimap. (The cave layouts are random.) Click the Cinnamon tree to harvest some twigs from it.

cave maps

5. Look for the exit showing on your minimap, usually towards the north half of the cave versus the south half where you entered. If you try to go back the way you came, it will warn you that this exit takes you out of the cave entirely. You will lose the twigs if you do this.

6. In the next room, again go to the green area showing on your minimap. Click the Sassafras tree to harvest some twigs from it.

7. Find the exit and continue onward.

8. In the next room, the green area will have an Ailanthus tree. Click it to harvest some twigs.

9. Find the exit and continue onward.

10. This room features the Cedar tree in the green area. Harvest some twigs.

11. Find the exit and continue onward.

12. The last room before the Phoenix has a Mastic tree in the green area. Get some twigs.

13. Find the exit and continue into the Phoenix lair.

The Phoenix Lair
Items Required: Knife, Tinderbox, the five twigs you collected (Cinnamon, Sassafras, Ailanthus, Cedar, Mastic)

14. Optionally, you may head north and read the book on the shrine to gain a better understanding of the phoenix and its rebirth.

15. Use your knife on any of the twigs to turn all of them into wooden ribbons.

16. Use the ribbons on the pyre next to the shrine to weave a basket on it. In a cut scene, the phoenix will move onto the basket.

17. Use your tinderbox on the pyre to initiate the ritual. After a short cut scene, the phoenix will be reborn in the centre of the room.

18. Speak to the phoenix to receive five of its quills which can be used to create a Phoenix pouch after the quest.

19. Head to the south end of the room and right-click escape through the cave entrance to exit the cave.

20. Speak to Brian Twitcher, the Priest of Guthix, to inform him of your success and claim your reward.


  • 14,400 Firemaking Experience
  • 12,500 Fletching Experience
  • 11,556 Crafting Experience
  • Access to the Phoenix Lair once per day
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The feathers you receive from the Phoenix can be used to make a summoning pouch (requires 72 summoning, crimson charm, 165 shards.)
  •  After completing the quest, level 51 Slayers may fight the Phoenix once per day. The guide is hidden below.
    Phoenix Lair Daily Combat Guide Hide/Show:
    • This is NOT a safe area after the quest - if you die you will lose your items.
    • You can pay 10 phoenix feathers to skip the Reborn monsters.
    • Items required: secateurs, knife, tinderbox, five empty inventory slots (items can be in your tool-belt
    • Items suggested: super set, ring of life, one-click teleport, prayer potion, super energy potion, GOOD food, weapon, armour
    • Jagex states a phoenix follower is not allowed into the phoenix lair.
    • After the quest, the Reborn monsters in the five rooms of the multicombat caves are hostile. Their names indicate the type of combat they use: mage, range and melee. Their levels range from 68 to 82.
    • Turning off Autoretaliate will allow you to avoid fights with monsters that are not blocking your way.
    • You may get a breather when you first enter a new cave. It's a good time to eat.
    • You must visit the green areas and get twigs from all five trees every time you go to the Phoenix, as you did during the quest.
    • When you enter the Phoenix room, it is not present. This is a good time to eat and pot up.
    • Use the knife on one of the twigs to make the ribbons, and use them on the pyre. This causes the Phoenix to appear.
    • The Phoenix attacks with mage, so use Protect from Magic prayer.
    • After you defeat it, the Phoenix limps into the nest. Use your tinderbox on it to rebirth the new Phoenix.
    • Speak to the reborn Phoenix to collect your feathers.
    • REWARD: The daily reward for killing the Phoenix is
      • 1,000 Crafting xp
      • 7,500 Firemaking xp
      • 3,000 Fletching xp
      • 500 Slayer xp
      • Speak to the Phoenix to receive 5 Phoenix feathers.
    • The *first* time you kill the Phoenix, you receive 5,000 slayer xp instead of 500.
    • As you leave the lair, there is a small chance you will get "lost" and find a phoenix egg. This can be hatched either by clapping (resulting in a cute phoenix pet) or kicking it (resulting in a mean one). Players may have one of each.
    • The Phoenix Lair resets at 00:00 (GMT).


Written by: SaidinWoT

Special thanks to: Headnazgul, Neko Negde, pokemama, vaneck

Thanks to: Baffler, Hugh Mannity, gromhell5, Jaffy1, Speedyshel, wyvren2000

Last updated: 20-Jun-2015

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